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  1. Robb got one but I forgot to ask for one on my phone in the moment. I was hoping to see them later in the day but we didn't run into each other again
  2. Went to Knott's for the first time yesterday and really enjoyed myself. I love the atmosphere and the food is amazing. Ride operations left a bit to be desired but I had Fast Lane so this wasn't a huge issue. I met the Alveys in the morning by Ghost Rider which was really cool. Robb, if you see this, this is Josh My ride count went like this Ghost Rider - x2 Sierra Sidewinder - x1 Montezooma's Revenge - x1 Xcelerator - x5 Supreme Scream - x1 Pony Express - x1 Coast Rider - x1 Silver Bullet - x2 Jaguar - x1 Xcelerator was everything I hoped it would be. Incredible launch, amazing top hat, breathtaking speed, and forceful turns. I had a big smile after all 5 laps and every time I passed by the entrance I had to take it for another ride. I can't decide if the front or back seats were better, both were just awesome. Ghost Rider was a little underwhelming at 10 AM in row 2, but a second ride later in the day in the back was excellent. As relentless as it is, I was shocked by how smooth it ran. The airtime and laterals are unforgettable and I wish I got a third ride in. My favorite coaster type is the B&M invert and for years I've been told that Silver Bullet is one of the weakest, but after two back seat rides I'm at a loss for why. I wouldn't compare it to the likes of Montu or Nemesis, but this was forceful in every element. I grayed out multiple times and by the end I was left more disoriented than I have been on most Batman clones. Overall this is one of the more underrated coasters I've ridden; it was draining and I loved it. Montezooma's Revenge was a lot of fun and I wish I rode it a second time. The launch was better than i expected and I love a good Schwarzkopf vertical loop. HangTime was closed for maintenance so hopefully I'll ride it whenever my second visit is. Sierra Sidewinder was a fun little ride, Jaguar was okay but I'm 6'3" so I had to shoehorn myself in, and Pony Express was interesting but there isn't a whole lot too it. Coast Rider was the only ride I really disliked. The shin guards left marks and this is the rare occasion of a wild mouse that I wish was more trimmed. At least I didn't wait in a long line for it. Some of my favorite photos I took:
  3. ^ My thoughts as well. The decision up to the state, of course, but it doesn't really make sense.
  4. Haven't been on the forum in quite a while, good to be back right as the new website style is introduced! I went to Six Flags St. Louis in late July and the last thing I rode was Boss. It was running pretty good and my friend's 300th credit as an added bonus!
  5. In order of when I first rode -Ragin' Cajun at Six Flags Great America: It was fun those few rides I got when I was like 9-10, though Reverchons generally aren't good rides so I'm not really jonesing to get back to it. -Dragon Challenge (both sides) at Islands of Adventure: God, reminding me of this ride is one hell of a way to bring down my mood. A front row ride I got on Chinese Fireball back in 2015 is still one of my fondest "early" coaster memories -Georgia Cyclone at Six Flags Over Georgia: Only one ride on it, but what a horrible experience that was. Still one of the most painful and shitty, yet slow wooden coasters I've ridden to date. -Mean Streak at Cedar Point: Don't know if I miss it per se, but it wasn't as bad as the entire enthusiast community made it out to be over the years. Rough, yes for sure, but nothing brutal, and I've ridden worse woodies. -Firehawk at Kings Island: Not necessarily sad about it but another ride would've been fun. I enjoyed it more than Superman at my home park. -Vortex at Kings Island: Lol good riddance. -Green Lantern at Six Flags Magic Mountain: Fuck this ride. Hopefully it goes back to its prime form in Montreal. -Dragon Wagon at Indiana Beach: It was a kiddie coaster. -Dragon at Adventureland: I will miss this one. I enjoyed it more than most, but found it to be very intense and not all that rough aside from a consistent, but not bad shaking.
  6. Sad to see that I'm one of the rare few that really liked Dragon. One of the most underrated coasters I've ridden I'd like to see a new gen Vekoma go there personally
  7. I hate to be this guy but... Blue Fall closed on March 31st. I'm not sure whether to consider this for good or just temporarily, but it is listed as "business closed." http://www.seaparadise.co.jp/28474/index.html EDIT - It's also off the list of attractions so, unfortunately, it might be for good.
  8. Yeah I actually enjoyed Dragon on my visit to Adventureland. Forceful, relatively smooth (except for the pre-lift) and quite fun. Ninja isn't terrible, but I don't enjoy riding it per se.
  9. Governor Greg Abbott is planning to re-open Texas soon: https://www.texastribune.org/2020/04/21/texas-reopening-task-force/ I wonder what this will mean for the theme parks.
  10. Old footage from early 2000s trips. Like just your park visits in general, not just specific rides. Although if there were specific rides, I'd like to see HyperSonic XLC, Batman and Robin: The Chiller, Viper at Six Flags Great Adventure, Shockwave at SFGAm, and some wacky European rides, just to name a few.
  11. Expedition GeForce, and I've ridden coasters like Lightning Rod, X2, Steel Vengeance, Voyage, etc. It's the perfect amount of everything. Ridiculous airtime, my favorite first drop, nice location, great pacing, all around intensity, it's just fantastic. Steel Vengeance is great too but very repetitive in the second half. Shoutout to Coaster at PNE however, deserves way more love.
  12. Great report, loved hearing all the ride reviews. Twisted Colossus running 1 train is insane; I get it probably wasn't super busy but for such a long ride that's crazy.
  13. Love it! I agree, Nemesis is still a fantastic ride and the best in the United Kingdom even today.
  14. I've ridden more 200-299 feet coasters but I'm only ranking those that are actually marketed as hyper coasters (so no Wicked Twister, Valravn, etc) 1. Expedition GeForce (my #1) 2. Steel Vengeance 3. Mako 4. Magnum XL-200 5. Raging Bull 6. Diamondback 7. Goliath SFMM
  15. My immediate reactions - Love seeing Lightning Rod on top, been my #1 woodie for three years straight (today in 2017 actually!) - Voyage and Coaster at PNE are a little low for my tastes But I love seeing Outlaw Run that high This pretty much sums up my thoughts on the ride - Congratulations to Colossos for having such a strong turnout, looks like all the fixing up really paid off! - Love seeing Mine Blower in the Top 20. What a great ride. - Untamed topping Steel Vengeance is VERY surprising to me. I know that everyone who went on the Europe trip last year rated it super high, but that's a true accomplishment. - Expedition GeForce at #3 makes me very happy, since it's my #1 overall - Millennium Force made a good turnout, love how well it's held up now that it's almost 20 years old. - There are so many RMCs in the top 25, haha not a bad thing, but they've moved around a lot. - Poor Little Dipper at SFGAm is still in the bottom 10 wood =( - Maybe I just hit it on a good day, but I didn't hate Dragon at Adventureland at all... in fact, I really enjoyed it! Where would Maxx Force and Zadra have placed with the amount of riders that had it on their ballot? I know they were two of the rides I was most interested to see a placement for. Sums up my thoughts on Steel Vengeance well. I placed it at #4 as well, below Voyage, Lightning Rod and Expedition GeForce. And fill me in, I feel dumb asking but what does TWSS stand for? Here is my ranking: https://coasterpoll.com/u/jlp94/rankings Please keep in mind that #123 and down are not in order, I just didn't have enough time to rank them. Next year I will.
  16. This video shows most, if not all the supports are up and the trackwork has begun with the dive loop.
  17. Great reports. Glad to hear that the new Fun Spot coaster doesn't totally suck and that Hagrid's is so good as well. I share your opinions on Mine Blower, Hulk and HRRR. All great rides!
  18. If my trip plans still happen in July, Knoebels will be next But, of course, corona is a thing, so right now, most likely my home park, Six Flags Great America
  19. Good for the park because they're adding something new... not good for the safety of all the guests who ride.
  20. Green Lantern at SFMM has held that honor for almost three years now. Talking about currently operating coasters, I'd have to go with Mind Eraser at Elitch Gardens which I rode this last July, absolutely horrible. Pain in my head, back, legs, and chest.
  21. Ah okay, good to know. It really is eye candy and fits in with the park beautifully. Thank you! Yes, what a great place. Very underrated in my opinion, it ended up being my second favorite Disney park. Wow, it's been a while since I last updated this. It's now been exactly a year since Epcot and I never finished it. Let's see how far I get before I forget again! Day 2: Monday, March 25th - Epcot Another early morning brought some early trouble, but this time at the hotel. Two bad things happened - our toilet became clogged out of nowhere and the phones didn't work so we couldn't call room service. So that wasn't great. And a bit less of a problem but still annoying is that one of the elevators broke down so we had to take the stairs a few floors. The location of the hotel was very nice, though it could use some improvements. We got to Epcot and got a good parking spot in plenty of time before opening. It wasn't hard at all to meet up with my group and get going in the park without any problems. Entering the park was also painless, so good job to the employees working the front gate. WOW! My last visit to Epcot in 2015 was fairly jaded by constant rain that was shutting everything down, so I guess I forgot a lot of the park's charm. Immediately I am swept away by the beauty of the Epcot ball and all the flowers and topiaries below it celebrating the Festival! Right away, I am in love with this park. Way to make a good first impression! Everyone in the group desired a ride so we made a fairly quick beeline to Test Track hoping to beat some crowds. Guardians of the Galaxy coaster construction As we walked by, it was cool to see how big the building for GOTG is. I know it's apparently breaking some indoor coaster records and the size of it as it appears makes that very apparent. Unfortunately, we were not able to beat the crowds. We agreed to wait no matter what, but the posted time was already up to 90 minutes, somehow. We got a little closer, and it bumped up to 135 minutes. We agreed to wait, but wow it was frustrating. Ugh... great ride, but this is going to be a looong wait... And the most annoying part of this? By the time we rode, we only waited about 75 minutes! I don't know if this is Disney trying to scare away crowds or whatever, but it was stressful at the time. Tip for anyone coming to Disney - don't be afraid of a long wait time. I learned more than once (besides Test Track) that they like to over exaggerate. At least the queue has some pretty cool theming, including a full-sized Chevy car on display! The ride's queue is really cool, and I love how interactive it is. I've always had a passing interest in cars, so to be able to see some of the concepts that were on display was really fun. Almost time to ride! The design studio was pretty fun too. We ran into a couple troubles designing the car but I think that I'm pretty happy with the result. We scored the highest in our group as well, so I'd say we did a pretty good job! The ride itself is a perfect thrill ride for Epcot. It educates, is interactive, well themed, and a hell of a lot of fun all in one. If the line got any shorter than what we waited, I would've absolutely ridden it again as it's one of my favorite Disney attractions. But it's no surprise why the lines are always long for Test Track, because it's worth it. The atmosphere of this park is outstanding. At this point, we took a quick break and got some drinks at Starbucks, before heading into The Land for our Soarin' Fastpass. The Starbucks workers were pretty efficient so I have no complaints. It was pretty hot this day, I think more hot than our Animal Kingdom / Hollywood Studios day, so everyone in the group wasn't in the best mood, hoping that Soarin' would change that. This has changed a bit since my last visit... I remember riding Soarin' back in 2015 and thought it was interesting but not super amazing, though since then it's been turned into Soarin' Around the World so I went in with an open mind. It was a lot of fun. I appreciate what it is, and think the immersion factor (scented smells, wind effects) is well done, though aside from being fun I've never considered it one of my favorite rides. I'm glad we had a Fastpass because I wouldn't necessarily wait more than about 30 minutes for it. Very nice... We found a salamander The crews at the Guardians of the Galaxy coaster were hard at work that day For those of you who have forgotten, I came to Florida initially with my school band, so at this point we left for a few hours to work with a Disney music clinic. I have to admit I don't remember it super well, but it was really cool to have someone work with us on a few songs. Overall a lot of fun and a great learning experience, I wish I remembered more details from this clinic. Unfortunately, because of the timing and our ride times, we weren't able to have lunch at a reasonable time, so we had to hold off until dinner later in the evening. I was fine with this because of the schedule, though it would've been nice to have some food within the few hours of park break. It dampened my mood a little bit, but of course, being Epcot, dinner was well worth the wait. More on that in a bit. The clouds came in early in the afternoon, making the temperature a lot more manageable Lots of topiaries for the festival Mexico Since we had nothing else on the itinerary for the rest of the day, we decided to start the world tour, going clockwise starting at the Mexico pavilion. The inside of the pavilion was pretty cool, they had a restaurant there that looked pretty nice but was pretty packed and we weren't ready for dinner yet. The merchandise was pretty neat, and I would've liked to get a sombrero though they were all falling apart so I decided against it. The three caballeros! Of course, when you're in the Mexico pavilion, you have to do the cheesy boat ride with a lot of cartoons. It's essentially just It's A Small World, but I like this one more because the cartoons they show are pretty funny. We must be in Norway We weren't there to ride Frozen, as the line was super long, though we did do a bit of shopping. It was almost time for our Mission: Space Fastpass, so we went there next. Blurry, but here it is in all it's glory! This is the queue line... I think I really enjoyed my ride in 2015 so I was hoping it would be more of the same. Though I don't know what could've changed it, I didn't like it at all this time. I was really damn nauseous after the ride, and I just had a big headache and had trouble walking afterwards. I quickly regretted our decision to reserve a Fastpass for it. We took a quick stroll through the park's midway to admire the topiaries Epcot is sooo beautiful With that, it was time to continue the world tour, but going counter-clockwise this time. I took a quick break from taking photos as we took a venture through the Canada pavilion, then into the United Kingdom pavilion for dinner. We got some fish and chips, and they were GREAT! Served hot, but not too hot to eat; the perfect amount of hot that amplifies the taste. It took me a bit to finish because I had to savor how good they were. Hollywood & Vine the night before was fantastic and wasn't topped at all during the trip, but this food came close. Just what I've come to expect from Epcot. With that, we continued around the world tour, so the next few photos will be from that. Ah, France. Very pleasant area, and Remy's Adventure is coming soon! What do we want? More occo! I have to admit that I love Japan's pavilion. It's easily one of the most photogenic, if not the most, and the merchandise selection is excellent. So pretty! Welcome to Italy! Love the castle in the Germany pavilion. By the time we arrived at the China pavilion, we were well into night. The lights from each pavilion are fantastic! This is a bad photo, but there was a really cool Chinese Acrobats show happening when we arrived. China had my favorite merchandise of every pavilion, and I even got a straw hat that I still have in my room. I'm very proud of this purchase. As all of you know, the world tour is one of the most amazing experiences at any theme park. Flawless food selection, beautiful architecture and atmosphere, wonderful staff and performances, and great shopping. It makes Epcot worth a day trip alone, and while I could go on and on about how amazing it is, you've all heard enough praise from everyone who's been there. After that, we went to the front of the park for Illuminations! It was the best thing ever... obviously. Thank you Epcot. It was one of the best days I've ever had at a theme park and Epcot quickly became my favorite Disney park. It's already been a year and it's hard to believe. It's pointless to use words to describe how much of a great day I had here. Ride Count Test Track - x1 Soarin' Around The World - x1 Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros - x1 Mission: Space (Orange) - x1 Up next... Magic Kingdom!
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