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Coasters you have been on that are gone now

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If this includes SBNO and relocated...


Bush Beast - Australia's Wonderland

Beastie - Australia's Wonderland

Demon - Australia's Wonderland

Thunderbolt - Dreamworld, Australia

Windjammer - KBF

Lightning Bolt - MGM Grand Adventures

High Roller - Stratosphere

Speed The Ride - Sahara

Flashback - SFMM

Psyclone - SFMM

Shockwave - SFMM

Déjà Vu - SFMM

Gwazi - BGT

Roar - Marine World (yeah I know SFDK)

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Might as well update.


Big Bad Wolf-Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Wild Maus-Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Cyclone-Six Flags New England

High Speed Thrill Coaster-Knoebels

Gwazi-Busch Gardens Tampa

Two Face: The Flip Side (relocated)-Six Flags America

Shockwave-Kings Dominion

Hades-Mt Olympus (If that really counts)

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Orient Express @ WOF

Zippin Pippin, Revolution @ Libertyland

Texas Cyclone, XLR-8, Viper, Serpent, Excalibur @ Astroworld


Tidal Wave/Greezed Lightnin'

Avalanche Bobsled/Disaster Disco

Afterburner @ Fun Spot

Screamin' Demon, King Kobra @ KI


Texas Giant

Shockwave @ SFGAm


Chiller @ SFGAd

Viper @ SFGAd (good riddance you hunk of trash!)

Corkscrew, Double Loop and Villian @ Geauga


Jumbo Jet @ Coney Island

Wildcat @ CP

Thunder Road

Rolling Thunder

Kiddie Coaster @ Sauzer's Kiddieland

Rattler @ SFFT

Cyclone @ SFNE

Steel Phantom

Galaxi @ Indiana Beach

Zingo and Wildcat @ Bell's

Big Bad Wolf

Galaxi @ KD


and a few relocations, most notably the Anton shuttles and Zambezi Zinger is VERY missed...

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Americana: Little Dipper, Screechin Eagle, Serpent

Busch Gardens Tampa: Python

Busch Gardens Old Country: Die Wildkat, Glissade, Big Bad Wolf

Cedar Point: Disaster Transport, Wildcat

Carowinds: Thunder Road

Circus World: Florida Hurricane, Weiner Looping, Zoomerang

Disneyland: Space Mountain (original)

Fantasy Farm: Monster Mouse, Roller Coaster

Geauga Lake: Big Dipper, Beaver Land Mine Ride, Dominator, Double Loop, Head Spin, Raging Wolf Bobs, Thunderhawk, Villan, X-Flight

Ghost town on the river: Little Comet (first coaster! - I remember watching the comet but never rode it)

Holiday World: Firecracker Express

Indiana Beach: Galaxi

Kentucky Kingdom: Chang, Star Chaser, Vampire

Kings Island: Bat, Bavarian Beetle, Screamin Demon, King Cobra

Kings Dominion: King Cobra, Shockwave

Knoxville World's Fair: Corkscrew Coaster??

Mt Olympus: Dive to Atlantis, Opa

Opryland: Chaos, Hangman, Mini Rock N roller, Rock'N'Roller, Screamin Delta Demon, Wabash Cannonball.

Putt N Pond: Pipeline Express

Six Flags Great America: Iron Wolf, Shockwave

Six Flags St Louis: Jet Scream, River King Mine Train, Rockin' Roller

Six Flags Georgia: Z-Force

Valleyfair: Rails

Worlds of Fun: EXT, Orient Express, schussboomer

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Adding on to my post back in 2011 (which I included in here):

Kentucky Kingdom:

--Greezed Lightnin'

--Twisted Twins

Busch Gardens Tampa



Kings Dominion


Six Flags Magic Mountain



Six Flags Astroworld:




Relocated/Revamped (and having not ridden the newer version yet):

Kentucky Kingdom:


--Road Runner Express

Six Flags Magic Mountain

--Superman: The Escape

Cedar Point


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Dania Beach Hurricane at Boomers north of Miami in Ft Lauderdale, Fl (this was a great coaster)

Flying Super Saturator at Carowinds

Thunder Road at Carowinds

Shockwave at Kings Dominion

I was on a family trip years ago and we drove right past Dania Beach Hurricane and my family refused to stop for 10 minutes to let me have a quick ride. I will never forgive them for that one!

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As of August 20, 2015:


Great American Scream Machine- Great Adventure

Rolling Thunder (Both sides)- Great Adventure

Big Bad Wolf- Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Cyclone- Six Flags New England

Laser- Dorney Park

Colossus (Black side)- Magic Mountain

Thriller Coaster- Sports Plus in Long Island

Hurricane- Adventureland, NY

Big Apple- Astroland

Mantis- Cedar Point (does this count?)

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Not sure if I posted in this thread already but here's the latest:


Hypersonic XLC


Drachen Fire

Big Bad Wolf

Thunder Road

Great American Scream Machine

Rolling Thunder

Deja Vu (SFoG)-- rcdb lists it as being in storage so I'll count it for now



Are people counting pre-RMC Rattler and Texas Giant? If so, add those.

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Six Flags St. Louis:

Jet Scream (also rode it as Viper at Astroworld)




Greezed Lightning


Texas Cyclone




Wabash Cannonball


Screamin' Delta Demon



Zippin' Pippin' (my first woodie)

Revolution (my first looper)



Big Bad Wolf






Original Texas Giant



Cedar Point:


Disaster Transport


King's Dominion:




Déjà Vu



Knott's Berry Farm:

Wacky Soapbox Racers


Six Flags Magic Mountain:

Colossus (with those Morgan Trains, ugh)


Thunder Eagle in Pigeon Forge


That's all I can think of at the moment... sheesh a lot of rides gone, kind of a bummer.

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  • 1 month later...

Looking over the list, it's way more than I originally thought...


Busch Gardens Williamsburg:

Big Bad Wolf

Drachen Fire


Dorney Park:



Flying Dutchman



Steel Phantom


Kings Dominion:




High Speed Thrill Coaster

Jet Star



Las Vegas, NV:

High Roller @ The Stratosphere

Speed: The Ride @ The Sahara


SF Great Adventure:

Great American Scream Machine

Lightnin' Loops

Rolling Thunder


Ultra Twister

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The Roller Soaker at Hersheypark and one half of Gwazi (the world may never know which) at BGT are all I have. Same as what you've seen before.


I wish I could have gotten Cyclone at SFNE before the overhaul. For that matter, I still need to go back there.


If the Canobie Corkscrew ends up biting it for another attraction/coaster, that will be another one. But I hope not.

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