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  1. B&M - Vortex, Great America Intamin - Green Lantern, Magic Mountain GCI - Roar, Discovery Kingdom
  2. Sierra Sidewinder at Knott's Berry Farm. Definitely an underrated coaster.
  3. So excited for Mine Ride this year! Also actually considering doing Fright Lane since six mazes offer skeleton key this year, might be worth the extra money.
  4. No matter what they do to the track, it ultimately needs new trains. I'm also curious as to what they'll do with Screamin' Swing's spot.
  5. -Magic Mountain Deja Vu Psyclone Colossus -Discovery Kingdom Roar -Santa Cruz Boardwalk Hurricane -Adventure City Treetop Racers
  6. Just rode Desert Storm and Patriot at Castles n Coasters in Phoenix Arizona, that makes 80 for me.
  7. So I'm trying to figure out which mazes won't be returning this year. Trick or Treat, Dominion of the Damned, and Pinocchio Unstrung are the oldest mazes that all debuted 3 years ago. I'm guessing Trick or Treat is out. I really hope Dominion is returning as it's one of my favorites. I was thinking Pinocchio was out, but now I'm hearing rumors that it will be back. As for the haunted attraction, my guess is towards mine ride, I think they could find a way to bring the monsters back to that one and the park will wait until next year to use Iron Reef. If any of this plays out, that leaves room for one more new maze to announce. 1. Voodoo.............................(skeleton key) 2. Dominion of the Damned?.......(skeleton key?) 3. Tooth Fairy.........................(skeleton key) 4. Infected 5. Gunslinger's Grave 6. Pinocchio Unstrung?..............(skeleton key?) 7. Forevermore 8. Black Magic........................(skeleton key) 9. Mine Ride 10. Dead of Winter...................(skeleton key) 11. TBA
  8. First off, I am extremely excited for all the new shows and updated attractions for this summer. This is definitely a great year to be a pass holder and witness all the 60th celebration stuff going on. That being said, I can't help but sigh and shake my head after reading that list of floats for the new parade. When looking at every show that is performed in the Disneyland Resort, I find it interesting what movies they choose to present in each individual show. Obviously if there is a newer movie that has done very well, they will want to showcase it (Frozen). Yes, I think they've gone a little overboard with the Frozen Fun stuff, but it doesn't surprise me it will be making an appearance in the new parade. What surprises me is choosing movies like Toy Story, Monsters Inc, and Mermaid. It bothers me when they decide to use the same movie characters for every single show. The Pixar movies already make an appearance in the Pixar Play Parade in California Adventure, so why repeat them in the other park? And then there's Mermaid. What's with Disney's sudden craze over a movie from the 90s? The Little Mermaid makes an appearance in the following Disneyland Resort attractions: Voyage of the Little Mermaid (ride), Ariel's Grotto (restaurant), King Triton's Carousel, World of Color, Fantasmic, Mickey's Magical Map, and now the two new shows coming to Disneyland as well. Talk about repetition. Here's the thing, I feel like Disney needs to find a better way to balance out what movies and characters they decide to use for their different shows. Mickey's Magical Map is a great example of attempting this, as they decided to use movies that either were not as popular or have not been showcased in a current show already such as Pocahontas, Lilo & Stitch, Tangled, Jungle Book, and Princess and the Frog. But then of course they just had to throw in Mermaid too. I'm no entertainment coordinator/designer/expert, but it's just interesting to see how they decide to spend millions of dollars on certain things are already showcased elsewhere. Needless to say, I will still be watching these new shows come summer, and am very excited for the new technology that the company is expanding toward.
  9. I can't wait to ride this this summer! Raging waters is definitely my favorite water park in California now since Wild Rivers closed a couple years ago. Happy to see a water coaster finally come to this state and hopefully more start to pop up other places too.
  10. At Knotts there's Silver Bullet, Jaguar, Pony Express, and then Sidewinder and Xcelerator you can walk under them while waiting in line.
  11. I personally don't see why parks have been doing this. Why build a really great hyper coaster, only to leave it in the dust after building a bigger and better version of it in the form of a giga? Not that Behemoth and Intimidator aren't considered great coasters anymore. And I understand that the hyper is geared more towards air time while the giga focuses on height and speed, but why not invest in rides that are more unique and different from each other rather than just out-build their own rides? Needless to say, I'm still looking forward to riding all 4 of those B&Ms some day: Behemoth, Leviathan, Intimidator, and Fury 325.
  12. This is looking a little ahead into the future, but knowing the next new coaster will be the park's 20th, they'll have to go with something really really spectacular. I'm actually starting to think a new B&M giga like Leviathan and Fury would make a great addition to the park.
  13. I'd love for Rocky Mountain to come in and replace the track but keep the existing layout. I love the layout. I remember a couple years ago there were rumors floating around that they were thinking about getting new trains for it, which I'm not convinced that would solve the "roughness". Looking at other Cedar Fair Parks, it seems that GCI is the only company they have gone with for their other parks in recent years. Would GCI topper track be a possible and smart choice?
  14. ^ Or hopefully someone from management rides Twisted Colossus this summer and realizes that's what Ghostrider needs too.
  15. Also, why doesn't Colossus, Superman, Full Throttle, or X2 have flash pass listed on the map? Are those the extra rides that have an up charge?
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