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  1. I kind of like the idea that as each raptor gets taller, the trains get longer lol.
  2. Leviathan at least has an excuse with the brake run going over Dragon Fyre. This one I'm not sure.
  3. So what's the tallest in the world? I'm having trouble figuring that one out. BTW that announcement video is fantastic!
  4. We don't visit Disneyland much to begin with, but I was definitely waiting for Rise to open.
  5. We visited on Thursday May 30. The park was open from 10-6. We only stayed until 5 (so about 7 hours) and left to visit my cousin in Scarborough to watch game 1 of the NBA Finals with them. Wonder Mountain was down all day. Other than that and Taxi Jam, we were able to ride the other 15 coasters without Fast Lane. Did Yukon twice and Leviathan three times. After reading how busy this park can get, we probably got lucky. We didn't even follow any real strategy other than trying Wonder Mountain first and finding it closed. So we headed to Yukon and pretty much just proceeded to the next closest ride each time.
  6. We're visiting in September, so naturally I decided to install the app this morning. In the app, it looks like IOA is back on early admission starting August 1 through December 12 (as far out as the calendar currently goes).
  7. Just to give some more data points on this, we were there on Memorial Day last week. Checked in to Breakers around 10:30am and they gave us a room immediately! So that was awesome. Probably entered the park around 11:30 and as soon as I realized everything was running, went straight to a gift shop to buy FL+ with the Platinum discount. Anyway, SV seemed to be 90-120 every time we saw it. I guess we got lucky because (though I didn't time it), I feel like we never waited more than 10-15 minutes. For reference, the FL+ line was around the bottom of the stairs. Granted, we did walk by once and it reached that first turn as mentioned above. Also, they were running 3 trains and it double stacked every time. They seemed to not care about zipper pockets. Everything had to be out. At the same time, it's not like they actually checked your pockets. The next day, SV seemed to open around noon.
  8. Yukon Striker is great! The loose article bins are equally great. The related beer is decent.
  9. Thanks for the well-timed update! We plan on visiting in a couple of weekends.
  10. As a first time visitor to CW in a couple of weeks, and as someone who absolutely loved Spider-Man the one time I visited IOA in like 2004, this comparison seems a bit strange. Then again, I don't know a ton about Guardian. I suspect that I'll enjoy it just fine.
  11. Based on the entry times I've seen people report, I think they overlap. So during an operating day of 8am-midnight (which looks like every day except for Sunday June 2 for some reason), I believe it will be 8am-noon, 11am-3pm, 2pm-6pm, 5pm-9pm, and 8pm-midnight. It will be interesting for sure.
  12. Question for the locals: Anything happening on May 30/31 that would cause these days to be busy? I'm looking at https://queue-times.com/parks/58/calendar. I have no idea how they come up with their estimates. And I'm fully prepared to buy FL+. I'm just curious.
  13. I like how this park is shaping up. We'll be in Orlando for HHN in September and I have the Starflyer on the list.
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