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  1. It would've been cooler if we got an Endeavor, but this is still a decent addition.
  2. I hope SFA gets something good. Becuase we really suck. A lot.
  3. Lmao online all da way ho Saints row or GTA
  4. ^Me too. They seem overconfident. It also seems like they've poured a lot of money into this park.
  5. White wine Canada or America (It'd be cool if someone who was from neither country answered this)
  6. Wow. Everyone states their opinion in such a well though out and respectful manner here. I guess after being in the Kings Dominion thread recently, I'm not used to seeing posts that aren't incredibly idiotic.
  7. Lmao aren't those the same things Los Angles or San Fransisco
  8. ^ Wow, finally. I can't believe they actually finished.
  9. ^ That's true. Maybe he menat wooden coasters that opened in 2006.
  10. I'd love to see Apocalypse get turned into a floorless coaster. The only good thing about the ride now is that the theming distracts you from the pain.
  11. Glad to see you went to John's. I love that place. Next time you're in NYC, I recommend going to the Whitney. It's really cool and right across the street there is an awesome restaurant, Bubby's.
  12. This park seems very interesting, especially the Panther's Pounce thing. Would it be do-able to drive to it while I'm visiting family in Miami?
  13. I work downtown Chicago, and I constantly encounter this on the streets -- people staring at their phones, not watching where they are going. When they approach me on my side of the sidewalk, staring down at their damn white iPhones, I intentionally slam into them extra hard and tell them to watch where they're going. It's fun. Bonus points if they're tourists. COUGH douchebag COUGH. Seriously though. You sound like a dick.
  14. If you're looking for two parks I'd suggest Gardaland and Miribilandia, as their only two hours apart from each other. Or you could do Portaventura and the Warner Bros park in Spain.
  15. Cool guns. I've never shot anything but a rifle and a shotgun. How bad is there recoil for those bigger guns?
  16. ^That guys the reason I've been avoiding the KD thread for the past two weeks.
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