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  1. New Revolution is looking great. I'm still beside myself they are actually doing this... the news of the decade in my book. The perfect coaster for first timers, and Schwarzkopf freaks like me The most beautiful steel coaster ever built.
  2. I'm a total curves guy, I love my laterals. Even if it's over an annoying seat divider... which can be odd, I guess, if you're not used to it. My other point of view is that B&M and GCI are making wimps out of people, when it comes to coasters. People used to love a REAL roller coaster ride. Count me as bummed GCI is doing the work. Understood/accepted, but still have an opinion.
  3. Goody goody goody the loop-da-loop! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fxxQbnjcD8
  4. The unbanked-ness of Legend's curves is what makes them so awesome. A few people have mentioned a tunneled drop, like Goldstriker. That would be cool! Personally, Legend is my favorite in the park; I'm perfectly fine with how it is now. My vote for an "improvement" would be to add some sort of pre-lift section. Wouldn't have to be long, perhaps something like Phoenix or Lakeside Cyclone - but the possibilities are endless. Of course, all 3 Holiday World woodies could welcome some sort of pre-lift sections.
  5. 1) Whizzer. I'm rating these based on how much fun and excitement I have, year after year. This was my first big coaster in 1981 (I was 7 or 8). As the years went on, I passed on Whizzer in favor of the new stuff. The thrill has worn off most of the new stuff, and Whizzer seems to get better and better. 2) American Eagle (red) When the brakes are off, it's a top 5 ride to me; the return run becomes "Phoenix meets Voyage." But it usually doesn't run with out brakes... sigh. I still love it, especially the *unique* huge first drop. It's very round and takes forever to get to the steepest point - after nearly stopping at the top. Very dramatic, very visual and very exciting every single time. When racing, it's a rush when the other side drops first; the loud thunder that results makes my hair stand up! 3) Demon. Other than an occasional courtesy ride, I didn't ride it for years. With the return of some effects and logos, it seems to have it's magic back. Plus, I've learned how to ride it. I usually don't care for rides you have to learn to ride defensively, but I made an exception with Demon being at my home park. The first drop is one of the few killer *snaps* we have left in all of coasterdom; it jerks you out right before the pull out. I love that spot! I also LOVE Viper! Even more than Beast and ST. I often think it runs better than when it was new. Which kind of makes sense with a woodie's break-in period. It's way over-built and still runs smooth. Seat #3!! Holy Cow!!! But that walk to get to and from the ride is icky.
  6. ^Hopefully you will get to ride American Eagle on a rare occasion the brakes are off (red side). It's an epic experience. ^There we go again, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Skull Mountain.
  7. We all have our opinions, it would be boring if we agreed on everything. For example, someone listed American Eagle as the worst Intamin; personally, I love that ride. But I respect their different opinion. Perhaps I emphasized the wrong things on my I-305 opinion. The main point is it's super intense, but void of fun (for me).
  8. I-305. Plopped down in a dirt field, CF has a knack for that. No interesting views, just a bunch of snapping. As a lift enthusiast, I couldn't even enjoy that as I was held back by shoulder straps; even if had lap bars, it heads in a direction with no good view. Reminds me of a RCT (Roller Coaster Tycoon) coaster with a very high intensity rating, but very low excitement rating. What a waste. It also had the shortest wait when I was there. They could have done so much with that all that money.
  9. ^I agree with him! So many great rides, so many great times had. But for me, the most consistent (fun return on time investment!) have been: Wood: My favorite spot was once taken by Timberwolf. But for only one year Steel: My #1 steel coaster since 1990
  10. The logo may look cheap, but the ride is vastly more interesting than the other new steel looper over by lake Erie Look forward to Adventureland in 2015! I've been meaning to get back for a loooong time now. Especially excited to get back on Tornado. Only a few Cobb coasters left; he knew how to shake things up, vary pacing, create character, and all that good stuff we don't see too much anymore.
  11. Bingo! Anton built rides that were the perfect hybrid between super smooth steel and wild woodies. Those ball and socket joints allow the track to mock (at least partially) the movement of a wood coaster track; it sways. And those trains/seats are perfect too; you get great *REAL* lateral and vertical movement from the seat while still being safe and comfortable. Those old coasters ride great - you can feel the track yet it's very smooth. Schwarzkopf coasters are some of my favorites. In terms of personality, comfort and freedom (to move around in your seat) they have never been matched. So much stuff is done to the extreme these days (with required super tight restraints and bucket seats) - and it's good we have that stuff, but there is sweet spot with the Anton designs. Very special rides!
  12. If I remember correctly, they wanted a new train that could keep up with the transitions on the new Voyage coaster. PTC built a modification into the Voyage trains to allow the rear axle to roll back and forth easier. My Voyage rides this past spring were among the best I've ever had (both when the trim engaged and when it didn't). Still not as smooth as opening year, but the ride just felt loose and wild, it was perfect. A few years ago, Gravity Group did some tweaks to the turn around that seemed to add a little air time AND speed.
  13. Funtown in Saco, Maine. Beside the great coaster, they have some uniquely-themed flat rides. Everything was immaculate when I was there. Seabreeze. How can so much fun/classic fun be squeezed in a park so small? Very impressed!
  14. -Beast is still running of the fanfare it earned it the 80s (I haven't had a truly fast ride on it since 1991) -Magnum really kicks butt, but isn't liked by most lightweights that have been raised in the B&M/GCI age. -Nitro? I could never figure that one out. I think it's just in there because it's at a HUGE park that lots of people have been to. -Apollo's Chariot? Personally, I love it. Chalk it up to a couple unique sections of track, the trees and being at a great park. Raven was much better with buzz bars. People hate to hear that, but it's true (and true for any coaster that has been converted over to dark side of those ratchet bars). There might be something you say about nostalgia. For example, I LOVE Whizzer, Mind Bender and Kennywood Thunderbolt - but they all currently run better than ever. They never stopped being awesome. They're also nostalgic to me! I grew up riding the Beast, and as nostalgic it is to me, that all falls off when I get in those ridiculous frankensteined-trains and ride those obnoxiously magnetically-brakes tracks. It's easier to just avoid it. As far as coasters being overrated/underrated on top coaster lists, none of it matters. We all have a list. In my list, and Anton Jet Star rates higher than a 200/300+ foot plus B&M (and even an Intamin!): not because of nostalgia, but because I have more fun on those every time I go back.
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