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  1. Also Via Reddit Wolverine Wildcat got a partial GCI titan retract!?
  2. Busch Garden’s and Sea World’s social media presence is insane, they posted that quick lol. I’ve also had BGT like serval of my tweets I don’t think I’ve ever had any other park do that once.
  3. Yeah that storm was crazy, we were in line for flight of fear just hanging out when the it went through, and it looked and sounded like the park got struck three or four times in a row lol. One looked like it hit Windseeker and everyone gasped at the same time. Between my Orlando trip and yesterday my luck with weather has been horrible this year, hopefully it gets better soon. I haven’t had a full day of coasters yet this year.
  4. So today we did a bit of a stupid maneuver, we planned an impromptu day trip to CP, I wanted to go to Kings Island, but the weather in Sandusky looked good and the weather around Cincinnati looked horrendous all day. Mistake one for both parks: relying on any weather app or terrible meteorological models. Anyway in Toledo (came from Michigan) I had a feeling to just turn on 75 and go to KI, but didn’t follow it. Get to Cedar Point and notice the weather at KI got significantly better. The weather at Cedar Point? Significantly worse. Rode SV, joked about leaving and going to KI (didn’t because I said it was such a stupid idea). Got lunch (took like an hour mind to get lunch, CP was pretty busy lol), got in line for dragster because the weather looked fine, thirty minutes in it started to rain, dragster closed (didn’t open again until like 7 or 8 I believe). Forecast changed to heavy rain and severe storms for around three hours. With that knowledge, the idiot in us left Cedar Point at 2 PM, and drove to KI. I won’t say if it was worth it or not, still neutral on it, but we drove the wild route you have to take to get there, ended up getting stopped at two railroad crossings, drove through a severe storm or two, a road about to wash out, and at a little after 6 arrived at KI. Anddddd, the storms were back in the forecast. Lol. Rode flight of fear (honestly liked it I won’t lie), then a wicked lightning storm hit and even that closed. Lasted about 45 minutes. By the time stuff opened it was 8. One of the most insane 30-45 minutes of coasters followed. Rode flight of fear again, rode Mystic Timber’s, Diamondback, Beast, Stunt Coaster (then rain came and ruined Orion and Banshee, with how short the lines were we probably could’ve done all of that by 9-9:10 at the brisk speed walk we were taking). I honestly had fun, it was/would’ve been my third trip to cedar point this year, so I wasn’t expecting an amazing trip, saw a lot of interesting places in Ohio I’ll probably never see again, and (I forgot to mention this, I’ve never been to Kings Island) got a lot of new credits at the same time (If gas or money spent was a concern for anyone reading this, the car we took is a hybrid and got around 40 MPG the entire time, spent roughly 35 dollars on gas round trip). Apparently Cedar Point cleared out too, and the rain did last until latish, and from what we saw most of the rides at Cedar Point were closed for nearly the entire drive to Kings Island (yes, even Gemini, Corkscrew and Cedar Creek apparently) I’ll be honest, I had low expectations for The Beast, but I loved it, Mystic Timber’s was also significantly better than I thought it was going to be, but I also haven’t ridden a good wooden coaster in years. Diamondback was okay, I liked it but the part of the ride after the MCBR felt like it has a lot of missed opportunity, I definitely prefer Mako or Behemoth overall. Stunt coaster has a weird place in my heart, I honestly also love it. In the end I’ll never let myself do this again, but it was a fun experience and something my friends and I have always joked about doing. I’ll also plan a KI exclusive trip so that I can ride Orion and Banshee, I want to see what all the commotion is about the vest restraints on an invert and what I think about Orion.
  5. Anyone have bad experiences with the virtual lines? Today was crazy busy and the virtual line was a nightmare. I tried to get Hagrid’s virtual line passes at 2 and 4 and only got into the party size page once, and by then they were out. I guess it’ll be yet another year to ride that one. Velocicoaster also had over a 90 minute wait (also at 120 minutes for a while) so didn’t get to try that either. Got just about everything else but by the time we were by Jurassic park there was a storm coming, so it wasn’t worth it. Overall lesson learned, avoid Orlando Saturday crowds, and when the parks open at 8, use all that time.
  6. Gotcha, honestly I’ve seen some complaints lately about the parks operations but even with a much worse than average daily rainstorm had a good time. Kraken closed at 5, but I assume that was employment related and they get a pass for that right now. Had 3 rides on everything else otherwise. Honestly I think the new dolphin show is a downgrade. Also got my first ride on Infinity Falls and it was a lot better than I expected.
  7. Does anyone know what’s going with Antarctica? We just went on it to avoid the rain and it was just the walk-thru part. I like seeing the penguins, but I also kinda like the ride even if it’s a little lame. Anyway today has been nice but has turned into a super rainy day, just hanging out waiting for the storm to pass. Ice breaker looks cool too, I hope they open it soon!
  8. “On the banks of the red cedar...” *pauses to brace for the trick track even though it’s been gone for years* “man I’m glad the trick track is gone” Whenever I’m bored in line I always sing the MSU fight song, and I love how the rivalries work out at Cedar Point, in a way there is almost a three way mutual hatred. Also love both of your guys’ takes, and it reminds me I really need to make it out to Carowinds for Fury. Something about Yukon Strikes works more for me then Valravn, but honestly the new restraints are just way too tight (definitely a broken record on this one). I’m a pretty small person and it feels like it crushes me, also I don’t know what’s going on with Gatekeeper but I feel like the restraints got worse, I was barely able to ride it this year. I think it’s partly just psychological but I get back to the station guppy breathing every time. But MF this year? Absolutely been magical. I was on the last two rides of the day one of my visits and it blew my mind, I don’t know why.
  9. Does anyone know why Corkscrew is closed? It’s been closed all day (at least every time I’ve checked) and when we went of Windseeker it was stuck at the base of the lift. Also the park is pretty dead for any day in July, maybe the tropical system scared everyone off because I’ve never seen it like this on a weekday in July. All rides have had sub 60 minutes wait times with most not running all trains, and Raptor and Rougarou only had one.
  10. I mean even if there are electronic circuits don’t like much influx in voltage and controlling where thousands of volts goes can be iffy at best. (Not that I don’t questions RMC’s engineering especially considering the problems their rides have had though.) Either way hope it opens soon.
  11. Went to Cedar Point yesterday and had a great day! Very short lines, rain held off, everything was open for most of the day and running pretty good ops for so early in the season. I also tried out the Ride Force app from this thread and got some decent result. (From what I've seen the app has potential but isn't flawless yet) anyway starting from the top: I just like how you see the pre-lift airtime hills! (Measured from the on-ride pocket) I got a better sample from my watch but the I accidentally deleted it, the G's are pretty sustained for Maverick. Just thought this graph turned out sick hah. The app sometimes records too much (including me getting off which led to the weird airtime calculation) Same as gemini but hey its pretty cool seeing the the G's for the Tophat! Looks like a weaker Raptor tbh HOLY Gs Honestly pretty good airtime You know what? Valravn has some nice airtime too, shame the new B&M restraints are so restrictive... Magnum and Corkscrew both can't be opened because they crash every time. Now for the issues: I wasn't running the phone app for Millennium, and the Watch app crashed after I recorded it on there, Iron Dragon and Cedar Creek weren't strong enough to trigger the phone app (hah) and the location/jostling of the rides led to some weird results, especially on my watch. (It read +13Gs after Raptor before it crashed). Hope you guys enjoy these results as much as I do. (Also i wish there were spoilers to cut down on the spaminess of the pics.)
  12. Two years ago I downloaded this app called sensor play because it can measure G's as well and one issue is its a pain to define G's based on which direction the phone is facing, which produced some weird results. Its entirely possibly he figured out a good way to keep track of this and if that's the case it should be pretty accurate. I'm going to CP tomorrow and I'll analyze the app myself and see if I notice anything that hints at it's accuracy. EDIT: As long as your phone or watch doesn't jostle too much it should actually be pretty accurate. It sounds like it calibrates based on the assumption that it figures out which direction is up in relation to the phone, and as long as the phone doesn't move too much it should be pretty accurate.
  13. I've spent quite a large amount of time analyzing the park and I can say without a doubt the building is still there, you can see a slight change in tone in the green color from the angle of the roof changing, as well as if you look close enough you can see the fences and pillars that make the front deck. The moss on top is just very vibrant and thick this year I suppose. Btw in case anyone is wondering why I knew this, that building was one of the first I made for my recreation of Cedar Point in Planet Coaster over here.
  14. At first I found it far too massive to take on but by slowing working on little bits at a time it's slowly seeming very doable, just tedious. And thanks! Also I just took this screenshot from Maverick's WIP station during golden hour, and its bringing me back to my favorite scene from the point. There is still detail to be added but this is 100% my favorite view from the point Unfortunately you can't edit the background to be water and in order to fit the top half of the park I couldn't line up the cardinal directions, but it is close enough.
  15. Thanks! I also have a small update, I've gotten a break in my busy college life to put some work in. Recently I finished the lift and airtime hill custom supports for Millennium Force, as well as put more work into the unload station and queue. This required a small re-profile from before the final airtime hill to the end of the final over bank. This also made me notice the coaster's were in the wrong place, so I saved everything and have begun realigning them. Since then I started working on Rougarou and Maverick's stations. Here are some screenshots: Notice the wide bottom, and general large supports along the drop Another angle Oh my I love this The unloading/loading station before I re-profiled the the last bit The basis of Rougarou's station! Getting the sizes for this station is incredibly hard, there aren't many pictures of it A further point of view Another picture of the loading/unloading stations after the re-profile From the side of the train (note the train tracks are gone due to having the wrong layout) The new overbank I added the truss supports to these airtime hills, they still need a bit of work though Trying to keep the level of detail up with this one Honestly really happy how the station walls turned out so far considering how simple they are Pre-launch block break and tunnel And that's where I ended for the day. Stay tuned, there will be more coming soon!
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