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  1. Wow, this thing looks absolutely insane. I also like that they're going full ham with theming this (and the surrounding area) with a sports team. I may not be much of a fan of football, but at least this is more warranted than one of my local parks doing a Patriots-themed ride. People would accuse them of inflating how many inversions/airtime hills/whatever the ride has, and nobody would be able to shut up about it.
  2. Just speaking as an outsider, I think the park has a couple of of cool, niche coasters (like the Arrow Shuttle Loop) that don't deserve to be taken out... but yes, they could stand to lose Mind Eraser. That spot of land would be perfect for a small EuroFighter, or a similar model. Heck, I'm sure you guys would be happy with another Untamed clone, OTSRs not preferred.
  3. Well, I got the Stinger credit at my visit in June, and it was fun. And it got me an Invertigo credit before riding any regular Boomerangs, which is kind of cool. I had a feeling that White Water Landing would be removed first, since Hershey had thoughts about removing theirs and the ride type is apparently going out of style. Although, that probably made more sense when I thought about it to myself. They could probably use that piece of land stretching out into the service area for a moderate thrill ride.
  4. Canobie Lake Park's river rapids ride... ...at least for now.
  5. It's nice to know that one of these things is actually going up. I also like how it's not meant as the tallest coaster in the world. This is already too much of a gimmick, so you'll want it to stand on its own (heh) as a general attraction.
  6. It's loaded, but rather funny. Hopefully, the local residents enjoy this Eurofighter just as I do the one at Canobie.
  7. Holy hell, this introduced me to that new coaster being a Takabisha clone. This sounds like an awesome idea, as I do like shopping malls in most varieties. I could probably plan a comprehensive trip of New Jersey out of this. The aboslute tallest coaster and the steepest coaster drop, all within a few days' time...
  8. It's long been nagging me that I've never done a trip report of my home park. I've only gotten away with it until now because other people have visited it occasionally and given pictures. So, armed with my smartphone and its second-rate camera, I decided to document Canobie for their annual Halloweeners event. I did not enjoy last year's, and back then I thought about not going at all the next time because I was not interested enough in the haunts. But since this is the only opportunity I had all year to visit... to hell with it, I'm going. It's been a staid present for this park. Untamed'
  9. Canobie Corkscrew, a little before dusk on Sunday night. Trip report coming up soon... maybe? Hopefully.
  10. My home park, tomorrow. I may not care about Screemfest, but some good coasters is enough for me to not pass it up.
  11. Yeah. That should be the standard at most theme parks if it isn't already. I was at Canobie on this day either last year or the one before, though it was still fairly packed.
  12. I get motion sickness very easily, so it was probably going to happen at some point. And it did, just a few months ago. It was the second day of my Dorney trip, which I probably should've posted the report for a while ago. Stinger, Possessed, then I sat down, ate some nachos, and it was Talon that did me in. I puked on some grass next to the parking lot. I also had a near miss a long time ago at Hersheypark after riding the chairswing. I had no idea such a ride could knock me out so hard. I laid down on the skeeball machines for an hour or so and then went on with my day, with no foul disc
  13. Wow, another big project for this park? It's pretty impressive that they've kept adding new stuff every couple of years, unlike most in Japan. And they already have Steel Dragon 2000.
  14. I got the chance to visit here back in 2016. Though the VR stuff was certainly in good spirits, it was all very old-fashioned compared to... well, just look at the real world. I enjoyed the massive stash of arcade games more, and in the end, I hope all those machines found good homes.
  15. Oh great... another of the "gimped" Untamed models with lap bars. At least it's in a state I have no intentions of visiting any time soon. But I hope the new coaster does well for them.
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