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Coasters you have been on that are gone now

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Little Rickies Little Twister - Riverside Park (Six Flags New England)

Python - BGT

Big Bad Wolf - BGW

Deja Vu - SFOG

Laser - Dorney Park

Dragon Coaster - Dorney Park

Batman & Robin: The Chiller (Robin only) - SFGAdv

Great American Scream Machine - SFGAdv


That's all I have off the top of my head. Of all those, I miss Big Bad Wolf the most.

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I don't think I've ever posted here so here it goes:


- Soapbox Derby Racers (Knotts)

-Windjammer (Knotts)

-Flashback (SFMM)

-Psyclone (SFMM)

-Stealth (CGA)

-Invertigo (CGA)

-Zonga (SFDK)

- Speed: The Ride

-Lightning Bolt (MGM Grand)


I swear there are others but these are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head.

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Mad Mouse (Quassy)

Great American Scream Machine (SFGAdv)

Hercules (Dorney Park)

Laser (Dorney Park) (Relocated)

Little Laser (Dorney Park)

Dragon Coaster (Dorney Park) (Relocated)

High Speed Thrill Coaster (Knoebels)

Chaos (Opryland USA)

Wabash Cannonball (Opryland USA)

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Alton Towers


Black Hole



American Adventure

Buffalo Stampede

Runaway Train


Twin Looper


Drayton Manor

Klondike Gold Mine

Super Dragon


Myrtle Beach Pavillion

Mad Mouse


Pleasure Beach

Space Invader 2


Six Flags Magic Mountain



Stratosphere Tower

High Roller

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Python (BGT)

Viper (SFoG)

Deja'Vu (SFoG)

Big Bad Wolf (BGW)

and maybe Son Of Beast.


Other Rides:

Mr. Toads Wild Ride


Alien Encounter ExTERRORestrial

Star Tours


Journey into Imagination

FreeFall (SFoG)

Chaos (Cedar Point)

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Gebrigsbahn (burned down in 2000- Phantasialand- Schwarzkopf coaster)


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Cop Car Chase- lethal weapon pursuit (Gone for an unknown reason- Movie park Germany- dueling looping coaster)


Uploaded with ImageShack.us


Bat coaster (gone to... I don't know where- Nigloland France- Pinfari inverted looping coaster)


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Turbine (too old- 2006- Walibi Belgium- Schwarskopf shuttle)


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Vertigo (premature wear- 2006- Walibi Belgium- Cableway coaster)


Uploaded with ImageShack.us


Pegasus (Had to make place for a bigger woodie- 2009- Junior wooden Efteling Holland)


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

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Windstorm, Fun Forest (travels now)

Rainbow Chaser, Fun Forest (apparently still for sale)

Invertigo, California's Great America (moving to Dorney)

Iron Wolf, SFGAm (moving to SFA)

Deja Vu, SFMM (moving to SFNE)

Monster Mouse, Puyallup Fair (fate unkown)


Of course, Deja Vu isn't quite gone yet. I bet Monster Mouse was scrapped, which is a shame since it's one of my top favorite mice. I like it better than the classic Miler mice, and much better than the similar Mad Mouse model.

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It's kinda funny when ever I decide I don't like a roller coaster it gets torn-down or re-located.


Speed the Ride: (Sahara Casino) Sucked plus to many drunk people on it

High Roller: (Stratosphere Tower) The elevator ride up to it was better

Psyclone (SFMM) 'nuff said

Flashback (SFMM) Broke my neck

Old Space Mountain (Disneyland) Kinda rough at the end of it's life



Deja Vu (Soon to be scrapped )

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Batman the Escape (SFAW)

Greezed Lightnin' (SFAW)

Serpent (SFAW)

Texas Cylcone (SFAW)

Ultra Twister (SFAW)

Viper (SFAW)


Myrtle Beach Hurricane (The Pavilion)

Little Eagle (The Pavilion)

Mad Mouse (The Pavilion)

Buzzsaw Falls (SDC)

Runaway Ore Carts (SDC)

Thunder Eagle (Belle Island Village, Pigeon Forge)




Joker's Revenge (SFFT)

Batman the Ride (SFNO)

RoadRunner Express (SFNO)

Thunder Express (Dollywood)

Zyklon (Branson USA)

Flying Dragon Wagon (Branson USA)

Jack Rabbit (Celebration City)

Serial Thriller (SFAW)

Mayan Mindbender (SFAW)

Texas Tornado (SFAW)

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-Windjammer (both sides, Knott's)

-Psyclone (SFMM)

-Flashback (SFMM)

-Flying Coaster* (Elitch Gardens)



Rides in General:

-Tampico Tumbler, Gran Slammer, Parachute Jump, Wilderness Scrambler, KotD (Knott's)

-Rocket Rods, Star Tours, Submarine Voyage (Disneyland)

-Sierra Twist, Sierra Falls, Spinout, Circus Wheel (SFMM)

-ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter (Magic Kingdom WDW)

-Horizons, Journey into Imagination (Epcot WDW)

-White Water Landing (Cedar Point)

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Let's see...


(Both gone and relos)

-Screamin' Delta Demon (Opryland)

-Wabash Canonball (Opryland)

-Rock 'n Roller Coaster (Opryland)

-Chaos (Opryland)

-King Kobra (PKI)

-Shockwave (SFGAm)

-Iron Wolf (SFGAm)

-Lightning Bolt (MGM Grand Adv - both indoor and outdoor)

-Florida Hurricane (Boardwalk and Baseball)

-Dragon Wagon (Boardwalk and Baseball)

-Big Bad Wolf (BGW)

-Python (BGT)

-Toboggan (Enchanted Forest)

-Wild Mouse (Enchanted Forest)

-Roller Coaster (Enchanted Forest)

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Canobie Lake




Big Bad Wolf

Drachen Fire (before it was modified too)



Great American Scream Machine

Batman & Robin the Chiller (both sides)


Pirate's Fun Park, Salisbury Beach, MA



Rocky Point (Rhode Island)

Loop Corkscrew



Black Widow (back when the park was Riverside)


Whalom Park

Flyer Comet


Las Vegas/Sahara Nascar Cafe

Speed: The Ride (not gone yet, but probably will be)






Texas Giant (original) - I think that counts?



King Cobra

Scooby's Ghoster Coaster

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Big Bad Wolf (BGW)

Drachen Fire (BGW)

King Kobra (KD)

Hypersonic XLC (KD)

Screamin' Delta Demon (Opryland)

Wabash Canonball (Opryland)

Rock n Rollercoaster (Opryland)

Flashback (SFMM)

Psyclone (SFMM)

Two Face: The Flip Side (SFA)

Python (SFA)

Hurricane (Myrtle Beach Pavillion) (in a fate worse than death, the trains are now used on Son of Beast )

Mad Mouse (Myrtle Beach Pavillion) (the roughest, most painful mouse coaster of all time)


eh there are probably tons more but those are the highlights.

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I can think of a few that are no longer in existence and some that have been moved.


Ones I have been on that are no longer around, period:


Python at SFA


Flashback at SFMM

Psychlone at SFMM

Two Face at SFA

Hypersonic at KD

The old Space Mountain at DL

All the ones at Geauga Lake that weren't moved


and two really obscure credits; coasters that I don't even recall the names of but I did ride them and they are no longer there (and almost certainly have been turned into scrap iron long ago given how long ago it was):

There was a wild mouse at Trimper's in Ocean City, MD, around 1980 or 1981, and I rode that - it was removed not long after that and I'm sure it's long gone. The other was also at Ocean City, perhaps at the same park, and all I remember was that it was a steel sit-down coaster with no inversions and it had red track. According to the rcdb.com, there are a couple contenders for the coaster with the red track, either this one http://www.rcdb.com/2604.htm?p=17155 or this one http://www.rcdb.com/2603.htm?p=17156. Unfortunately I don't know which it was as it was night time when I went down there and rode it - that, and I was only around 10 or 11 years old.


Anyone else here remember these?


Others that I've ridden that have been moved or just have been SBNO for a long time (other than the ones at GL) but still operate include:


Laser - Dorney Park

Son of Beast - KI

There was also a super-saturator type water coaster at HP that is no longer there, can't think of the name of it and I don't know if it was sold or scrapped.


That's about all I can think of right now.

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I will not count coasters that are SBNO like the Nara Dreamland coasters or Eagle's Fortress (which I have ridden) and I will not count coasters that have been relocated. I will only count coasters that are completely lost. Coasters like Raging Wold Bobs which have part of the structure still standing will not be included on this list.


1. Hercules

2. King Cobra

3. Double Loop

4. Villain

5. Mad Mouse (Lakemont)

6. Two Face

7. Hurricane (Pavilion)

8. Big Bad Wolf

9. Fujin Ragin II

10. Daidarisaurus

11. Atomic Coaster (Seoul Dreamland)

12. Atomic Coaster (Mitsui Greenland)

13. Jet Coaster (Seoul Dreamland)

14. Dragon (Seoul Dreamland)

15. Wabash Cannonball

16. Chaos

17. Screamin' Delta Demon

18. Jet Coaster (Jayuland)

19. Dragon Coaster (Woncheon Lake Land)

20. Dragon (Woncheon Greenland)

21. Camelback (Janggye Resort)

22. Scooby's Ghoster Coaster (King's Island)

23. Super Saturator

24. Wild Rails

25. Mild Thing

26. Superspeed Cocobear

27. Roller Coaster (Beijing Amusement Park)

28.Crazy Mouse (Tobu Zoo)

29. Linear Gale

30. Dragon (Sendai Highland)

31. Geopanic

32. Shockwave (Six Flags Great America)

33. Dragon (Misaki Park)

34. SL Coaster

35. Screechin' Eagle

36. Pedro's Mouse

37. Jet Coaster Super Dolphin

38. Starliner

39. Thunder Eagle

40. Iron Ore Mine Cart

41. The Brat

42. Steel First

43. Thunderbolt Express


There are probably others that I forgot and there are probably parks in Asia that have closed since I visited them, but these are the ones I can think of.

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