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  1. So excited for all these changes!!! The new entry way, gawrsh, looks amazing!! Now if I can only dream they restore the imagination ride... THAT would be a treat!! Keep dreaming Alice... you’ll get to wonderland.
  2. Awesome report, I was planning on going there tomorrow, but it seems the wildcat is down AGAIN for maintenance until further notice (on the park's website...) and I didn't go last year because of this reason as well. If I go, I'm very excited to go on Boulder Dash again. What a spectacular ride.
  3. Such a beautiful park... very upsetting to see this happen. Glad everyone made it out safely though. The owners seem very dedicated and will hopefully rebuild what was lost.
  4. Hi everyone!! This is really random, but I was thinking about the next Fantasyland dark ride wayyyy down the line... I wonder which ride will bite the dust next? I wonder if it’s a small world will be, that building is rather large, but it’s a staple... thoughts?
  5. I'm laughing how Superman was closed due to temperatures while here in New England, Mind Eraser is running in 9 degree weather, with a wind chill of -3. Great report, Wonder Woman looks stellar!
  6. I really can't spin all that much, so Tomahawk is a bit difficult for me. This seems to fix that problem, and the height and speed of this massive contraption will definitely make me buy a season pass!! So glad a local park is getting one of these, they seem so fun and exhilarating! I personally love the theme, and I think it's MUCH better than Wonder Woman.
  7. Not a fan of calling it a "coaster"... but the ride looks pretty crazy and a lot of fun! It's very unique too, and I think it'll be better than some expect.
  8. I get that its upsetting that TGE hasn't gotten a new coaster, but I'm honestly really glad that the park hasn't been flagged. Everything there is so unique, and they seem to take pride in their old story town history by restoring many artifacts from the past. TGE reminds me a lot of Lake Compounce and Canobie Lake Park, and that's a good thing! Overall, another solid addition to the park. Sure, its not the overdue coaster, but it's a good thrill ride and great for families.
  9. Six Flags did an incredible job this year. Good variety with not a lot of clones. Actually very impressed with the flat ride additions, definitely critical and much needed at some parks such as SFNE and SFMM.
  10. What a solid addition! Much needed, in fact, I think Six Flags did extremely well this year!
  11. Looks like a pretty fun attraction, but I too feel it's short. Statistically it may not be, but it just feels so short. I understand it's tough because the cyclone had a very compact layout, and it could even be the faster speed, but man I'm a little disappointed the rides so short. Still looks amazing though!!!
  12. The park's carousel organ almost went extinct this year. After months of it sitting abandoned, the organ has been restored and is now operating again. My favorite part of an amusement park in New England is how canobie continues to maintain little nostalgia details for younger people to see.
  13. Wow, this addition simply blew me away. This is so innovative and so unique and I'm so glad SDC is getting this ride. Wish I could ride it, but most likely never will.
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't PTC trains but more wear and tear on the track because they're heavier then Timberliners and Millennium Flyers? Does the new PTC train also suffer from this? I still think they're a phenomenal compromise but I still love me some good classic PTC trains
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