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  1. Guessing that's the thing the park uses to take train cars on and off the transfer track for maintenance.
  2. Tony posted a couple of pics on his Twitter 3 days ago of the last stretch of bunny hills very close to being finished.
  3. The more I watch the POV of Twisted Cyclone, the more I dig it. It looks like quite a fun collection of elements packed into that tiny footprint, and flying into the brakes with a ton of speed will make me want to get back in line to ride it again. I also think the ride will look bigger than the rendering makes it seem. It's easy to dismiss 100 feet as being "short", but the tightness of that area forces you to stand right in the ride's shadow making it look bigger than it actually is. It'll be a good looking coaster.
  4. Couple of observations from the renderings. I love the blue track. Great color choice considering the original also had blue track. The trains look sick as well, although why they are themed to cars I have no idea LOL. Seems kinda random. The unpainted wood makes me think that a LOT of the original structure might have to come down and be rebuilt, which makes sense because a lot of the wood did look pretty bad. Perhaps the park just doesn't want to paint the new lumber and just pressure wash all the paint off the old structure. I don't know, but whatever. I'm a details guy I can't help myself. While I'll miss the length of the original ride, I think Twisted Cyclone's layout will grow on me. Shorter coasters like this lend themselves to a lot of re-riding, which is never a bad thing. This looks like it would be a fun ride to marathon on a light day. It's sad to me that Six Flags never bothered to keep Georgia Cyclone in really good condition, BUT it's good to see the park finally do something with it. I mean you really can't go wrong with RMC.
  5. Pretty sure all the announcements will happen at the break of dawn. Around 5 am Eastern I think.
  6. I have video footage from April last year of a wide open River Battle with NO ONE on it, while Daredevil Falls and River Rampage were charging on with plenty of riders. It was a little cooler that day (low 60s I think) so that was probably the reason, but still, it's never felt super successful in terms of crowd draw except with kids.
  7. If the scenery around the ride will look anything like the rendering, it's gonna look great! Lol I love how low-key this announcement was compared to CP's and KD's. The reaction of the crowd to the rendering was just "whoa..." instead of "YEEAH WOOOO!!!"
  8. I love how RMC managed to throw in a quick wave turn in the middle of a 90 degree bank. This thing looks so amazing!!!!
  9. Very solid RMC. I love the 3 straight airtime hills toward the beginning.
  10. I'm wondering this as well. No one seems to mention them, and it almost seems like they would be a good compromise between the PTC experience and the good tracking of Millennium Flyers. Plus I think they look cool.
  11. Mountain Slidewinder from what I understand is extremely popular with locals. It is an incredibly unique attraction, and I find it to be a blast so long as you don't mind getting wet. I don't think it's going anywhere for a while. Personally I'm hoping the whole County Fair area gets an overhaul soon. There are way too many dead ends and it's easy to get lost down there.
  12. Yep, back in 2010, but after 3 years of testing them on and off the park just scrapped them.
  13. Maybe a hint of Georgia Cyclone being renamed to something hurricane related? Seems like a bit of a stretch but I guess that would make make sense...
  14. Anyone else find the Hurricane Harbor sign at the Cyclone's entrance really random?
  15. Dang that's quite the hike! I wonder if you guys got to unload into the park somewhere around Thunderhead? I know that the railroad is level with Thunderhead's back turnaround by the station, and I think there's an access gate right by the ride's entrance.
  16. If this turns out to be USA's version of Helix, I'm booking a trip to Branson immediately.
  17. Dude I feel you. It didn't quite hit me until the cycling stopped for the evening. I was hanging out on the exit ramp for a few minutes to take some pictures with my camera, and I was so struck by how extra quiet the whole area was. It was a very bittersweet and nostalgic moment knowing that the ride would never run again. It for sure marked the end of a personal era for me. Also regarding the Google Maps thing, don't obsess over it. The park already has 2 Joker coasters LOL.
  18. Georgia Cyclone's Last Day Trip Report! My word I am so exhausted. It was pretty crowded all day, but I didn't care. I just rode everything I wanted to once and then headed over to Cyclone for its last 2 hours of operation. The crowds that came to ride Cyclone were pretty average all day, with the queue being about half-full at closing time, including a bunch of ACErs that all piled at the very back of the line and waited until the entrance was closed off to line up behind the rest of the queue so they could get on the last train. Personally I didn't care as I was almost to the stairs when the line was shut off. I got 4 rides today and 8 the day before so I had gotten my fill. After my last ride, I spent the rest of the ride's operation hanging out in the parent swap area on the platform. Everyone was having a blast. It was really fun to just watch the last cycles from the station. Dale Kaetzel was there as well as some PR people that were taking pictures and filming and all that fun stuff. It was a really fun way to send off the ride. So how was the ride? Well, it was very visibly in rough shape. It's obvious that Six Flags is ready to put this ride out to pasture. The structure seemed to flex more than it should have, the track had a ton of potholes in it, and the trains were showing really bad signs of poor maintenance. Hell at one point tonight, as a girl was getting into the train, she somehow tripped on the car's fiberglass side decal panel and straight up BROKE IT, so the piece of fiberglass was barely holding on by one screw, and it flapped and rattled as the train went through the course. However, I still really enjoyed all my rides on it this weekend. Georgia Cyclone is a bit of a special ride for me. It was one of the first big roller coasters I ever rode when I was 7, and I've always been a fan of the ride. It provided some of the most violent airtime anywhere, and I honestly kinda liked how it tossed you around. To quote someone else, it felt like a very "raw and organic" wood coaster experience, not precise and dialed like a GCI or RMC for example, but rather loose and unpredictable. That kind of experience seems to get more and more rare these days, but nonetheless. The fact is that the majority of the general public hated the ride, and it was tearing itself apart in its last years, to the point where I guess Six Flags just didn't want to keep it up anymore, and that's totally fine. I'm REALLY curious to know what RMC could do with this ride. It doesn't seem like they could deviate too much from the original layout since it's so compact, but if any of their current designs are an indicator, the new Georgia Cyclone will probably surprise me. So yes, I'll miss Georgia Cyclone, but it really was time for it to go. Looking forward to next year. I took all these photos on my phone. I have a few videos of the very last ride up on my Instagram as well. Morning crowds trying to get in. Today was the last day of summer for Cobb county metro schools so the park was packed with a ton of families and their kids. Safe to say this view will be VERY different next year. The line didn't get much longer than this most of the day. Lining up for my final front row ride. Note the mismatching lap bars... This was a bittersweet photo to take for me. Ah yes the reason we're all here. Here's the final train just before dispatch. Around 9 pm. Park closed at 8. Finally, a parting selfie. So long old friend. Looking forward to your steel-tracked resurrection.
  19. Was a good night to ride tonight. Amazing weather, and only a station wait for the last hour of Cyclone. Will be back tomorrow for the final day. Already feeling pretty bittersweet.
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