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  1. Ok I just had the most sketchy ride of my life on Georgia Cyclone... First public train of the day. Sitting in row 6-1, my lap bar couldn't click all the way down on me so I had a solid 4 inches of space. If it wasn't for the seat belt I would've been gone. Also one of the wheels on our car was misaligned and scraping through the whole ride. RMC can't come soon enough LOL.
  2. If Scorcher gets repainted, it better be done right this time (aka pressure washed AND painted with good paint). It's last repaint was 10 years ago and it only took like 3 years to go to crap LOL. Btw I'll be braving the crowds tomorrow and Sunday to be among the last riders to ride Cyclone. Hopefully I can get on the last train ever, but it won't be a huge deal if I don't. Will probably do a report on it. Stay tuned.
  3. Total guess here, but I bet RMC will want to take their time to place the track sections that are inside the structure since those pieces will have to be guided in and around all the lumber. I'm guessing this is one of the reasons why RMC wanted a jump start on the project. That and the fact that this ride is just really f**king huge.
  4. Here to remind people of the news package that just came out the other day in which Fred revealed that every new RMC opening in the US for 2018 will have a brand new train design for them. Will be cool to see what they look like! I will genuinely miss this one. Georgia Cyclone was one of my childhood favorites growing up around Atlanta, and I still like the ride to a degree, but yeah it feels like its about time for it to go. When you look at the current state of the ride, you would swear Six Flags just doesn't want to keep it up anymore. Peeling paint and splintered wood everywhere you look, rides really rough etc. I'm excited to see what RMC does with this.
  5. Lightning Rod never opened today, so no rides for me this weekend. Sad day, but still had a blast. I love this park so much.
  6. Gosh darn it I'm about to head over there for the weekend today. Please be open tomorrow!
  7. This just in, Dollywood to rename Lightning Rod "Murphy's Law: The Ride." I'll be visiting this Friday and Saturday, bringing a friend who's never ridden it. I'm hoping we'll get on it at least once (Got 10 rides on it last year).
  8. ^The flume is quite an interesting one for sure. It's one of Arrow's older flumes so that might have something to do with it. It's pretty fast and a little bumpy because you're not so much floating as you are hydroplaning through the flume. The splashdown at the end can also get you soaked if your boat load is on the heavier side. At Coasterstock this year 3 of my larger friends and I all got in one boat together, and you would've thought we had just gotten off White Water Canyon, but then I'll ride it by myself and not get wet at all.
  9. I was gonna say that if RMC reprofiles Cyclone, I would prefer them to more or less keep the layout the same, but make the lift a little taller and the hills a little sharper. I could see a couple of barrel rolls, but Cyclone's layout is so good and so compact that it almost seems like RMC wouldn't want to change a whole lot.
  10. Even if the ride's speed varied a little here and there, there's no way it could reach 90 mph. That's almost 20 mph over the ride's designated top speed of 73. The whole over-speed theory is just ridiculous and needs to be buried immediately. IOE (the suppliers of the PLC system) said it themselves last season.
  11. Not gonna lie. I'm still a fan of Georgia Cyclone. Sure I do have to ride it defensively to enjoy it, but that ride still has some great moments of airtime, both front and back. However, it looks so bad right now. Paint peeling everywhere, and the track has some splintered wood in a few places. I certainly wouldn't mind it getting the I-Box treatment, but I would definitely get back to the park and ride it a ton if they announce that it's closing.
  12. Got to check out one of these Justice League rides for the first time yesterday. I was really impressed! Really fun and engaging. Sure it may feel like a "budget Spider-Man", but I have no problem with Six Flags adding so many of these around the chain, and I'm glad SFOG has one now! Cyborg selfie.
  13. ^Fresh off Holiwood Nights last weekend, Voyage was running pretty darn good to me! I really geeked out when I saw that "suspension bridge" support structure for the zero-g roll on Mine Blower. Seriously this coaster looks amazing.
  14. Personally, There are only three coasters at CP that I would call mediocre (not counting the kid coasters), and those are Iron Dragon, Cedar Creek Mine Ride, and Corkscrew. Every other coaster at that park I rank as a 7/10 or above. When I ride a coaster like Rouagrou for example, I don't look at it as inferior to the coasters above it. I look at it as a standalone roller coaster, and as a standalone roller coaster it's REALLY good (8/10 for me!). Taking this approach with any park's ride collection helps me appreciate each coaster's individual positives a lot more, therefore, at Cedar Point I always have an absolute blast, because I just hop from coaster to coaster saying "Man that was really fun! What's next?" It's the reason CP is my favorite park. For the record, Raptor and Rougarou are my favorite B&Ms in the park. I just really love B&M's old snappy layouts, even if I take the occasional knock to the head.
  15. Being a Tennessee resident myself, I can confirm we have some sucky and outspoken drivers. Where I am (Nashville) isn't that bad, but East Tennessee? I'll just say I'm not surprised. I have nowhere near the budget to book a room at the DreamMore, but man does it look nice. I've heard nothing but good things about it and would love to stay there at least once. I'm so used to doing day trips and staying at hotels on the strip.
  16. ^Lol yeah, probably wasn't the best idea, but this was the best chance to visit the park for me this year so I went ahead and went. I slept until about 10 central time at the hotel so I thought I would be fine, but on my second Storm Chaser ride those hills started killing my head. You live and you learn. Btw I love your photos! I'm pretty sure I walked by you a lot on the tours. You have a great eye!
  17. Prozach, it's interesting you mention Storm Chaser as being "too awesome". That's pretty much how I feel about it as well. I made a quick stop in today after being at Holiwood Nights all weekend. While I still think it's a great coaster, I agree that it is a little too intense for my taste. I'm not a fan of the last set of airtime hills at all as I find them too aggressive and too painful, and the strong airtime gave me a huge headache after a few rides. Every time I would hit one of those hills, I would feel a really hard head rush. The fact that I was tired, hungry, hot, and maybe a little dehydrated certainly didn't help. Long story short, I guess I'm more a floater guy and not so much an ejector guy.
  18. It's amazing what you can find with a telephoto lens isn't it? Cedar Point just has so much eye candy from just about any angle on the peninsula, including the hotel parking lots! Love the pics man!
  19. Some drive tire mechanisms can lower out of the way when not in use.
  20. From what I understand, Hyena Falls was added the year Pilgrims Plunge was renamed "Giraffica" in an effort to "relocate" the ride to the water park. I bet there were plans in place to add more water park attractions on that side of Voyage, but then those plans were probably put on hold when Plunge was removed, so now all that's left is this little slide complex just sitting all by itself. It also sits on a shallow hillside so it might be tough to relocate it to a new spot in the water park. If I'm totally wrong here, feel free to correct me.
  21. I remember having a fantastic visit on a mid-June weekday in 2011. My cousin and I got many walk-on rides except for Dare Devil Dive which was new that year, but even then the wait was around 20 minutes. Point is if you're coming to SFOG, weekdays in May and June are great times to come. I was gonna come to the park in a couple of weeks, but I had to commit to work. I hope to come back in July or August to try Justice League as it looks really good.
  22. LOL so I discovered that we had this exact same discussion at around the exact same time in the season last year. Topics sure do repeat themselves around here. The only reason I brought up the GCI retrack idea is because I was just looking at the ride from the park's perspective, not necessarily from my own enthusiast perspective. You've gotta wonder if Holiday World is really content with taking care of the Voyage the way they always have, by retracking the ride in house, section by section, while still using the tried and true PTCs. If they are, then more power to them. They've got a system that works for them as long as they don't mind spending the money for it. Whether they decide to implement a more long-term solution is up in the air for now as far as we're concerned. You know what though? At the end of the day, Voyage is still a damn good roller coaster, and I will let go of all my speculation and ride the sh!t out of it this weekend at Holiwood Nights. Will be my first time back at the event since 2013. Can't wait.
  23. Wait, doesn't that mean that the train station is inaccessible now? Or can you still get to it by Maverick? I can't remember lol.
  24. I've been picturing a full Ghostrider-style GCI refurb. All new track, millennium flyers, but still traditional laminate construction. Not sure how likely that is, though. I'm pretty ok with the way it rides now. Those PTCs though can beat me up depending on where I sit. Front seat is my favorite spot on Voyage right now.
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