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  1. Thanks for the info! From what it sounds like, I'll definitely have to get to WDW to go to theirs sometime soon! No matter what though, I know I'll still be getting candy, so that's all that matters.
  2. The event looks great! As a SoCal native, I will be attending the Disneyland version instead (for the first time!) and was wondering what the main differences were. I know we don't have the Hocus Pocus show, but are here any other changes as to the way it is ran and what is included? No matter what the differences are, I'm still super excited!
  3. Amazing TR of a park that I didn't even know existed until I head about Cannibal! It looks like a great place to spend the day, and they have more coasters than I originally expected. Lagoon is definitely up there for parks that I HAVE to visit, not just for Cannibal, but also for all of those quirky flat rides! I hope that the park was a great time.
  4. Seems like a great ride! I have an opportunity to go to Knott's tomorrow, and I will definitely ride this one. Plus, they really did a great job with the gift shop, keeping the theme throughout the experience. Overall, it seems like a great addition to the park!
  5. Out of the ones that I've been to, I go for Disneyland, but DisneySea is is my absolute favorite, even though I've never been. I love watching POVs of all of the rides and think is a beautiful and technologically advanced park!
  6. I know they've been said, but I always get a kick out of riding Xcelerator and Montezuma's at my home park, Knott's.
  7. I second that! We always check there before getting any show tickets in Vegas, but we never really plan out what shows we will see until we go to Tix4Tonight, so the day of show availability isn't usually a problem for us.
  8. That is completely optional, however that quote is in our safety video! This seems like an amazing experience! I rarely get to see snow, so that bobsled seems super appealing
  9. I love the little carnival or theme park swing rides, even though they don't go very high. They make me feel like I'm flying! Also, I could never walk away from a rapids ride.
  10. http://www.themeparktourist.com/features/20150116/29867/5-reasons-why-disney-should-ban-selfie-stick Though this mainly only focuses on Disney parks, I do agree that selfie sticks have no business anywhere near a theme park. It's ok to have one, but you shouldn't be able to take it to an amusement park where it could disturb others, and I completely support the selfie stick ban!
  11. I love the Seaworld Seas concept! It's really cute, and helps make the map more organized.
  12. I always love watching woodies, especially El Toro. Also, I305 is always a fun one to watch because I just love the turns!
  13. Sounds like you had a fun time! You really took advantage of the Single Rider line for RSR, which is usually what I do if I don't arrive early enough for a fastpass. Glad you liked the ride though! I think the bread tour is closed now, and I'm not too sure what they are doing with it. I can't tell if it's being refurbished or removed. Oh well. I usually only do it for the sample anyway. You were lucky to catch Midway Mania with such a short line, because that ride is always a fun one
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