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  1. Those pictures are gorgeous!! The snow didn't stick around long when I went, Prometheus fully covered like that would have blown my mind!! Also, here's my footage from last Monday, huge thanks to my bestie El Toro_Ryan for editing it all together!! [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  2. It really was breathtaking!! Only lasted about 3 hours so I didn't get to take any pics over in Land (but my friend took some). It doesn't snow too much in the Tokyo area (usally only about 2 or 3 times a year), so I just got extremely lucky by having a holiday that day!! Also Journey was somehow still running in the snow!!
  3. I was at the park while it was snowing last Monday, and it was honestly one of the most magical experiences I've ever had! It was the first time in years I felt that same childlike wonder of seeing the snowfall on a school night!! I filmed quite a bit and my buddy ElToroRyan is gonna edit it and upload it to youtube eventually! But I wanna share some pics since I feel like some of y'all would love to see them! Tokyo DisneySnow Electric Hailway Snowin': Fantastic Ice Can't think of a pun for this one... Our favorite Explorer and Adventurer!
  4. I was already hyped for this ride, but after watching that video I'm completely overwhelmed. Those are by far the most fluid and expressive animatronics I've ever seen. The range of emotions Belle displays in those 5 second clips is astonishing. And the ride vehicle looks like it'll be right up there with the EMV and SCOOP!! I really hope this opens as planned in the spring before my contract ends here in Japan! I will absolutely be there opening weekend in that case!! I'm super excited for this too!! I love Baymax and he's such a natural fit for Tomorrowland! I'm assuming it'll be a clone of the whip style alien ride in Hollywood Studios' Toy Story Land, but it'll be new for Tokyo!!
  5. I don't even know where to start. The fact that the promo for Rise of the Resistance was filmed inside the attraction itself is mind blowing. And Smuggler's Run is the first time I've been excited for a simulator since Back to the Future (if it's even a simulator, who knows what these rides will really be...). John Williams composing new music for Galaxy's Edge? Oh my. And that concept art for Mickey's Runaway Railway is gorgeous (if the music from Mine Train through Nature's Wonderland briefly appears in that ride I'll cry so much). Who can even be mad about Guardians in Epcot when we're getting this impressive new ride system!! And now a Fall 2019 trip is a must to see Epcot Forever. There's way too much to be excited for, the fact that 3 new cruise ships being added is basically just a sidenote in this presentation shows how ridiculous these announcements are.
  6. She was probably my favorite cosplayer, my picture does not do her justice!! Haha "dab" is the dance move that we're doing with our arms pointed up and to the side, don't worry most Japanese people don't know it either! And that Chandu girl made my life complete!! Here are some more pics! Beauty and the Beast! Also I totally convinced my friend to buy her own Chandu! During Halloween, Shaban and Asshim take over the Casbah Food Court to put on a hilarious magic show. I wasn't able to take a video but here's Chandu enjoying the show with some delicious vegetable curry! Elsa and Anna from the Frozen Christmas Special. The pattern at the bottom of Anna's dress matches the film costume EXACTLY. More dabbing!!
  7. It's too cute!! Kawaii overload!! Honestly some of the cosplayers look better than the cast members themselves!! But all costumes are welcome so don't worry about your skill level and just have fun!! Here are a few of my favorites: Me, Chandu, Chandu, and Chandu <3 We taught all the princesses how to dab (Jasmine hits it so hard!) Asshim from "The Magic Lamp Theater" show at DisneySea. I love the costumes from the attractions most of all! Mermaid Lagoon is where all the Ariels hang out! Luke Skywalker taking a break from his trainig in Dagobah to visit Disneyland! But sometimes they want to be part of our world and stay at hotels! The detail on this dress was unbelievable!! So gorgeous!!
  8. Here are some pics I took of Soarin' construction I took today! You can see how far along the facade has come. The full building is massive and takes up so much space, it's almost sad that this epic project is just going to be another Soarin'! Peep the 2 Anna's!
  9. Yeah the facade for Soarin has been slowly coming up the past 2 months. I'll take some pics when I go this weekend. For now here's some pics of my personal favorite Halloween decorations, on the Omnibus! Beautiful fall colors Our bus driver is looking a bit pale! I can't take this cuteness!! But by far the best part of Halloween at Tokyo Disney is all of the incredible costumes the guests make and wear to the park, if y'all are interested I'll post some of my favorites!
  10. R.I.P. to my former #1 attraction of all time, the Reese's Xtreme Cup Challenge. Long live Cupfusion!! I'm already planning where I should get my Commander Cup tattoo... But in all honesty, I'm looking forward to the update. Xtreme Cup Challenge was charmingly awful, but I seriously love the dark ride over in Chocolate World. And the 4D mystery theater there is genuinely great. So if this new ride is anything like what they're doing out in the parking lot, consider me hyped!!
  11. They are similar but I'd actually say they are more different than they are similar. I agree Robb they're very different and hard to compare, really the height is the only similar thing to me! Loving this trip report and it has convinced me to finally go to Yomiuriland (I live pretty close, I'm just the laziest enthusiast ever). I'll be at Tokyo Disney on Sunday and Monday, not sure of your schedule but if I see y'all I'll say hi!
  12. Well, apparently the "back story" of all of this, rests with a Magic Springs suddenly opening up out of the ground, turning into a waterway, which fills various other waterways-to-be, etc. I thought it might be a runoff river from the main waterway around TDS. It still might. And the public entry/exit pathway of this, appears to only be between Raging Spirits and the Magic Carpets attraction. And for those who stay at the new hotel, too. Plans can change of course, but that's the best connect I can give you, for now. It could have been called DisneyWaters, right? P.S. Anybody notice, like I did, that this is a rather big number of "boat rides" opening, all at once? Just curious about this, and each ride's use. Honestly when you look into it Arabian Coast is 99% Agrahbah from Aladdin which isn't exactly a coastal city, and the only ride in that land that fits the sea theme is Sindbad. I like the backstory they've provided, it already makes far more sense than Toyville Trolley Park in American Waterfront! And with Neverland the sea is very prominent (y'know all dem pirates and stuff), maybe less with Frozen/Tangled but we're getting 3 BOAT RIDES. TDR doesn't play around with boat rides they got the best Splash Mountain, the best Small World, Pirates with all the original scenes (yes they still wants the redhead and chase the women), and SINDBAD THE GOAT. DisneySea + boat rides is a big deal!!!! Also DisneySea ironically needs a flume/shute the choots and Frozen could fill that void!
  13. Y'all beat me to it and I live here, but yes!! After reading the OLC announcement I was so hyped because I at first assumed 2 attractions would go to Frozen, not Peter Pan!! I don't think the main Neverland ride will be at all like PPF at Disneyland, it will probably be the closest thing to a thrill ride in this new port since the other three attractions will be much tamer boat rides. Frozen will almost definitely be a heavily modified clone of Epcot's with a modern ride system and additional scenes. Tangled is going to be straight up gorgeous!! But wow wow wow this is wonderful news!
  14. I don't think anybody's gonna get annoyed with any post that has disneysea information when everybody on TPR either loves the place or is dying to learn more about it. And well there weren't supposed to be announcements, it's just that the new fiscal year starts in april here so most people expected somethinf major. I think they're just lazer focused on the 35th anniversary stuff and we might not get any big update til early 2019. That way people dont skip this event and wait for 2020 beastland haha They make way too much money off the 35th anniversary merch, duck butt ice cream included and the dreaming up parade and new world baazar show has been a huge hit
  15. Ooh I'll pick my Dumbo up soon in that case since they might stop restocking it with a new one on the way. And lmao welp, mystery solved! I had a feeling it would be a new counter service restaurant, it sounds like it's going to be pretty great! And how could you tell I'm a Gelatoni fanboy? But yeah I've seen those and they're very cute, I try (but mostly fail) to limit my gelatoni purchases to only necessities... like my passholder/coin purse... and hand puppet hahaha
  16. Labour Day weekend is usually pretty busy, I would seriously contemplate coasterbill's suggestion: I love Fright Fest at Great Adventure, but I used to be a local so the long lines don't bother me. You will never regret going to Knoebels for Phoenix Phall Phunfest. Seriously they have the best ride lineup for families, including thrills that rival the best coasters at GAdv. It's free admission and pay-per-ride (you can opt for an unlimited ride pass) and the wait time for most rides will only be 15 minutes (even though it's their busiest day of the year). The best time to visit Great Adventure imo is April or early November (post Fright Fest). Even a summer weekend is way less crowded than Fright Fest haha
  17. Yeah it's hard to get a proper shot without a drone, but the area where Soarin' is going is pretty big and the show building doesn't take up too much of the space. We could honestly be getting a new mini land in that area! And I have no idea what they're doing over at sailing day buffet, but i'm enjoying the mystery of it all! And I actually met TDRExplorer yesterday after fantasmic, it was kinda awkward tho because I acted like a total fanboy haha I still need to pick up more Tomika!! Benny The Cab! Gonna grab this and Dumbo on my next visit! As if I didn't buy enough merch already! My Gelatoni puppet got the whole jeep LIT
  18. I am soooooo jealous of you right now, being able to do that so often, LOL! It's honestly a dream come true to be an AP, I've already been to the Tokyo resort more times this month than I've gone to the American resorts in my life I'm going again today! And yeah Soarin will definitely take away a lot of the morning crowd from ToT, I'm not sure any attraction can reduce the crowd for Toy Story Mania though And aww you look so happy there! My reaction was the same when I first walked into the park I couldn't stop smiling for hours!! I can't stop smiling at this park!! Not a tomika but I might pick this up soon, lowkey one of my favorite rides
  19. This description nails exactly what Infinity War is and why I wasn't too crazy about it. I should clarify that while I agree with Robb's points and have my own critiques, I still enjoyed the movie. It just didn't come close to living up to all the hype it had imo. While everyone on social media and my friends unanimously agree "OMG MASTERPIECE!" i left the theater feeling a bit let down. Maybe that's because I was never a huge fan of these huge crossover events in the comics. I much prefer the in-depth storytelling of comics that focus on a single hero or a smaller team (F4, Bat Family, Watchmen, etc.). YES!! ^ so much this. Giving Spidey a longer death scene than Gamora or Loki feels pointless when you already know the day his sequel drops!! Marvel isn't the only studio doing it and it really takes away from the suspense or surpise that film series used to offer. Unfortunately it's become an essential part of marketing these super hero/sci-fi movies. Endless previews, press tours, comic con announcements, etc. it doesn't seem like that trend will stop
  20. I totally understand, a lot of the buildings in Mediterranean Harbor blend in with each other. It's across from Zambini Brother's pizza if that helps haha it's very easy to miss!! No prob! I'll be at the resort on Sunday so I can check in the Disney Store and Bon Voyage, I actually haven't gone to those stores yet (I already buy too much inside the parks haha). And yes!! I love your Tomika collection! I also have the Journey ride vehicle and I'm probably gonna pick up the 35th anniversary monorail next. There's actually a secret shop outside the entrance of DisneySea if you walk along the pedestrian route that has a lot of Tomika, no park ticket neccessary The 35th anniversary pillow is SO COMFORTABLE it's incredible haha. And that print is just another 35th anniversary CD. As for Soarin progress I'm patiently waiting! I could hear hammers and drills walking past it, which sounded like construction but knowing DisneySea that could have just been immersive audio theming
  21. Exactly!! I'm a diehard Spidey fan and I love Tom Holland but I couldn't cry knowing he was just introduced and worth potentially billions to the franchise. No character worth $$$ and under contract is actually dying haha Lmao Elphaba and yeah I love Black Panther but after all the money it made there's no way any of those characters are in real danger. And you're right, there are too many characters and almost all of them are easily replaceable in the public eye (apart from Robert Downey Jr. and Black Panther/Shuri in terms of representation/hype). And there are plenty of other lovable green girls in Marvel to choose from (She-Hulk anybody??) Killing off Gamora was such a safe choice. Killing Tony Stark, Cap, or Spider-Man in a lasting way would have really been powerful. I'm still holding out hope for Avengers 4. It at least shouldn't suffer from overcrowding/side-quests like this one, thanks for snapping every minor character away Grimace!! #thanosdidnothingwrong
  22. Hey so I just went to the park yesterday and it must have slipped my mind but there's only 3 CD's in Emporio at the moment, sorry for the misinformation. The "Post Office" would be "Il Postino Stationary", right next to Zambini brothers. I'm attaching some pics (along with Soarin updates because why not) Emporio's CD selection (just 35th anniversary stuff, but that pillow is AMAZING, a must buy) When you enter the park head towards the right (away from American Waterfront) and it's along the main walkway The sign is very small and easy to miss so keep your eyes peeled Good selection (including Big Band Beat!) More CD's MOAR. Plus some very cool photo books Soarin updates (not much to see though) Just to give you an idea of the depth of the show building A crane attached to... nothing! The view from atop Fortress Explorations, you can see Big Thunder Mountain if you look closely An artsy shot just for fun
  23. Hmm... I actually completely agree with a lot of these points. While it wasn't my least favorite marvel film (Ultron, Thor 2, and Iron Man 2 were way worse imo), it was super underwhelming. You nailed it about the tone being off from the other films in the MCU. I disagree about the Star Wars comparison though. Various planets and alien creatures are actually completely normal for the comics, it's really the MCU's fault for not building those storylines up enough leading into this movie. And Fox's fault for not giving up the Fantastic Four rights which really would have tied the whole Thanos/outer space elements in much better if we got a few movies about them first. But YES it totally felt like a poor man's Guardians movie that the avengers were crashing, perfect description. Hawkeye being under house arrest while the world is exploding? Seriously? And yeah the CGI in those two particular scenes were awful! And the literal snap was corny as hell. How was anybody actually sad over those deaths? Like other than Gamora and mayyybe Loki all of those characters are 100% coming back. And that brings me to my main critique of this movie (and the MCU as a whole). There can be no suspense, stakes, or surprises when you already know the film lineup for the next 5 years at all times. Spider-Man's death (as much as it was well-acted) couldn't make me cry when I already know there's a Spider-Man sequel with Tom Holland confirmed taking place after Avengers 4. Same with Black Panther (who just got kinda screwed over in this movie in general with no screen time). Worst of all, the reveal in the post credits that Nick Fury was contacting Captain Marvel would have been such an exciting moment for comic book fans... if we didn't already know all about her upcoming movie already!! Like I knew before even going into the film that Thanos was gonna kill everyone and Captain Marvel would come and undo it because the way they schedule and announce their films makes the overarching plot obvious. I just wish they would keep their mouths shut or only tell major investors about their upcoming projects to keep the fans surprised!
  24. I just became an Annual Passholder so I'll check to see if that store still carries CDs next weekend. Also Emporio near the entrance of DisneySea carries many CDs including Big Band Beat. You can also find many of these soundtracks at a local Tsutaya found in most major cities And as far as the DisneySky rumors nothing has been announced yet, but I'm leaning towards it being expansion as opposed to a third gate. And as far as a Wakanda land that's probably unlikely because Marvel (and Star Wars) is much less popular here than in the US. Can't see any Marvel stuff or Galaxy's edge going up in a park where star tours rarely has a wait over 20 minutes on super crowded days I just want a Soarin' opening date already!!
  25. Yeah i suppose there's some pacing issues with the brake runs (other than the drop track of course), but I don't think it makes the ride boring. It's certainly not perfect, but it's at least better than Pepsi Orange Streak and the Backlot Stunt coasters smh
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