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  1. My friends and I have been playing Smash Bros. Wii U nonstop lately, the other night we were up until 6 am shouting and freaking out. Clocked in 10 hours the first day I had it. This game is probably killing me and I'm loving every minute of it.
  2. Thanks! I wasn't sure if it was a big no no or anything I'm a huge convention dork, and it's definitely socially acceptable to buy costumes. The people who make their own definitely get the most attention and praise, but I got a lot of love (and pictures taken) of this Colonel Mustang cosplay I did with a purchased costume.
  3. Top 5: #1 - Cowboy Bebop (one of the few shows where I think the dub is better, everything about this show is flawless) #2 - Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood (a close second) #3 - Steins;Gate (a must watch) #4 - Death Note (Team L 4 life) #5 - FLCL (the music alone makes this show awesome!!)
  4. My music taste is always evolving, but I think The Beatles will always be my favorite band of all time. However, Brian Wilson is my favorite composer and Pet Sounds is my favorite album of all time so The Beach Boys are also very close to my heart. The band blowing my mind the most right now is probably Tame Impala... I'd have to break down my favorite artists by genres because I have too many. Pop: Michael Jackson (Bad) Classic Rock: The Who (Sell Out), David Bowie (Scary Monsters) Experimental: Radiohead (Kid A) and Animal Collective (MPP) Indie Rock: Beach House (Teen Dream), Deerhunter (Microcastle) Metal: Tesseract (Altered State) EDM: Daft Punk (Discovery) R&B: Frank Ocean (Channel Orange) Rap: MF DOOM (Madvillainy), Kanye West (808's), Kendrick Lamar (gkMC) Folk: SImon & Garfunkel (BOTW) Blues: Nina Simone Jazz: Stan Getz & Jao Gilberto (Getz/Gilberto) still feel like I'm forgetting to mention a lot...
  5. I was OBSESSED with Breaking Bad while it was on the air, and it will probably always be my favorite TV drama. Fortunately I started watching Game of Thrones after BB ended and that has filled the hole in my heart left by that show's absence. My favorite comedies are Arrested Development and Community, despite both having disappointing fourth seasons... and South Park is probably my most watched show ever. I watch wayyyy too much TV.
  6. I love Bizarro at SFNE, but the trains' restraints ruin what could be some of the best ejector airtime on any coaster. However the wonderful layout itself makes up for this, I just wish I got a chance to ride it as SROS. I also adore Nitro as it's my second favorite B&M. Apollo's Chariot was never very memorable to me for some reason, and I think it's the weakest ride at BGE. Really looking forward to riding Skyrush this year as that may become my new favorite.
  7. #1 - Great Bear (most underrated B&M evarrrr) #2 - Alpengeist #3 - Talon #4 - Raptor #5 - Batman: The Ride I haven't been on Nemesis, Montu, Banshee, or Dueling Dragons yet, but they all look amazing enough to easily knock Raptor and Batman out of my top 5.
  8. I agree with every word of this post! My favorite is probably the red side of Lightning Racer but Wildcat is a close second! It has the perfect balance of speed and roughness that make it feel old school and thrilling at the same time.
  9. Why? I honestly love those rides, great coasters don't have to be hundreds of feet tall or super intense! That being said, my favorite coaster is 310 feet tall. I know it's "overrated" and maybe even cliché, but it managed to surpass all the years of hype I had built up for it, which is pretty damn impressive.
  10. I've been lurking on TPR for years and finally decided to join recently. P-sychiatrist is the name I use for my music projects (mostly indie rock and hip hop), but my real name is Branden. I finally made my pilgrimage to Cedar Point last year with my best friend (El Toro_Ryan) and hope to travel to at least two new parks this year (I'm thinking Lake Compounce, Knoebels, and maybe Carowinds). Apart from music and coasters, I also love anime, video games, snowboarding, cosplaying, pretty much any nerdy thing you can think of!
  11. I really don't get why some people are so desperate to increase their coaster count, but I guess in that way it's a lot like penis size... but for me coaster credit is just a way to keep track of all the rides I've been on and remember which ones were amazing and which ones sucked. I think riding coasters should be all about having new experiences so I don't count clones or both sides of a racing coaster (unless their layouts differ). I'll occasionally go on a kiddie ride if I'm with other enthusiasts and there's no wait, but last time I went to Dorney I ditched my friends who were waiting a 20 minutes (the longest line in the park all day) for Woodstock Express just for the credit. As for alpine coasters, I've only been on one. It was kinda cool since it was along the Great Wall of China, but the person I was with had the brakes on the whole time so it didn't feel like a coaster at all and didn't count for me. But I would say an alpine coaster with the brakes off could definitely be fun with some nice speed like that video Robb posted above, and I think that would count. At the end of the day having a higher coaster count doesn't make you special or a more passionate enthusiast. One great coaster is worth more than 1000 mediocre coasters combined, and if you had fun on an alpine coaster, then it's more valuable than the rides you did for the sake of credit.
  12. Batman & Robin: The Chiller (Great Adventure), one of my all time favorites Great American Scream Machine (Great Adventure) Rolling Thunder (Great Adventure) Big Bad Wolf (Busch Gardens Europe) 3 Cyclone (Six Flags New England) Spellbreaker (Legoland CA)
  13. Absolutely: Six Flags New England, Wicked Cyclone here I come!! (and hopefully on Media Day too) Great Adventure Dorney Park Hersheypark Probably: Lake Compounce Knoebels Carowinds Maybe: Cedar Point King's Dominion Six Flags America
  14. Great Adventure: 2015- Travel back in time and give Rolling Thunder an RMC conversion similar to Twisted Colossus. Work on cleaning up the park. Power wash all the gum on the ground away, plant more flowers and trees, fix up messy areas (like the line for Ka), restore or create new pathways. Also finish installing Looping Dragon before the season starts since Twisted Thunder isn't actually gonna happen. 2016- Keep cleaning up park. Revamp Movie Town to fit theme of the DC Comics Cinematic Universe (since Batman v. Superman will come out this year), re-theme restaurants to fit Gotham City or Metropolis, run a Batman The Ride train backwards, and revitalize the old Stunt Arena with a live show starring The Justice League. Re-open the simulator on the boardwalk or convert the vacant building into a dark ride similar to the upcoming Battle For Metropolis in St. Louis. Basically take advantage of the IP's Six Flags owns and make the park feel like an actual theme park. 2017- Build a new wooden coaster, either something from GCI or Gravity Group that kids can ride. Keep park clean. 2018- Build a new water ride similar to MovieTown Water Effects, in Adventure Seaport area. 2019- Maintain park. 2020- Build a new Intamin coaster, either a giga or something like Maverick. Dorney Park: 2015- Hire more employees! Remove Stinger at the end of the season. 2016- Build a Snoopy/Peanuts themed dark ride in Stinger's old spot (because hype from the upcoming Peanuts Movie coming out in 2015) 2017- Build a water coaster in Wildwater Kingdom. 2018- Build a GCI woodie (possibly in Dinosaurs Alive Area, dino themed coaster!) 2019- Add flat rides (Pretty much anything) 2020- Somehow stay in business despite the park always feeling empty and having no lines.
  15. 1. Millennium Force (6,595 ft) 2. Steel Force (5,600 ft) 3. Mean Streak (5,427 ft) 4. Nitro (5,394 ft) Kinda surprised Steel Force is one of the longest coasters in the world, it doesn't feel that way.
  16. Intamin: Millennium Force!! ...or maybe Maverick... but then there's also El Toro... so it's hard to choose. I plan on going on Skyrush and Intimidator 305 this year so my answer might change again. I also love Bizarro, but the trains keep it from being a favorite for me. B&M: Great Bear! I didn't expect much since it doesn't get mentioned often, but it blew me away! My first true love was Nitro though
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