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  1. I can't believe how quickly this massive coaster is being erected! Looks like it will be finished in a few days with the pace they've been working at. I feel like it was one of the last coasters announced in 2014 but will be one of the first completed.
  2. ^ The Chiller was amazing in my opinion, but at least it's not on your Worse than Death or Complete Crap lists I have yet to ride Verbolten, but Big Bad Wolf was an irreplaceable classic and most rides can't compare to it.
  3. Yeah I highly doubt there will be much theming at all, but it's going to be very pretty! I'm loving the track color and the supports, which will look even nicer when they're painted grey! Also they plan on keeping the two support towers so it will be interesting to see what they do with them. Besides I'd rather have a minimalistic queue that provides some beautiful views of the structure than some lazily tacked on theming.
  4. The only part of Magnum that I find painful is when it slams into the brakes, it's a pretty brutal ending to an otherwise fantastic ride. I'm not sure how they can fix that without compromising the speed/airtime on the final bunny hops. I guess adding padding or changing the restraints would help. Cedar Fair has a pretty good reputation for preserving historical aspects of coasters, so even if they redesigned the trains the classic 80's look isn't going anywhere.
  5. When I first watched the announcement I thought "Wow, this looks even better than Outlaw Run and might end up being one of the greatest coasters of all time!" But then in the following months I felt like the media and enthusiasts were giving way more attention to Twisted Colossus. So when I heard Alan say that in an interview I was like "YES!! The creator agrees with me so I must be right!!"
  6. Exactly. Mantis wasn't a very popular attraction (compared to the rest of Cedar Point's lineup in recent years) because most people simply don't like stand ups. Even coaster enthusiasts, the same people who defend and love bumpy old woodies, seem to hate stand ups for the most part. I have a feeling that everyone who found Mantis rough will find Rougarou smooth and it will start drawing out larger crowds. I guess I'm in the minority for never thinking Mantis or Green Lantern were rough. Hell, I've had rougher rides on El Toro than either of those two. Edit: just to clarify, I'm not saying El Toro is rough because it's not. At all.
  7. I think a lot of people just find stand up coasters uncomfortable, which is totally reasonable. I feel like any roughness comes from the position you're standing in itself. A bike seat is basically shoved into your crotch and your feet are stapled to the ground making you feel every rumble in the track. You're not going to feel that on a B&M floorless or hyper coaster.
  8. I've never been to Kennywood (hoping to go this year), but Phantom's Revenge looks incredible. I really admire when the terrain influences a coaster's design, and Phantom's Revenge is a perfect example of that. The second drop looks awesome and the ride seems to have a bit of everything going for it.
  9. I've only ridden 15 B&M's but they were all consistently smooth. I've never been on Apocalypse, but since I'll be in Baltimore for a few days in the summer I'll probably check out SFA and try it. I'm pretty sure Iron Wolf was one of the first coasters B&M ever manufactured, so the roughness could be a result of its age... maybe Six Flags just didn't maintain it well or did something wrong when they reinstalled it.
  10. Thanks for the update! That stall is just beautiful!! This is easily my most anticipated coaster
  11. Sweet update! I'm super excited for Battle For Metropolis and it looks like it could potentially be the best non-Disney/Universal dark ride yet! Do you think it might come to other parks in 2016 or later? Great Adventure could sure use a dark ride to replace the abandoned 3D movie/simulator theater
  12. Yeah Cyclone and most other old fashioned woodies aren't very popular with the general public, and since WC is being marketed as a hybrid coaster they want to make it clear that it will not be rough like the old Cyclone (which wasn't rough in my opinion, but I've heard people complain about it before). Also, people who aren't familiar with RMC will likely be very skeptical of a "wooden" coaster that has inversions and assume it will be painful. Six Flags marketing tends to be absurd to enthusiasts who know better but it always lures in the common folk. I had to convince several of my friends that Bizarro was not a new ride but simply a re-theming haha
  13. Haven't been on Batman in a few years, but it was never even close to rough. I can't think of a single B&M that isn't smooth. I was also surprised by how many people here think Maverick is rough, I admit there's a bit of head banging but it's a smooth ride. I definitely understand why most people think wooden rides are rough, but for me that's part of the charm. I agree with Elissa that some rides just aren't well maintained though, and that's a legitimate problem.
  14. My glasses are constantly falling off my face when I move around and yet the SFNE Sky Screamer gave me no problems at all. If you're still worried you can use one or both hands to hold onto them, I've had to do this on some coasters! And to echo the rest of the commenters, if you have any concerns always let a ride operator know. SFNE probably has the nicest ride ops (and staff in general) out of any park I've ever been to and they would gladly accommodate your needs.
  15. While part of me would love to try Batman backwards, that ride is already pretty intense as it is. I don't know what it is about that ride (probably the quick transitions), but it always makes me nauseous and I've even blacked out on it before. Would it be possible for them to run one train backwards and the other one forward? That would be pretty cool since you'd have both options.
  17. I hope the rumors about SFNE converting Bizarro back into SROS are true because I would love to experience it in all its former glory with the old restraints. Maybe then it would be higher on my list of favorites
  18. ^ Yeah it definitely wasn't designed to have constant airtime like El Toro, but when it delivers my whole body lifts out of the seat. I haven't been on I305, Skyrush, or Boulder Dash yet, but I'm hoping to change that this year. They all look pretty incredible, but it's going to be hard for anything to top MF on my list. Did you ever get to ride Bizarro when it was SROS? I've heard that it used to be much better. When I went on it the restraints on the train prevented me from getting proper airtime, so I didn't enjoy it as much as I'd hoped to.
  19. ^ I only went on Mille in the front row once and it was by far the best ride I've ever had on it (or any coaster for that matter). If you get a chance to, I highly recommend waiting for it!
  20. ^ I feel ya. It's one of the only games I ever preordered because I couldn't risk the bundle selling out haha How's Captain Toad? I wanted to buy it, but I already have an enormous backlog and want to save my money for a bit (kinda broke after the holidays).
  21. Bossa Nova! "Corcovado" is probably my favorite song of all time.
  22. #1 - Super Mario 64 #2 - Ocarina Of Time #3 - Super Smash Bros. (possibly the Wii U version) #4 - Metal Gear Solid (either the original or MGS4) #5 - Mario Kart DS #6 - Starfox 64 #7 - Uncharted 2 #8 - Jet Grind Radio/Jet Set Radio Future #9 - Animal Crossing (Wild World or New Leaf) #10 - Perfect Dark Most underrated game: Power Stone 1 or 2.
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