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  1. Ka, Zumanjaro, and El Toro will likely close. Nitro, Skull Mountain, and the Dark Knight will stay open in almost any conditions though, so if you don't mind the cold and rain, it's worth a visit!
  2. Battle For Metropolis is looking awesome! Obviously the interior of the ride will look much more impressive when the lighting is in place, but it has a solid foundation. And the animatronics look incredible, especially Cyborg! I'm really looking forward to this ride more than any of the coasters coming this year (with the exception of Wicked Cyclone)! I hope it's a hit and makes it's way to other parks in the chain. It's about damn time Six Flags did something that actually utilizes the DC partnership. Don't get me wrong I love all the Batman and Superman rides out there but they could have been themed to just about anything and still feel the same. This attraction however does justice (no pun intended) to such important IP's! There's finally a contender to the excellent Marvel attractions like Spiderman at IOA.
  3. My opinion on SFNE is very weird and probably contradicts most of the people on this forum, but I actually think the park has a pretty weak coaster line up. Yes it has a world class coaster (even though Bizarro isn't one of my favorites) and a great B&M (B:TDK), but other than that it's rather forgettable. I liked Cyclone and Thunderbolt because classic woodies are always a good thing, but they both lack in historic or thrilling aspects. Pandemonium is a fun family coaster, but nothing special. Goliath is debatable. Mind Eraser is awful. Including the kiddie coasters, Wild Mouse, and Boomerang the issue isn't in quantity but quality. Wicked Cyclone is going to change all of that as it looks incredible enough to keep the park alive on its own. What I liked the most about SFNE was that it felt more genuine than most Six Flags parks. It felt like there was a still a hint of the old family-owned park remaining, and even though the ride operators and customer service wasn't the most efficient, it was probably the friendliest I've experienced at a Six Flags. Also the park is kept clean and actually has landscaping! Everybody is going to hate on their home park or at least be very critical of it since they know it so well. Great Adventure has an incredible coaster lineup without a single dud in the lot, a decent amount of flats, and quick customer service/operations. But it is also one of the dirtiest parks in America, has multiple abandoned areas and generally looks run down, and there is little to no landscaping (unless overgrown weeds and dead plants count). It just looks like so much money went into these big rides that everything else is rotting. Because of this I had a better experience at SFNE and look forward to visiting again for Wicked Cyclone!
  4. To clarify, I don't think Tempesto is a bad addition. For all those complaining that it is a clone, it is one of three in the world, with the other two located in California and Germany, so it's not like every park in the chain has gotten it before and you can find it at any remotely nearby parks. Premier rides are always thrilling (The Chiller at SFGA was one of my favorite coasters of all time despite rarely operating), so I really look forward to riding this. My only complaint was the color scheme in relation to Apollo's Chariot being in the background, but once I'm on the ride itself none of that will matter. Also for those upset that Busch got another launch coaster, this launch will probably be much more intense than Verbolten, not to mention there is no such thing as too many launches. To me that's like saying "Why are they adding another roller coaster with a drop? They already have one like that". To sum it up, my only complaint with Tempesto is not even the ride itself, it's the existence of Apollo's Chariot
  5. Sufjan Stevens' new album "Carrie & Lowell" might be some of his best work. I almost slept on this album, but if you like Sufjan's other stuff or folk ballads in general, I'd recommend it. It's a tearjerker though
  6. I don't mind the placement of the ride itself and think Tempesto is a solid addition, my only problem is the color combinations themselves. I understand the carnevale/festa theming should have bright vibrant colors but there are better ways to do that than making rides with clashing supports and tracks (both purple-yellow and teal-orange are considered color opposites). For me it's all a bit too much. I definitely agree about context though as I hold much higher visual standards for Busch
  7. Yeah Bonine was not nearly as effective in treating my motion sickness so I always use Dramamine. And yeah it's weird because when I took Bonine it knocked me out even though I had a good night's sleep before taking it. But I once used Dramamine after only getting 2 or 3 hours of sleep and had no problem that day. I think I've just gotten adjusted to it so the drowsiness isn't as noticeable now. Also when I took Bonine I was on other medication at the time so it might have just been the combination of it all that made me so tired Same! I really hope the rest of the building gets the same treatment as the fancy new facade! This attraction could be a game changer for Six Flags which has always struggled with theming and dark rides in my opinion.
  8. Honestly I've always thought Apollo's Chariot is one of the ugliest rides I've ever seen, all due to the purple track and yellow supports. Each color on its own might not have looked so bad but the combination just looks bad to me. At first I hated Tempesto's color scheme but it's started growing on me and I like the structure of the supports. However the juxtaposition of Tempesto and Apollo's Chariot in the same picture makes both rides look even uglier and out of place to me. Maybe I'm too harsh but I think all these vibrant colors in one place don't blend well and look very unnatural/tacky in a park so focused on beauty and landscaping
  9. These are my top 3 as well. I haven't been on Nemesis yet so I can't rank it but it looks better than Raptor to me (mostly from the theming)
  10. Safety should always come first at any amusement park, in any country. They must have had severe energencies to push them in this direction, but I just think there are less extreme alternatives that could keep guests safe and happy
  11. The hall of justice is coming along nicely! Are they going to extend that facade to cover the rest of the building or are they leaving the siding as it already is (that good ol' Six Flags plain metal)? Oh I'm sure it will make me queasy at the very least, but I'll try anything once!
  12. Oh please. The inevitable cardboard cut-out of Satan is gonna put the rides at Tokyo Disneysea to shame
  13. a good zipper/buttoned pocket or tight skinny jeans will work 99% of the time to keep your phone from flying off a coaster. Wearing the right pants to secure loose articles is just like wearing a condom!
  14. ^^ that's a pretty sweet song. Never heard of McMurty before but there's some sweet guitar work on that track, i'll have to look up more stuff from that album. And LOL! There's nothing wrong with liking Fall Out Boy. Even though I was never super into them, I still respect their ability to write insanely catchy music! The people hating on them in this forum back in 2005 (when they first started getting big) seem like the typical "all pop is crap, it's not real music unless it has an 8 minute long guitar solo" jerks. Anyone who hates on you or picks on the music you love doesn't understand how to appreciate music themselves! Nothing wrong with having an opinion or disliking a band, I'm just talking about the people who go out of their way to criticize other people's taste in music.
  15. A representative told me the park was planning an April opening. But considering April starts this week and no major construction has started, I'm thinking it won't open until May at the earliest. Probably around Memorial Day weekend. All jokes about wheeling it in aside, it shouldn't take very long to set it up. Although I don't plan on riding it, I think it will be a great addition for kids who aren't big or brave enough to take on El Toro and Kingda Ka but want something a bit more intimidating than The Dark Knight or Skull Mountain
  16. I was about to say how off topic I dragged this convo. Somebody else who's been to TDS, upload some of your favorite pictures here if it's not already up on TPR! There is no such thing as too many pics of TDS!
  17. Didn't think about it that way. I guess I forget how much I use my phone. Even though I'm not texting or playing games while in line, I almost always take photos of my friends with the queue/ride in the background while in line. I still wouldn't mind using fluffy bunnies but I can see why a lot of people prefer holding onto their phones. That's why I prefer cupboards in the station as the best option, but I can see how it would hurt capacity at very crowded parks. As for the metal detectors I agree with you all that it's ridiculous. Not only does it lessen the experience and could be a total turn off for some people, but it makes it look like the park is dangerous. I could totally see teenagers thinking "Did someone get shanked waiting in line for Rip Ride Rockit?!"
  18. I went on May 19th and 20th last year (a Monday and Tuesday) and the lines weren't too bad. It depends on what you're used to. For me I thought the place was packed. Magnum, Gemini, Mean Streak, Blue Streak, Iron Dragon almost always had short waits, 20 minutes max. Gatekeeper and Raptor are packed in the morning, but if you do night rides they're almost always a walk on (Gatekeeper being a walk on by like 7:30 is such a great thing. Millennium Force and Maverick have the longest lines (consistently) throughout the day. I'd highly recommend hitting Maverick first thing in the morning as it will usually have a half hour wait the rest of the day. Then Millennium Force and Rougarou (since it's a "new" coaster). Damnit! I skipped maXair because I can't handle spinny rides. I'll have to go on it next time I'm at the Point!
  19. Ya I'm aware that California Screamin' is an Intamin, and a long one at that, but it seems less intense than Cheetah Hunt, which is also considered a family coaster. Now there's nothing wrong with family coasters in my book and I love Disney. I just think they don't offer big coasters (in terms of height and intensity as opposed to track length), and for good reasons. Also, I've always considered California Adventure an oddball in the Disney Resort family, as it seemed the least catered towards children. But I haven't been there in years and I'm sure the addition of Cars Land and other stuff has made it more kid friendly.
  20. Wait, fluffy bunnies are free at Universal Orlando? Why would anyone take their loose articles onto the ride in the first place then? Metal detectors at ride entrances just seem a bit ridiculous and counter productive to me.
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