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  1. This point in particular is interesting to me, in that Raptor being the first invert with a cobra roll is hardly more significant than Valravn being the first dive coaster with a dive loop. Beside Baron 1898, it's also the only dive coaster with a zero g roll and that element's carousel exit is also somewhat rare (SFDK's Joker features quite nearly the same element and in that context it was praised). B&M certainly could have kicked it up another notch or two with this design, but I doubt that was really the agenda presented by Cedar Fair. While on the one hand I'm sort of left wanting by Valravn, the realist in me also has to appreciate that it'll likely be the best of its kind. Really the only thing that might keep it from being the best dive coaster is the lackluster theming (normal by CP standards). I think the layout kicks ass (compared to other dive models) and makes a great use of the space where Good Time Theater was. Also, within the past 5 years there have been 5 RMC conversions in North America along with The Joker arriving in 2016. There are only 2 dive machines in the U.S. and the last one was built almost 9 years ago, so in a way VR is more original than "Iron Mean Streak"
  2. If El Toro's B train is any indication, Intamins seem more like the KIA Souls of coasters. And Skyrush with a tire drive lift would be crazy!!
  3. Top 5: #1. Skull Mountain - As flawless as the mountain is, I always thought it'd be cool if they opened it during the winter, decorated it with Christmas lights, and renamed it "Poinsettia Peak". That was the only improvement I could ever come up with, and it seems like my dreams have been made a reality #2. Millennium Force - I feel like it just needs 1 or 2 more airtime hills thrown somewhere in the layout. And if they redesigned the drop to be comparable to Skull Mountain's first drop. #3. Phoenix - A classic for sure, and my favorite part is the tunnel in the beginning of the ride. However, that brief moment of darkness ends too soon. I would improve Phoenix by converting it into an indoor roller coaster, with a jagged rock exterior similar to Skull Mountain. #4. Maverick - This ride has all my favorite elements - a great first drop (possibly my second favorite), a launch, and awesome twists and turns. However, I don't really like Wild West theming, so I would change it to a pirate theme and rename it "Escape from Skull Mountain" #5. Skyrush - This ride is phenomenal but like many enthusiasts I can't stand the painful "thigh crushing" restraints. To make it better, I would replace the restraints with the lab bars that Skull Mountain has. This would make the airtime feel way better and it's an easy fix considering Intamin makes both rides so the parts would be interchangeable!
  4. YES! Woodstock Express is in my top 5 coasters at King's Dominion. It seriously kicks ass and is the smoothest woodie there by a landslide. I will admit I love Grizzly more, but Woodstock Express isn't just some kiddie ride, and it has some great pops of airtime. Another coaster I find underrated is Verbolten. It is easily my favorite ride at Busch Gardens, although I still can't decide if I love it more than Big Bad Wolf (nostalgia gets in the way). As for the most underrated coaster of all time, just take a look at my signature #SkullLife
  5. The trains for Furius Baco are very unique, so it would probably be too expensive to completely replace at the moment considering all the money being spent on Ferrari Land and retracking Stampida. Funny that they closed those rows since I've only ever ridden the outside seat and I had no problem in row 5. But then again I find the red side of Stampida smooth so maybe I have a high pain tolerance!
  6. Wow this looks like the best Flyer yet! I'm already impressed with the layout alone, so happy to see B&M trying out new elements instead of the standard pretzel loop. Already looks like a killer ride, and this is before the theming!! I can't wait to see those construction updates, wasn't this ride supposed to be indoors at one point?
  7. YES!! I love Deerhunter, Microcastle is easily one of my favorite albums ever. So jealous! Both Brooklyn shows sold out before I could get tickets! Have fun, sounds like an awesome way to celebrate your birthday. And happy belated birthday to Neil Young! As for Adele, I have a feeling this album will be much more upbeat than 21, so I'm looking forward to it. Rolling Stone did a (surprisingly) great interview with her about it, there are some really promising collaborators on this project!
  8. Absolutely: Six Flags Great Adventure Knoebels Hersheypark Dorney Park Six Flags New England Probably: Dollywood* (LIGHTNING. ROD.) Walt Disney World Universal Orlando/Islands of Adventure Busch Gardens Tampa* Lake Compounce Possibly: Cedar Point Kings Island* Carowinds* Kennywood* *parks I haven't been to yet 2015 was my best year for trips yet, including my first-ever visits to King's Dominion, Knoebels, Lake Compounce, PortAventura, and Tibidabo. The only way I could possibly top it is by going back to Disney & Universal for the first time in over 11 years, Busch Tampa for the first time, and finally visiting Dollywood (been dying to go since Mystery Mine opened, now with Lightning Rod I can't wait any longer). Those are the two major trips I'm planning. Squeezing in a Kennywood/Cedar Point/King's Island trip would be the cherry on top.
  9. To be fair to the operators, you do have to enforce some very basic safety rules. Considering there are signs that prohibit snapping (or "whipping"), a responsible op probably isn't going to let a full group of people do it. They might let it slide on a quiet day when only 1 or 2 people snap, but considering it was their biggest event of the year and you made enough noise for people working in the office to come out, you really can't blame them. Isn't it enough to be able to steer your flyer up so high it feels like you'll smash into a tree?! Anyway, PPP was an amazing experience. My only complaints were that the line for Flying Turns spilt out the queue all day (took about 50 minutes) and Gasoline Alley's line was too long for me to wait in. My favorite part was the Halloween decorations. It's truly impressive how much both the park and guests get into the holiday spirit. Almost every campsite was beautifully decorated with spiderwebs, tombstones, skeletons, and pumpkins, have no idea how some people packed so many props or how many hours it took to set up. The park itself has a better Halloween experience than the Cedar Fair Haunts or Six Flags fright fest. Rather than just putting spider webs they added tons of interactive props to the queues of each major ride, tons of seasonal landscaping (hay, pumpkin, and flower arrangements), new special effects on Black Diamond as well as some surprises on Phoenix and Twister, and the completely revamped Antique Cars and train ride. There was even a working carousel with Skeletons riding. It was all so charming, and felt truer to the spirit of the holiday as opposed to the big budget events at corporate parks.
  10. Strangely enough the forces on I305 never really bothered me, meanwhile some old school B&M's can ruin my day. I never blacked out on I305 and rode it 6 times in a row and felt alright. However, every time I ride Batman (which most people would consider a great ride) I feel nauseous and have blacked out during the second loop at least once. I don't understand my body. But I can totally understand why some people really don't like I305. It doesn't matter if a ride has great airtime or awesome inversions, if it makes you sick it's no fun.
  11. Can I please put this in my signature? It's incredible. Also: Isn't El Toro the epitome of a wooden coaster with crazy airtime? Unless you're referring to older wooden coasters with buzz bars or those random pops of airtime from funky design.
  12. If you do go next year, I would recommend a 2 day trip and to stay in a cabin at the campground overnight. It really adds to the experience, and if you're coming up from Jersey the 3 hour (or more) drive can be exhausting at night. Being able to marathon Phoenix until the park closes with no worries is an awesome feeling.
  13. Whoa whoa whoa whoa now. Let's not lose our minds here. Even as the founder of the Cult of Skull/Skank Mountain I take offense to this statement. I was just playin. Toro is bae, and I worked as a ride op with her all summer so I'd be lost without her. Fortunately we live in a beautiful world where Toro and the Mountain are a short walk apart! The Cult of Skull should have a meetup and marathon it one of these days, just sayin'.
  14. Why would anybody assume that would happen?? Do any RMCs even have trims brakes? Why would you even think to bring this up? I highly doubt they would ever put trims on that section anyway. That's such an arbitrary thing to assume would happen... Lmao the trim brake paranoia is so real. I highly doubt it will be trimmed (at least not opening year), but I can't even fathom how intense launching into this will be! I love every single aspect of the design so much that I don't even mind the lack of inversions!
  15. B&M: Batman The Ride clones. They're great rides but they nauseate me. It's gotten to a point where it's not even worth riding any more. I'd still recommend this ride to friends though. I've never been on Apocalypse (Iron Wolf) so I can't say I've been on a bad B&M, just many forgettable ones like The Dark Knight at SFNE. Intamin: Here to defend Skull Mountain, whose first drop alone is better than plenty of lesser Intamins. Again, haven't been on any I would consider bad. So I'll just say El Toro to piss everyone off. Not a big fan of Impulse coasters so I suppose Possessed @ Dorney would be my real answer. GCI: Wildcat is a good ride guys. Leave it alone. Go back to picking on Gwazi or something. Jerks.
  16. I'll be there Friday and Saturday. If you're only going for one day I would recommend Saturday since a lot of the best rides (Phoenix, Twister, Haunted Mansion, Flying Turns, Black Diamond, etc.) are closed on Friday because of the Covered Bridge Festival. Also, the ride all day plan won't be available. Here's a list of what rides will be open on Friday (as well as Thurs, Sat, and Sun): http://www.itourcolumbiamontour.com/wp-content/uploads/2015-Covered-Bridge-Rides.pdf But like Coasterbill (aka TPR's official Knoebels spokesman), said it really is impossible to have a bad time at Knoebels. Rain or shine there is so much to do. I don't like playing games at boardwalks but I could spend all day playing Fascination. The museums are pretty cool, there's mini golf, great bumper cars, the best carousel ever (that sounds lame, but it is actually so much fun), and of course Impulse is great too!
  17. As long as you were an employee at Dorney Park during the 2015 season you can get in for free I feel you on that ride op money though Also I'm loving the Skully hype on this thread. Seriously one of the best airtime moments of all time. Who needs El Toro when you have The Mountain?
  18. Although Skyrush and El Toro have the most forceful ejector airtime I've experienced (as well as the first drop of I305), I gotta hand it to Phoenix and that first drop of Skull Mountain. That drop and those last hills on Phoenix lift me up to the point where I'm almost standing up (I'm incredibly skinny) and they scare me every time. Those are probably only rollercoasters where I thought I was actually going to die, not including one time when I didn't have my seatbelt clicked on Grizzly (which also has surprising ejector in the back row, first drop).
  19. Does anybody know if the Haunted Antique Cars will be open for Phoenix Phun Phest or do all of the Hallofun events start the following week?
  20. Woodstock Express is actually a kick ass little coaster! I got some pretty good airtime last time I rode it. While Grizzly is my favorite woodie at KD, Woodstock certainly beats Hurler, Shockwave, Anaconda, and even Rebel Yell in my opinion.
  21. Tokyo DisneySea already confirmed that they're building a whole section themed to Frozen/Scandinavia. They haven't announced a new ride yet but I have no doubt it will blow a Maelstrom redo out of the water. Especially if the concept art is even somewhat accurate. http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2015/04/new-themes-announced-for-tokyo-disney-resort-development/ Still can't wait to see this new ride!
  22. Just read an article detailing each scene, and it's not a simple retelling of the movie's plot (yay!). It's still going to follow the footprint of Maelstrom (the tracked ride itself), but with new animatronics, scenery, and a redesign of the pavillion, this should be so much better!! It opens sometime in 2016, can't wait!
  23. I didn't find Dominator rough at all, and last time I rode Alpengeist (2009) it was butter smooth, I'll find out if it really got bad tomorrow! And a Maverick or El Toro type ride would be a perfect addition to any park. There are plenty of much better rides for your kids to go on than Shockwave, even Woodstock Express is a great little coaster!
  24. We rode in the back row at least three or four times! Every seat is wild, but that first drop is insane in the back! I somehow managed not to ever blackout, just grey/spotty vision. And it might have been running slower than usual!
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