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  1. Ok so I absolutely loved Big Bad Wolf and it's still one of my favorite rides of all time, but damn dude Verbolten was a great replacement. The black forest is awesome/forceful and compared to the other coasters on property it blows them all away in the theming department. Only coaster that comes close is Alpengeist with the snowy parts and skilift trains. I understand not liking it or feeling underwhelmed, but hating it more than a boomerang and zac-spin? That's a bit extreme
  2. From the pictures it looks like each park is getting unique attractions. Ant-Man and Wasp feature prominently on Hong Kong's representing the Buzz Lightyear conversion, Iron Man on the Paris poster to represent the Rock n Rollercoaster conversion. However Marvel Land in California will be directly following Galaxy's Edge and Marvel is much more popular/acclaimed in the US. I don't think they'll settle for cheap conversions since they hold the American resorts to much higher standards and Bug's Land never had any strong rides to begin with. I think we're gonna see straight up demolition of everything that was there and hopefully a Spider-Man e-ticket and some Black Panther/Wakanda experience. And holy crap that patent looks amazing please make that a reality disney!!!
  3. Wow the ride looks amazing. After Mystic Timbers last year it seems like GCI can do no wrong. And the theming and effects are even better than I expected! Even the preshow and station look awesome! And I'm so glad they repainted Nemesis, the park is looking better than ever!
  4. Omg, as a former grouper that's a dream come true. Every coaster with limited capacity NEEDS this. Love the report and all the pictures of the queue. It really doesn't seem sparse to me either, and everything they've done is quite tasteful. And YES, new food options at parks like SDC or Dollywood are just as exciting as new coasters!! So happy to hear all the reports about the controlled spinning. I was worried it would make me nauseous, but now I'm just excited to ride!
  5. It makes me so happy that they take such care to preserve their history while many parks simply throw old ride props and designs away. And that's sick that you got to work there!! SAY NO MORE. I already love this event! All the food looks awesome, especially that Ratatouille. I hope they bring it over to the France pavillion in Epcot once they open the ride.
  6. As much as I love that ride I feel like it would be kinda uncreative and backwards to clone a classic Fantasyland ride in Epcot of all places. I like the idea of a trackless Alice In Wonderland ride in the pavillion though. Come to think of it, does WDW have any trackless rides yet? Also if Guardians has onboard audio ala Rip Ride Rockit and ELO is an option the ride will be perfect!!!
  7. Wow, the WDI office is truly a magical place. The DISH is just mindblowing, but I wouldn't have been able to leave the model sculpting room. I hope you got to spend a decent amount of time there; I love those Haunted Mansion models. Is this the same WDI building where Walt used to give his presentations on EPCOT (the original proposed city) and all the rides being designed back in the 60's? So incredibly cool that you got to see this side of imagineering!!! Incredicoaster looks like a huge improvement to California Screamin' in every way!
  8. I agree with Robb's points that they need to shift the focus of their marketing to the fact that these are theme parks, with great rollercoasters, new (awesome looking) rapids rides, and all the fun stuff that comes with an amusement park. However, I'll also offer an extremely radical alternative. While extremely unlikely, I personally think Sea World would be better off with a complete rebranding. The Busch parks are fine, and Discovery Cove would be safe due to the lack of the Sea World name alone. I just think as a millennial (and our generation is split between late teens, 20-somethings, and parents with young kids) we are currently the biggest market for theme parks. And this generation (and presumably the next one) is far more liberal than Gen X, especially in regards to animal rights. Blackfish dealt a deathblow to really all types of aquatic animal shows, and even zoos across the country have been struggling and have had their own controversies. The idea of animals in captivity for the purpose of entertainment is just a hard pill for many to swallow, even if it's dressed up as conservation efforts through intensive Jack Hanna marketing. Now this rebrand wouldn't be as simple as a name change, but I honestly think it would be their best bet to keep the parks afloat long term.
  9. Definitely Palisades Park, purely out of my fascination with old-fashioned parks and historic sites NJ/NYC. My dad actually went there as a child with my grandma, so I took him to Knoebels and he fell in love with the park and of course Flying Turns. He said the atmosphere reminded him a lot of Palisades... But holy crap the Lake Placid Bobsled though!! WHAT IS THIS MADNESS BRUH.
  10. Tomb Raider: The Ride is one of my obsessions even though I never went on it or (thankfully) The Crypt. But wow, other than the show building this ride had Universal level theming. As much as I adore Diamondback and Mystic Timbers, I wish Cedar Fair could have just bought the licensing rights to keep Tomb Raider (which would have paid off since that IP was in a huge decline in 2007, but has just recently resurged in popularity). Anyway, here's a great article about it that the Defunctland video is based off: BhemeBarkBourist.com/features/20160207/31467/tomb-raider-how-one-americas-best-ever-themed-rides-was-buried-good Edit: I guess this is a site that we can't link to on here lol sorry Robb
  11. Do-Dodonpa, akaド-ドドンパ. Best launch in the world. Well, I've never ridden Formula Rossa, but this absolutely blew away Top Thrill Dragster and Kingda Ka. Just wish I got to experience that top hat. Loop was still pretty cool though. Dat mountain tho...
  12. I'll be here for at least 18 months, so I'll be able to make it to all the seasonal events and I definitely don't want to miss out on Easter, Tanabata Days, Pirates Summer, Halloween, or Christmas! Once I get the pass I'll probably be at the resort 2 or 3 times each month just tryin to be a responsible adult and get my finances in order before i splurge 93,000 yen (about $840), at the same time i totally get your argument and might squeeze in a quick visit beforehand I definitely plan to relax there, especially if it's a busy day!! I'll let you know when I visit!
  13. Pretty cool set-up and works on safari (both mobile and laptop) Some missing parks/rides: Coney Island (Luna Park) - Cyclone (a must add) Everland - T Express (and Rolling X-Train I guess) Indiana Beach - Lost Coaster, Cornball Express, Steel Hawg Lakemont Park - Skyliner, Leap the Dips Beech Bend Park - Kentucky Rumbler There's others but these were notable to me. *edit: just kidding the ranking system isn't saving on safari
  14. These pictures are amazing!! I never even saw the Cape Cod section before, there's too much beauty to keep track of! I recently moved to Japan and live an hour away from TDR, but I haven't gone yet because I'm saving up for an annual passport. This trip report is torture. A few weeks ago I was riding the train home at night and I had to fight the urge to get off at Maihama Station when I heard the small world jingle.
  15. Shanghai is a must visit place regardless of any theme parks. It is truly one of the most impressive cities I have ever seen. However, I did go 15 years ago when the air pollution was not as bad. I recently visited Seoul, South Korea (another lovely city) but it was very depressing to endure the smog. This park looks awesome with potentially incredible theming and an Intamin under construction, but honestly I would rather they slow down all this overdevelopment...
  16. So this is very late, but I haven't had much free time and wanted to post this trip report before the year ended. I don't do many reports, but this was my first ever visit to Disneyland so I felt it was special enough to document. Technically it wasn't my first trip to the Disney resort... as a child I made the regrettable choice of going to California Adventure instead of Disneyland (we only had one free day to spend). To make matters worse, the year was 2001: I was GP back then I didn't know any better!! Sixteen years later, with once again only one day to spend, I redeemed myself. Disney + Halloween = HYPE First we immediately headed to Haunted Mansion to get fast passes since it would have been the longest line of the day. What's this? What's this?! There's GP everywhere... Then it was time for my most sought-after ride since I was 8 years old... Indiana Jones! It not only lived up to the hype, but even exceeded it! It's now my favorite dark ride, and I'll never forgive Animal Kingdom for wasting the amazing tech of the EMV on Dinosaur Very short wait, also easily my favorite queue ever! Then we stopped for a snack in New Orleans Square, as I made it one of my goals to eat a Mickey shaped treat. And considering NOLA is my favorite city in the US, the beignets made for an excellent choice! Afterwards we were ready to go on the Haunted Mansion Holiday version! While I need to do another visit to experience the classic version, I adore Nightmare Before Christmas and was blown away by how a temporary overlay could be so well-detailed. Even the loading area had amazing animatronics! We went to Tomorrowland to grab fast passes for Space Mountain and I could spot some construction on Galaxy's Edge off in the distance. This park is beautiful from every angle. After that, it was time for my 200th coaster! I went on my 199th the previous day at Magic Mountain (X2), and felt nothing would be more fitting than making Matterhorn Bobsleds my #200. Following up Arrow's final masterpiece with its first. It blew every other Disney coaster away! I rode on the left side (Tomorrowland side) as I heard that was the more thrilling experience, which certainly was true! I thought my arms were going to hit the sides of the mountain on almost every turn, and the splash down actually got me soaked! My #200 <3 I love how happy this girl looks! The rust on the track is a work of art in itself! After eating ourselves into a food coma from giant Turkey legs, it was time to do the Fantasyland dark rides. We started with the infamous Mr Toad, which broke down right before we were about to board (every ride in Fantasyland broke down while we were in line, the cast members definitely had a fun afternoon!). Not-so-merrily on their way to nowhere in particular After numerous technical difficulties we got our rides on Pinocchio and the criminally underrated Snow White's Scary Adventures. Apart from the rushed ending, that ride was genuinely terrifying - much scarier than the Haunted Mansion! We left Fantasyland through the Sleeping Beauty Castle, a walkthrough I would have happily waited in line for but we had it all to ourselves! I love how the Matterhorn looms over everything in the park <3 Up next was Space Mountain, with the Ghost Galaxy overlay. The ride was surprisingly forceful and the lighting effects were really cool, easily topping Magic Kingdom's version. I can't wait to try it as Hyperspace Mountain on my next visit! Station To Station With Star Wars on my mind, we grabbed fast passes for Star Tours and then made our way to Alice in Wonderland. After that somewhat trippy ride, we of course had to do It's a Small World! Jimmy was happy to be reunited with his family in China! After that, we waited in the longest line of the entire day... the Disneyland Railroad from Toontown Depot! I didn't have time for the full loop, but we got to see the awesome dioramas, I actually liked the Grand Canyon one more than the dinosaur one, but both were worth the wait. We had to run to get to Star Tours on time before our fast pass expired. After our visit to Hoth, we got fastpasses for Matterhorn and headed to the Enchanted Tiki Room which was adorable and the host was great. Then it was time for Walt's final masterpiece, Pirates. It did not disappoint. Easily the best audio-animatronic work in the park and the drop was actually way bigger than I thought it would be. Does this count as a Shoot-the-Chute? We got our second ride on Matterhorn (the right side this time). The right side is much tamer, and if you only have time for one side I'd recommend the left. However the view of the park from the right side was breathtaking. Then it was time to enact my genius idea - night rides on Splash Mountain! As I predicted, there was almost no line, our second ride was a walk on! It was a bit cold, but sooo worth it! It's a pretty eerie night ride... He wasn't posing for the camera, Jimmy is actually terrified of this drop XD With no time for a third lap, we rushed over to Indiana Jones for our final ride of the day, which was a hilarious way to end our visit because the boulder scene malfunctioned! All in all, I couldn't have asked for a better first experience at the happiest place on Earth. The only major attractions I missed were Peter Pan and Big Thunder (which was down for refurb), but that only gives me more reasons to return. It lived up to all my expectations, I may or may not have cried, and I'll forever cherish the memories of this day. After all, I have these beautiful fastpasses to commemorate my visit!
  17. Wow that VR looks awesome, I love how the vest adds a sensory element to it. Always great to see another Disney Star Wars attraction, even if it technically isn't in the park itself. I'm even more excited about the new Cirque de Soleil show! Considering how amazing the Beatles show was I'm looking forward to hearing remixes of beloved Disney music and how they weave through all the iconic films to tell a single story!
  18. Best Coasters: 1. The Voyage (no trims on Holiwood Nights!) 2. X2 (New, mindblowing) 3. Mystic Timbers (New. My favorite ride at my favorite Cedar Fair park!) 4. Tatsu (New, that pretzel loop tho...) 5. Matterhorn Bobsleds (New, my 200th coaster!) 6. Phoenix (Phall Phunfest) 7. Alpengeist (it ran amazing this year) 8. El Toro (always amazing, especially with the boost thanks to my main man El Toro Ryan) 9. The Raven (such an underrated night ride!) 10. Boulder Dash (much smoother this year) Honorable mention goes to Twisted Colossus - great ride but I think I overhyped it in my head and was slightly let down. Best Non-Coasters: 1. Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye at Disneyland (New. It's my favorite dark ride now, and I officially hate Animal Kingdom for wasting this tech on Dinosaur haha) 2. Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland (New. I was NOT prepared for how amazing the OG version is) 3. Splash Mountain at DL (New. Somehow even better than the one at MK) 4. Wildebeest at Holiday World (FREEZING NIGHT RIDES!!) 5. Haunted Mansion Holiday @ DL (New. Loved this overlay so much) 6. Haunted Mansion at Knoebels (never gets old) 7. StratosFEAR at Knoebels (best drop tower ever, until I ride Falcon's Fury at least) 8. Snow White's Scary Adventures @ DL (New. So underrated, this ride is genuinely horrifying! I just hate how rushed the ending is) 9. Congo Falls at King's Island (New. That airtime tho, how did I skip this in my previous visits?!) 10. Justice League at Great Adventure (New. Very happy to say my home park has a quality dark ride!) Can you tell I went to Disneyland for the first time this year? Honorable mention: "CAPS OFF" - a game El Toro Ryan and I invented this season where you sit in the backseat of a coaster holding a water bottle or cup of water. Turns every coaster into an Aquatrax, especially Diamondback and Mystic Timbers!!
  19. Thanks so much for the quick and detailed response! I just did a bit more research on the q-passes and I saw a website selling q passes for 10,000 won each. So if I can get the foreign resident discount ticket for 28,000 and 4 passes for 40,000 that should cost less than the special 4 pass deal! And according to the site selling the q-passes, it looks like T Express will be down for rehab starting January 1st! Hope this is legit: https://www.funtastickorea.com/en/prod/everland-q-pass-fast-pass By the way, of the Safari Tour, the Lost Valley, and the Panda World, which would you recommend most?
  20. 여보! So I'm planning a very last minute trip to South Korea from December 28th to January 3rd. I'm thinking of going to Everland on that Friday, the 29th. This may be a stupid question, but will T-Express still be running at this time of the year? I know it's December but it doesn't say whether the ride is open or not on the website and that gives me some hope...
  21. NERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRDDDD!! Glad you’re still a Millie STAN but I feel betrayed that you picked the blue side of Bemini I love the off ride video of maverick by the way, you can even tell how fast the crew is dispatching the trains from it!
  22. I would love to buy a print, that's been one of my favorite coaster pictures for a year now and I would pay for it regardless. I'm a huge fan of his work, and wish him a speedy recovery and strength and love to his family during this difficult time.
  23. YES!! That is what I like to hear! I knew El Toro_Ryan would kick ass as Toro's supervisor!! I had a lot of confidence in the rides department this year so I'm psyched to hear they're living up to my expectations!
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