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  1. And I'm a former ride op (bay of play rides) for sea world San diego!! Used a free pass at SWO on the day it expired NYE ha
  2. Wife and I did this trip this very year!!! Unfortunately skipped sea world both visits so I'm no help there... Visit 1-December 27-31, 2018 Reason: getting one last use out of my southwest companion pass and we had never been to TX SMF to AUS non-stop for $330 round trip and wife was $11 ish in taxes (Mini shout out to southwest for offering the companion pass as a sign up bonus) General itinerary: Arrive Austin noon and we discover all the legendary bbq joints are closed still on Christmas break found a food truck with the most amazing brisket I've had so that worked Hit up Z
  3. 12x (consecutive cycles) on montezooma's revenge 35x (consecutive cycles) on sea dragon at Wyandot/zoombezi ...was visiting my grandma and had nothing else to do but ride that little guy all afternoon..after 35, I was like to myself "you know what? I'm good"
  4. wow, I'm surprised I got it... good luck... edit...tried to draw this one a little better
  5. I think this guess wins Hoping for timber twister at Gilroy gardens
  6. Alpengeist Batwing California Screamin Deja Vu (SFMM) El Loco Firehawk Gatekeeper Hypersonic XLC Incredible Hulk Joker's Jinx Kraken Loch Ness Monster Millennium Force (surprised how many good 'M's there are) Nitro Ozark Wildcat Powder Keg Quicksilver Express (Can't believe I've actually been on a Q) Raptor Skyrush Top Thrill Dragster Undertow Volcano Wild Thing (Valleyfair) X2 (sh*t, I need to go on yankee cannonball) Zyklon (Celebration City) Only missing Y, do I win a prize??
  7. beast son of beast millennium force California screamin desperado dragon mountain wild thing mean streak nitro ride of steel sfa
  8. As a former coaster op (11 yrs ago at KBF), maybe I can add a little to the conversation. I totally agree with those that have posted so far saying that this "can't happen" with the computerized block brake systems in place. It had to have been running in "maintenance" or "manual" mode, which is only accessible by the ride mechanics. Usually, the mechanics are the ones operating the ride after it goes down. I can only assume that ops evac'd the train that ended up valleying, and the mechanics erroneously sent the train full of riders (likely un-evac-able) while the ride was still in mainte
  9. That means shorter lines for us What makes the Top Gun Stall different from a Zero G Stall? Is it just Six Flags trying to make it sound like a unique element? Top gun stall rolls up and in, hangs there for a bit, then rolls out either the same or opposite way. It's close to a zero g roll, but it's bigger. Anyone else feel free to correct me if I'm off on it. pretty sure they are the same. I think the "top gun" part just refers to how one train will stall on top of the other ala a scene from Top Gun (albeit a movie I haven't seen)...https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tb
  10. 1. Cedar Point 2. King's Dominion 3. Carowinds 4. King's Island 5. Knott's Berry Farm 6. Valleyfair 7. CGA 8. Gilroy Gardens
  11. This is my policy with most coasters, but when it comes to the insanely hyped ones (like Maverick, Bizarro (SFNE), I305, Expedition Ge Force, etc.) all logic goes out the window for me. If I went onto Bizarro with the same expectations I had for a coaster I'd never looked into I'd probably love it a lot more. For example, I knew nothing about Great Bear besides it being a B&M invert and it blew me away because I was so pleasantly surprised by the ride. The only coasters that have lived up to (or exceeded) my crazy hype is Maverick and Millennium Force. I'm trying to downplay my insanely hi
  12. i totally agree with maverick as it was my fav before riding skyrush, but what is it about kumba that everyone seems to love??
  13. nice topic 1. montu 2. alpengeist 3. raptor 4. afterburn 5. silver bullet
  14. SFMM-Deja Vu, Flashback, Psyclone, Colossus SFGAdv-Chiller, Rolling Thunder, GASM SFA-Two Face SFDK-Pandemonium SFGAm-Iron Wolf, Rolling Thunder,Shockwave BGT-Gwazi KD-Hypersonic XLC GA-Whizzer, Invertigo, Stealth, Greased Lightnin' KBF-Wacky Soap Box, Windjammer Carowinds-Saturator Riverview Park Dells-Galaxi VF-Mild Thing BGW-Big Bad Wolf, Wilde Maus Splash Kingdom- Screaming Mummy DL-Space Mountain NASCAR Cafe-Speed the Ride Startosphere-High Roller Legoland CA-Spellbreaker CP-Disaster Transport, Wildcat KI-S.O.B. Adventure City-Tree Top Racers Darien Lake-Nightmare In
  15. Nice thread. Biggest letdown hands down was Farenheit. Was expecting some sort of awsome rip, ride, rockit-maverick hybrid and instead got a forceless, boring, 1hr+ queue snoozefest. (Although i did appreciate the norwegian roll and ultra smooth cobra roll.) 2nd place goes to expedition everest. (Although i did marathon it in the rain cuz there was nothing else to do at Animal Kingdom). I just couldnt believe $100 mil could produce such a 'meh' coaster. Prefer matterhorn by a long shot. Biggest suprise was actually at the same park as the biggest letdown. Never before did i k
  16. ^I wish I could go back in time and re-ride XLC. That launch was bonkers.
  17. -The coaster ops do that silly, exaggerated looking-out-over-the-horizon motion before dispatch. Look at us! We are doing our job and making sure no one is in harm's way!
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