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  1. Don't take credit for mentioning those things. You're not the only person on the thread. Sure we talked about a coaster a lot, but it wasn't limited to that.
  2. Yes we have. Our discussion was not limited to just being about a coaster: we mentioned flats, waterpark expansion, picnic pavillion, washrooms and more. Nothing new to talk about.
  3. Yeah, I've been on Leviathan about ten times on four days, and they beat the 1 minute timer six of those times. While not the best, still a pass.
  4. So Matt Ouimet gave an interview recently to the Sandusky Register. He mentioned 2016 the pumpkin patch is getting a dark ride. Could it be Cedar Point because of this a page on the website for CP. (I don't know if I can post links, but just google "Cedar Fair Pumpkin" and click the link for the CP site.) This is 100% speculation.
  5. I love roller coasters but the tallest drop tower I have ever done was 30ft tall.
  6. I can agree that the economy isn't in the greatest shape. It is funny however, that you only a few months ago was so sure that we were getting a coaster.
  7. I've been. Although kinda expensive, you can bring in all food. There's a lot of slides and the park is super clean.
  8. Steel: Millennium Force, then Leviathan Wood: Mean Streak, then Monstre I don't get around much.
  9. For starters, Toronto proper has a population of 3 million, and the Metro Area has a population of about 6 million.
  10. Someone had said Cedar Fair spends about $150 million on improvements a year. I guess that doesn't rule our two B&Ms, but I'm not sure.
  11. That's pretty cool. Obviously, it is being done in order of opening, so I have no doubt that should CP be getting a coaster for 2016, it will be hinted here.
  12. Since high school students have school, it won't be AS busy. If you go as soon as the park opens and start with Leviathan, you may not need Fast Pass for most rides. Again, Fast Pass is always beneficial.
  13. Wonder if that's for the "new attraction", or splash works additions this year? The attractions are up already
  14. Very true. I'm just going by what was said on the site (not my comment)
  15. Looks great! The seatbelts on Behemoth didn't change dispatch times; good to here it is the case on Leviathan too. Maybe I'll actually rude Wild Beast this year.. The Skyrider spot is flattened and appears to be covered in dirt (no grass). As someone on the cwmania said, Behemoth did not have markers until June. Thanks for the pics!
  16. Banshee. Recently, I've liked Acrobat at Nagashima Spa Land's colour scheme.
  17. Canada's Wonderland is my homr park, so I'll do that. 2016: B&M Launched Wing Coaster 2017: Kiddie Area Expansion 2018: Waterpark Expansion 2019: Nothing 2020: RMC I-Box
  18. Go as soon as it opens. If you start with Leviathan, and then Dragon Fire, and go counter-clockwise around the park, you shouldn't have any problems (except maybe for WMG)
  19. Generally, I agree with your list. I would put Michigan's Adventure higher, as with CW (no so great coaster collection-- but great flats)! I wouldn't even count Gilroy on this list anyways. It is a great little park.
  20. Does anyone know where in the park that is? I'm trying to figure it out but I'm stumped. I'm not quite sure either. I want to say Psyclone area, but, again, not sure.
  21. Blizzard Beach. Great theming, great slides, nice park all around.
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