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  1. I think the stacking is a recurring theme this year on nearly everything I’ve been on.
  2. ^ I agree. I think the new locker setup makes things less efficient. the crowds today isn’t too terrible. I thought it would be worse today.
  3. Hey everyone. I'll be visiting Great America on 5/14 and getting a Flash pass. Anyone going to be there that day that might want to meet up? Hit me up.
  4. ^ I'll be there too! I'm more than ready to get my coaster season started!
  5. I regret not going to visit Astroworld while I still had the chance after my last visit in 2001. As a Louisiana native, I never went to Jazzland/Six Flags New Orleans when it was around. I kind of wish I would have.
  6. I got a season pass for the first time last year. I never had a bad experience but my expectations were not very high with the covid situation but KK was less frustrating than my visit to Six Flags St. Louis during the summer.
  7. I don't dislike Herschend either. There is just a je ne sais quoi about Ed and his team that I like. I guess I like that its a local team running the park after what happened when Six Flags left. The past few years I've been in KY I've frequented the park and I've only witnessed a few busy days where I'd actually have to wait in line so what we see unfolding shouldn't be so surprising I guess.
  8. The latest Screamscape update from today is pretty interesting. If true, I hope Herschend takes care of the park and doesn't treat it like a bastard park but I don't have high hopes. I guess as long as Six Flags doesn't get control of the park I suppose a potential Herschend deal is better than the park folding. http://www.screamscape.com/html/kentucky_kingdom.htm
  9. CP has a few “cabins” that are similar at Lighthouse Point. https://www.cedarpoint.com/stay/lighthouse-point
  10. I'm so excited about Camp Cedar. :) Can't wait to stay there next season!
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