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"Tiny Planet" - Like them or not?

Do you like Tiny Planet Photos?  

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  1. 1. Do you like Tiny Planet Photos?

    • Yes I love them!
    • I'm totally indifferent to them.

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I'm really on the fence with these style of photos that come out of our 360 camera. What are you thoughts? Do you like them or not? Please vote in the poll and then tell us why you chose your option!




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Solid "meh" from me. Once in a blue moon you'll land a truly kickass shot but the majority I've seen in this style are messy.


That's what I'm thinking. Sometimes it's, "WOW!!! THAT'S AWESOME." but the majority of the time its... "meh."


The first and third photos posted??? AWESOME!!! The middle one?? Meh.

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I would have preferred if there was a third "They're okay" option in the poll. I think it would be worth taking these photos occasionally (for example, that Wildfire one you posted IMO is fantastic) -- especially if you already have the equipment paid for and use it for other more frequent purposes (i.e. the 360 videos) but I wouldn't put a gigantic focus on them. Like all special effects, it certainly has its place, but should be used relatively sparingly.

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I would have preferred if there was a third "They're okay" option in the poll.

So you want an "I'm indifferent" and "they're okay" options??? What is the difference?!?!? You either like them... or don't really give a shit. *sigh*


Sometimes I ask myself why I bother asking other people for opinions...


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I do not like any picture taken with a fish-eye lens or the equivalent thereof.
I may be in the minority, but I actually really like them!

See! THIS is why I like to ask people. Personally, I'm sort of "meh" about them also, but knowing that there may be at least 40% of the people who would really like them makes me at least want to look at our 360 footage more carefully and see if any photos stand out (I actually like the cropped tiny planet ones I did focusing on certain key features, like the Patriot one with the shadow) and it also gives a bit more variety in our updates.


Please continue with your thoughts and musings on these types of photos. It is greatly appreciated!

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They are 'artistic,' from an avant garde photographer's standpoint. But I do feel that the best shots, for most coaster enthusiasts, are those that "put the viewer right in the coaster." (I suppose that there is room for BOTH types, but I favor the 'classic' photo shoots.)


P.S. Kudos to you for introducing us to new formats!



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The first photo looks to have worked the best in this situation, though would've worked better if it wasn't obscured by the restraint and seat. Good once in a while if it looks nice, but nothing amazing and not something I'd want to see often because it might become old really quick. Cool shots, though.


Er, in short, I lean towards indifferent.

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