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  1. Your camera makes my head look big! Great shots, that was an awesome trip!
  2. Opening an attraction that isn't done yet seems like kind of bad PR. Do you think the park really wants their facebook/instagram presence to be exposed/unfinished construction work? Every theme park company has opened something that was less than complete, that's why it's a soft open, not an official opening, and believe me I've ridden many rides long before things were ready for the press release, even Disney does this. If you have any knowledge of the thems park industry you know that deadlines aren't always met 100%. I've seen many a ride open with plywood walls where theming should be and then it's completed over time. I actually know of one ride, which shall remane nameless, that has themeing and lights that were never installed in order to push the opening date up, at this point I wonder if the ride will ever be "complete". Of course, you don't know what's missing and it doesn't effect the ride in any way other than cosmetically, so no one even notices anything is missing. If you really believe they wouldn't soft open a ride because of a little paint and polish, or some lights, you're sadly mistaken.
  3. Of course, it's never bad PR to open a ride early. That said, they are working steadily to get it open, I was surprised to see work being done on a Saturday. Reality is they could soft open without all the cosmetics complete, and hold off an official grand opening until everything is complete.
  4. My daughter chose to spend her birthday at Knott's Boysenberry Festival this year, and I was more than happy to take her. If you've never been, Knott's Boysenberry Festival grew out of Knott's Berry Bloom, the food was so popular it became it's own event. The best bet for enjoying the most food items at the best price is the tasting card, this year you get 8 items for one price, and you get to choose what you use it on. So, if you find that one item on the menu that you love, or see an item you know you'll hate, skip what you don't like and get seconds of what you love. We tried 7 of the 8 items on the card, only skipping the hummus, and doubled up on the Boysenberry Sausage. Tasting card includes: Short Rib, Pierogies, Chicken Wings, Coconut Macaroon, Elote(corn), Hummus with PIta Bread, Cheese Quesadilla, Sausage on a Bun. Of course all these items are "Boysenberry" in some way, either the sauce or cooked with boysenberries. There are many boysenberry items not on the card throughout the park, such as cheesecake, doughnuts, ice cream, and the infamous Fun Bun, but at an extra cost of course. Let's not forget that boysenberry beer, cider, and wine are also available, so bring your ID. I always suggest the half and half of boysenberry beer and cider, for some the cider is too sweet, halfing it with beer makes it perfect in my opinion. Also, if you don't use your entire tasting card you can always come back and use it another day, I find that it's difficult to make it through everything in one visit, unless you have help (kids). Also be warned that lines for some foods get very long, especially during lunch time, the items with the longest lines were the Short Rib and Sausage when we visited. In any case, this is just a quick report of what was mostly a food run, info for Boysenberry Festival can be found on the Knott's Berry Farm website if you're interested. It run's daily through April 8, and pictures... For a perfect birthday experience, get a birthday button and a tasting card! Each tab is one item, and the items available are listed on the card! What? You say where can I find these things...here's a map! Macaroon! Um, no she did not want to share. Her sister luckily had her own tasting card. Boysenberry wings, one of those items you may want to use your entire card on 4x8=32 wings!!! Wings are actually pretty big. Didn't last long. These are worth a try. A little onion and bacon on top. Seeing these prices gives you an idea of what a great value the tasting cards are. Meat just falls off the bone! Wait, when did we get to Golden Corral? When I dip, you dip, we dip... On a stick, no forks needed, just shove it in your face. One of these is not a boysenberry. It's a carmel, nut, cookie, chocolate thing, can't remember what it's called. In case you forgot where we're at. There is also fresh fudge in many flavors. I'd say these were good, but my children didn't share, so I don't know! Noted. The boysenberry salsa is excellent! Boysenberry cheese quesadilla. Boysenberry items are available all over, some available all year long! If you build it they will come...and eat it! My personal favorite, and it's right next to the beer. Longest line of the day, but the line moved fast. BoysenBEERy! Washes the sausage down very well. My son calls this "stinky guy". Win an alpaca named Jim on your birthday! Okay, that's all I have. Love this event, have gone every year, and it just keeps getting better! My daughter thoroughly enjoyed her boysenberry filled birthday, I'm glad she still enjoys spending a day with her Dad at an amusement park. Check out this event if you haven't been, Xcelerator is up and running, and Hangtime may open before Boysenberry Festival ends, lots of reasons to go! Thanks for looking, leave a comment.
  5. Knott's app says March 31 if you click Hangtime, but seeing it today I doubt they'll hit that mark. It's definitely close to open though, station needs a bit more done to it before it can open.
  6. Okay from the better late than never report category...yeah, should have had this up sooner, but life's a bitch and then you get new bumper cars...or something. Anyway, in the shadow of Superman in the area where the old Metro station and Crazy Barrels were once situated, Six Flags Magic Mountain will be erecting the new pendulum ride Crazanity! The biggest erection of it's kind, Crazanity itself will be 172 feet tall, but when installed on it's base will reach near 180 feet tall. It will include a killer lighting package, and should be visible from the other side of the park. Okay, even better news, the entire area will be getting a face-lift! Starting with the midway games area, there will be new brighter pastel paint and boardwalk theming, Johnny Rockets gets updated with paint, new seating, and new signs. Bumper cars will get a complete overhaul, including new queue, paint, lights and yes...NEW CARS!!! If you're a total nerd and want to know about the troll sign, it has been removed, but it may indeed turn up somewhere in the future. The scrambler will also get an overhaul with paint and a much needed shade cover. The nearby restroom will be renovated, including new trough sinks and air dryers. Last, but not least, Tidal Wave will in the least get some new paint. We also got an introduction to new park president Neal Thurman! Neal was the Director of Park Operations at Six Flags Magic Mountain many years ago, before having a position of Park President at both Six Flags Fiesta Texas and Six Flags Great Adventure. With Neal back at Six Flags Magic Mountain I'm sure we can expect big improvements to the park! Okay, that's all I have, sorry for the delay, leave a comment, and pictures... Can you picture it? Cause, there's a picture of it! Dirt, everyone loves dirt! Open hole is my favorite! In this episode of Handy Manny... Footers make people happy! Put a helmet on it! We only need these stairs! Embrace the emptiness! EMBRACE IT!!! "I am the ghost of souvenir cups past!!!" Someone broke this stuff. Yay, make the scrambler pretty! Don't worry, I got this! Can't remember what this is, ENIAC maybe? Bathroom upgrade...for me to poop on! The man of the hour, many, many Six Flags days ahead for new park president Neal Thurman! I actually ate salad! Don't worry, you'll get some love too.
  7. Rock & Brews has decent food and nice atmosphere, prices aren't bad either.
  8. Some quick pictures of HangTime. Whether you like pork... ...beef... ...or chicken! No vegan options...sorry...really. Lookin' good!
  9. Okay, lets continue... Rolling hoop something person. And the stars of the show...for me at least. Really awesome to watch. Go see it for yourself! A great cast all the way around. You can drink beer by this tree. This stuff alone is worth a visit. The wings taste less blurry in person. Thumbs up for these. Dylan approved! Smores! Winter Wonderland! OMG...so...much...sugar!!! I like to eat my food in an eerie blue light. Ate way too many of these, sooo good! Unleash the Dylan! Give him funnel cake and he's unstoppable! Funnel cake or unicorn poop? Holiday Dippin' Dots. Dylan ate all of these! Meow! At Six Flags ALL trees are Christmas trees! Dreidel dreidel dreidel... Water tree. Yo, yo, yo, Merry Christmas! Okay, that's all I have. I'll tell you that there is not pictures of everything, nor was I able to get to everything, so many things to do, see, and eat. Oh, and Santa too! Thanks to Six Flags Magic Mountain for inviting us and treating us to some of the amazing holiday food offerings. If you have not visited this event, add it to your list, it's on par with most events in SoCal and better than some. You won't be disappointed!
  10. Recently Theme Park Review was invited to preview Holiday in the Park at Six Flags Magic Mountain, this annual event has quickly become a holiday tradition in Southern California, and has returned with all the lights, food, and fun that make this event awesome! The event runs select days through December 31st, check the SFMM website for details and times, remember this event is all about lights, so plan on staying late(HIP officially starts at 5pm.), and bring a light jacket. Returning are all the great lights throughout the park, including "snow" at Holiday Square at the front of the park. An awesome light show in Rockin' Universe (DC Universe) that is very impressive and should not be missed. Many "Kwerky" characters and tons of blue and greet lights in the Gleampunk District (Streampunk District), and check out this years Kwerkmas show which is even better than last year. New this year is Fire and Ice at the Metro Park Pub, try seasonal beers, make smores, and have some holiday food including Lobster Mac and Cheese! Don't forget Santa's Wild Sleigh Ride VR on The New Revolution, if you haven't done this one, it's one of the best VR experiences out there, ride along with Santa and his reindeer...AWESOME! Snowy Nights in Full Throttle Plaza has music, dancing, games, lights, and a live DJ. Winter Wonderland in Rapids Camp Crossing has a festive white and red light path that will lead you strait to Katy's Kettle for some holiday food. There are so many things going on at this event, but don't forget the food! Holiday Leftover Sandwiches, Lobster Mac and Cheese, Enchilada Soup, Hot Chocolate, Champurrado, Peppermint Brownies, Pumpkin Pie...the list goes on and on. Be sure to pick up a Holiday in the park map on the way in, which has all of the food listed along with the locations they are available at. Remember many of these items are only available during HIP, so try everything! Okay, since I took a little longer than usual to get this report up, I'm just throwing up a ton of pictures. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment. Okay, pictures... Let's do that! Hug a giant ornament! Hula-hoop like your grandma did in the olden days! The sweater is the key. This is what's commonly known as an elf. Photo op. No, giant candy cane man isn't scary at all! Holiday Leftover Sandwich, I ate many of these! Dylan gave this a thumbs up. Pretzel covered in chocolate by the way. Hot chocolate1 Eat this. Breakfast of champions. Waiting for lights. Lights. They even decorated Dylan! Six Flags thinks of everything! This might be my favorite thing. Qwerkmas! Dancers. Flying hoop something person. I have a giant cube!!! I wonder if this guy randomly does this at restaurants? Some kind of human yoyo. We will dance and push this thing around. Taking a break, the rest will be up later today< be sure to check back for more...
  11. ^Ha! The way they have it set up now, it's pretty much all around the park. Especially with the roaming scare actors. But, they definitely need to get rid of some of the older mazes, or do complete rethemes to stay current and keep up with the bigger haunts.
  12. Yes, you can upgrade your pass. There's a picture of the sign which has prices for the upgrade in the SFMM Fright Fest report if you want an exact amount.
  13. Vault 666, Reds Revenge, and Aftermath 2 are probably the most "modern" mazes and close to being on par with other haunt events. The new blackout type/dark maze is one of those things that you'll either love or hate. Suicide Squad is fun if your into DC, or the movie, or hot blondes. As I said, it's gotten much better, but competing with Knott's and Universal is going fo require major changes every year. They do have one advantage with Terror Tracks (coasters in tye dark) and should really promote that more.
  14. And more pictures of Fright Fest... Aftermath...2...Chaos Rising! I hate it when the cable goes out! Ha! Just infect me, I ain't running nowhere. Just stittin' here waiting to eat people. Woman wanted to give me a pedicure, said I could leave my feet and come back for them later. The goat sucker is back. Look for this to get your maze passes at the front of the park. FYI. Lots of dancing at Voodoo Nights. There's also this skeleton... ...and this drum guy painted like a skeleton. And more dancing. Some kind of voodoo guy dancing. There's a band. Somehow I ended up with lots of pictures of her, not sure why. There were other people in the band by the way. Probably the best maze, or at least my favorite. Not a fan. Noted. One of those roaming monsters, like roaming around and stuff. Another dutch oven. Obligatory demon shots. Okay, that's all I have. Not a lot new this year, but in any case, still a decent haunt, and a must if you haven't been to Fright Fest in awhile. Thanks to Six Flags Magic Mountain for inviting us, really enjoyed the new Damned 'n Disguise scare zone, for me that was the hit of the night. Thanks for looking, leave a comment!
  15. Six Flags Magic Mountain invited us to "preview" this years Fright Fest, which actually opened TODAY, so not actually a preview as much as an opening. Anyway, if you're a Fright Fest fan you'll know what to expect, not much has changed from last year. The mazes are basically the same, Voodoo Nights is back, Hypnotist, coasters in the dark, and the ever popular Suicide Squad returns. Kids can make crafts and trick or treat in Bugs Bunny World. The new Club 6-Feet Under at Metro Park Pub will be have food, drinks, and music. Also new is Ghoulish Grub at the Pub, where you can dine with monsters and enjoy some entertainment, ticket required and only select days. Roaming scare squads are back as well, so you're not safe anywhere in the park! The night starts with the Surge, where all monsters are unleashed, and ends with The Escape, where creatures block your exit. Questions? Check the Six Flags Magic Mountain website. So, no major announcements, a new blackout maze called Dead End, new Damned 'n Disguise scare zone in front of Justice League (great!), and as mentioned before Demonic Dining. So, if you haven't checked it out before, it's well worth a visit, and if you've been before and liked it...you can do it again! Let's look at some pictures... Club 6-Feet Under, originally it was called Club 1.829 Meters Under to keep with the Pub theme, but... Pumpkin Pie and some Pudding, I should have ate more pudding. Corn and some sort of casserole or something, I dunno, I got there late and didn't sample it, but I'd eat it if I could. Meat! Fried stuff, looks good. Another look at the average diet of a theme park enthusiast, the turkey leg! Who let this guy in! DJ plays music. Here's what it looks like in the dark. Wait here for monsters (DC Universe). Doors open, monsters come out. Actually they came out too fast and these are the slower monsters that I was able to get pictures of. Then this came out, this my friends is no monster. Although, her shirt says she's a monster, so... That's right, I'm right over here! Wait...who's this joker? Oh, it's The Joker. Should have seen that coming. Let's check out Suicide Squad... ...and Harley Quinn! Took this, because I knew you'd want to read the back of her jacket. Who's better than The Joker? That guy in the Theme Park Review shirt! Buy one, they attract ladies like flies. Car with a red light in it. Children love Fright Fest! Why must women always swing swords at me? Barrels make it frightening! And on to Territory Twisted. Not sure what that is, but if you cook it right I'll probably eat it. Somebody should feed that thing. Superman will save us! Dude stop doing that, your creeping me out! I wear stilts and frighten children! Get down from there! Spider something. Hey, let's go see what's going on over there! FYI rides in the dark, means in the DARK! Sorry, but you're too tall for me...and scary, too tall and scary! Intentional sideways photo, Dutch oven style or something. Excuse me little girl, do you know the way to Riddler's Revenge? Crap! Nevermind! Not sure what this is, but I took a picture of it. Damned 'n Disguise, well damn if they ain't in disguise! Spooky! Find these at the candy shop. If you want a maze pass, look for these around the park. And taking a break, more to come in a few...
  16. Not really a fan(too random and cluttered looking), but with some editing I think some of them could be awesome. Might be more trouble than it's worth.
  17. Check this link Caeser - Wonderful coverage. I wonder which superhero was your favorite . I had to edit down the number of Wonder Woman photos, I may have taken way too many. All in the name of feminism!
  18. And finally... It's time! Ladies and gentelmen, boy and girls, children of all ages... Them BOOM...fireworks! Where'd those guys come from? Wouldn't be a SFMM opening without confetti cannons! With the success of her new movie, Wonder Woman is back! Six Flags team. The aftermath. And goodnight Six Flags Magic Mountain! Thanks Six Flags Magic Mountain for having us! Should be more pictures coming from from berryfarm later, but that's all I got, thanks for looking, leave a comment!
  19. And more... Hey look at that new building over there, let us go check it out. Enter here. Do this. Be this tall. Hope, is she here? Hope? Anyone seen Hope? Don't sit on this. I did it...for JUSTICE!!! I wonder if Hope knows they retired her jersey? Three amigos. Need her...this...um, nevermind. In case you forgot where you are.Yu Single...Rider! Cyborg. Ride in this. Use this gun. Shoot at these. Lots of important signage, read it all!!! Lots of theming. That's JL:BFM, next is the opening ceremony...
  20. TPR was invited to the VIP Grand Opening of Justice League: Battle for Metropolis at Six Flags Magic Mountain. There was great food, music, superheroes, fireworks, and did I mention an awesome new shooting dark ride? JL:BFM is SFMM's first dark ride, and contrary to popular belief this is not just a clone of the ride that exists at other Six Flags parks, it's unique to Magic Mountain, and the only version that includes Harley Quinn. The ride opens today July 12, along with the reopening of the newly painted Riddler's Revenge, and the new Metropolis area. New food options, including the Metro Park Pub, and Ace of Clubs barbecue should not be missed. The VIP event started with great food available in the new Metropolis area, SFMM has really raised the bar on the quality and selection of food available, everything from barbecue to beer battered shrimp, of course there's still burgers and pizza if that's your thing. We had preview rides on JL:BFM and it's a very fun ride, well themed, guns are very accurate, a mix of 3D and animatronics, all the things you want in a shooting dark ride, plus Harley Quinn! The grand opening ceremony was just that...GRAND! It started with words from the park president and ended with DC Superheroes and firework, lots, and lots...and lots, of fireworks...and lasers...and confetti cannons...spotlights...GRAND!!! Thanks to Six Flags Magic Mountain and everyone who worked hard getting this project finished. It's a great addition to the park and I know a lot of people are excited to see it open. They won't be disappointed! And Pictures... I'm just a humble man, why must they always lay out a red carpet wherever I go? BBQ Landscapping. I drank most of this. I ate all of this.. Metro Park Pub...they gots beers!! Feel free to use that slogan. Dueling Pianos. When these two get together to duel, who wins? You do, see what I did there? Pizza. Big Belly Burger, the name says it all. I just really like this sign, comic book fans will get the names. I hear beans are a magical fruit. Caramel apples, so good! The fudge is awesome and deadly, I stopped before the fudge coma set in. Re-opened. Nice paint job. There must always be a store at the ride exit. No shoplifting when Batman is on duty! Need her...I mean this...this inanimate object Get the hoodie. Nerds can name all of these characters. Coolest thing in the store, beside the Harley Quinn statue. Lots of Harley Quinn swag to buy. Buy stuff here. Still working JL:BFM next...
  21. Theme Park Review was invited to preview and take some of the first rides on Justice League: Battle for Metropolis and I have to say I was impressed. The thinking is always that Six Flags doesn't do dark rides and I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was far better than I could have imagined. Now, I've only ridden this version of the ride (as opposed to those at other Six Flags parks), but from those who have ridden other versions this is said to be much better. There is still work to be done in the Metropolis area, but it has undergone a tremendous amount of work over the past week and looks like it should be done by opening on the 12th. This was "technical rehearsal" and there were some glitches and a ride breakdown or two, but that should be sorted out by opening. There is a lot going on during the ride and some of the things that apparently didn't work weren't even noticeable. The interior is done, some work left on the facade, landscaping, few details, and the Metropolis area along with JL:BFM will be a great addition to the park. My thoughts on the ride? The queue was very well themed and the preshow was short and sweet, including an animatronic Cyborg. The ride is not just a cruise through some targets, the cars spins and moves, there's a feeling of speed during some of the 3D portions, and several animatronics. The guns give feedback in the form of vibration, and your beam is colored, so no guessing where you are shooting. The 3D was good, graphics were a little cartoony, but it aided in the comic book feel of the ride. The ride car itself was comfortable, and I fit easily (I ain't small). The overall ride experience was very good, you come out wishing it was a little longer, and then the bonus Harley Quinn animatronic give you that little extra kick you needed. In any case, check it out opening day July 12th, you won't be disappointed! And pictures... There will be a more complete report from the press event to come, but this preview should get you excited to ride. Thanks to Six Flags Magic Mountain for inviting us and giving us the opportunity to experience JL:BFM during it's first run. Great addition to the park, check it out July 12th!
  22. As promised, details for the DC character Cosplay free admission event July 12 for the JL:BFM grand opening, participants also get to be some of the first to ride. Must register at the SFMM website and be in full costume. http://www.sixflags.com/magicmountain/special-events/super-heroes-cosplay
  23. Details for FREE admission to SFMM for Cosplay World Record attempt at the grand opening of Justice League: Battle for Metropolis July 12 are up on the SFMM website. Please remember you must register first to be included. www.sixflags.com/magicmountain/special-events/super-heroes-cosplay
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