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  1. Hot damn! Now there's some quality footage! TAIT was kicking ass and taking names to design and build those barges, my hat is off to their engineers. Kinda pissed about the lack of flamethrowers, though...
  2. ^ I was making a joke but feel free to take all my posts seriously. It'll make for some hilarious misconceptions.
  3. Extreme Disk-O. Basically Intamin's Ultra Surf model, but from Zamperla.
  4. No, you're just being kind of a prick about minor yet expected issues. I'd get treated the same way if I made a post like that and I've been with TPR almost since it's inception.
  5. Eh, that's nothing some modified rollerblades and a back-mounted paint sprayer can't fix!
  6. They said it was "posted as a fan theory map." Posted where? What fan theory? That's the proof I want, not proof that it's fake. Proof of their claim of it being posted by someone as a fan theory.
  7. More like Mudpittus. The coaster looks pretty friggin' sweet, though. Turn on the faucets!
  8. Hang on a tick, do we know who's manufacturing Primordial at Lagoon? I can't find anything indicating one way or the other. Just a thought...
  9. ^ Proof? Otherwise it's a 50/50 shot at being legit. I don't believe anything until official announcements are made but Universal has more leaks than a sinking submarine annually so...
  10. Do me a quick favor and read the topic title again, please. I'll wait. Done? Cool. Now we're on the same wavelength. Please allow me to retort...
  11. They should take a page out of Fast & Furious' book and just name him Samoan Thor.
  12. Oh, I agree completely, especially with Dwayne Johnson playing the character. I say unproven because the character has only existed so far in print media and some animation. He's not nearly as well-known outside of those fan circles, though.
  13. ^ July 29nd, 2022, yep. It's still strange to me that Six Flags would theme a major ride to an unproven IP.
  14. Am I the only person who rides Jungle Cruise for nothing but the Skippers and their performances? Sure the ride and animatronics are cute but c'mon, these are comedy gods at their peak.
  15. Six Flags pre-empting a movie by a year isn't in their wheelhouse, though it isn't out of the question. I guess we'll see! I know they only have just begun filming the Black Adam movie with The Rock.
  16. A Pineapple Split?! Why oh why did I have to go and develop a pineapple allergy in my thirties?! The ride looks great, too.
  17. According to the rumors they're not even doing any haunts on the backlot this year (lots of new soundtstage construction), so even the half-assed facades you'd get down there won't be available. Get ready for a whole lot of painted plywood entryways.
  18. Yeah and while we're at it let's extend Xcelerator by a mile and add inversions. Remember that old chestnut? C'mon, man.
  19. After riding the stand-up, caged-in Parachute Drop at Tokyo Dome City back in 2015 I'd be willing to give it a shot. The parachute drop was freaky because any little breeze made the cage sway. A rigid structure like a ferris wheel probably won't be as terrifying. Probably.
  20. You're right, but you're also exceedingly optimistic.
  21. Holy crap, Adventureland, get your shit together. I can guarantee there are lawyers champing at the bit to get a piece of this inevitable lawsuit.
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