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  1. No but making three posts back to back to back within a few minutes of each other is pretty dumb, yeah?
  2. ^ You know you're allowed to reply to more than one thing at a time, right?
  3. Can we take a moment to talk about the graphic design team at this park?
  4. Has anyone heard if there's going to be a "Boarding Group" style situation with Guardians this summer? I only ask because I can get an absolutely killer price for a 5-day trip at the end of the month, opening weekend, and I'm extremely tempted to book it. If I have to fight with everyone for a lottery to get the privilege to ride, though, I'll just wait a while until the demand dies down. Edit - I should note that I will certainly add Genie to the tickets, but I've heard horror stories about attractions losing timeslots faster than RotR when it was doing the boarding groups.
  5. Yeah, I noticed that too. Look everyone! We made the drop steeper but we put hard trims on it!
  6. See? We're finally done with Covid! America is healing!
  7. Alright, show of hands. Who else here would drive up, see that line, and immediately turn around and find something else to do? Just me?
  8. Try as they might, there is nothing in the vast multiverse that can save Predator. Even RMC would look at it and give up.
  9. Oh shit, we got someone above the Dippin' Dots guy! Stop the presses!
  10. I dunno, I waited about thirty seconds in the single rider line, got pilot, even got the light speed trigger seat, and I still felt like I wasted my time. That ride is a snooze fest.
  11. I hope you have an experience similar to mine and your brain breaks. Seriously, that ride is so goddamned excellent that I couldn't form words until I was halfway up the exit ramp.
  12. Hey, I did Coasting For Kids at Knott's and that was on Jaguar and Coast Rider. I'm prepared.
  13. Holy schnikes, three years?! This isn't a refurb, this is demolishing and building something completely new! I'm excited to see what they're gonna be doing! It's not like we're losing anything here, seeing as it's a copy of California and Hong Kong's version right now. Give me new funky stuff!
  14. SFDK to Lagoon - 10+ hours driving with no stops. Add in food and fuel that's a FULL day of driving. Lagoon is most definitely a full day park. Elitch is trash. Either cancel Elitch entirely or do a full day at Lagoon and a morning at Elitch. Lagoon to Elitch is 8 hours (no stops) straight through the Wyoming desert. If you've never driven through Wyoming before I'd suggest you swap drivers once in a while. Highway hypnosis is a very real thing. Combine that with the unstoppable winds that will happily flip an 18-wheeler, just make sure you've got your wits about you. Elitch to World Of Fun is another 10+ hour driving day without stopping, this time through eastern Colorado and Kansas, two extremely flat areas. Same rules apply as Wyoming, just less wind. WoF to SDC isn't a bad drive and it gets really friggin' pretty south of Springfield. I would skip St Louis, it's out of the way from Texas and SDC is easily the superior park. SDC to SFOT is about 8 hours nonstop and you're worried about the trip home? At the point I'd say screw it, we've gone this far, let's continue to San Antonio. Fiesta Texas is 100% worth it. The trip back to the bay area I'd go the southern route through El Paso, Tuscon, and Yuma. Either go north through the Salton Sea towards Bakersfield or go all the way to San Diego and head north from there. Gorgeous driving either way.
  15. This park is missing a giga. This park is missing an RMC. This park is missing an aquatrax. This park is missing fans.
  16. Karnan will break your mind in the best way. It's my number 1 by a LARGE margin, I mean it isn't even close. To visualize it, let's say there's every coaster I've ridden grouped together in Dubai, alright? Over 600 credits are all sitting there next to the lagoon at the Burj Khalifa. Then there's Karnan, sitting pretty, all alone, at the toppy-tip of the antenna atop the building. Oh, yeah, the pretzels. Get a pretzel. Their Wild Mouse is, IIRC, insane and runs without trims. Fluch Von Novgorod is excellent, if a little bumpy, with a super fun exit. Yes, exit. And don't sleep on Space Race.
  17. It is more sized towards children but there are so many death-trap contraptions there that you won't find in the US. They have self-operated boat-jumping into malaria lake. They have a self-operated weird squirrel-cage thing that you flip over and over slowly while it goes in a circle. They have self-operated zip lines over malaria river. They have self-operated pirate ship swings. There's a whole playground-centric portion full of metal death that you need to try everything. Don't do what I did, though, and climb into one of the contraptions with friends around. I got bum-rushed while on a spinny-tilty thing, like ten TPR members all started spinning the thing faster and faster while I was on the inside. It was awesome!!!! Seriously, watch this video. That's my unlucky ass in the thumbnail -
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