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  1. This place started as an interesting concept that had the unfortunate timing of Covid destroying its potential for a growing audience. Shame to see it go but I'm curious about the future plans for the site. It could make for a nice little outdoor FEC if given the right team.
  2. Did they hire Richard Branson to design the interior? These looks like a ripoff of Virgin Las Vegas, just at a healthier price point.
  3. ^ They could restore it to the original version, for one. I know they're not but hopefully they'll at least bring back the crash test scene. Coming around the corner, seeing the dummy car crash into the wall, then lining up in front of your own target while they announced the final test was a crash test was great. The wall opening up to reveal the outdoor portion right before you hit was fantastic. The current version was such a letdown for me when I rode last year. Still a fun ride but nowhere near as great as the original.
  4. Meanwhile, Holiday World continues to make money with free drinks. Imagine that.
  5. Not to poop on the parade or anything, but back when I worked for Carnival Cruise Lines, the Carnival Destiny was known amongst the crew as The Death Star. It was plagued with problems, constant leaks, etc. There's a reason they gave it a massive overhaul and renamed it to Sunshine. The name is cursed. I wish better luck for Disney.
  6. Accurate. That being said, when I stayed at Timbers Lodge back in 2012 it was fantastic. Twelve years makes a load of difference, though, so buyer beware.
  7. No, but I certainly could imagine them replacing Ninja with the zombie-fied remains of GASM or Shockwave. That's assuming they're not already replacing track with the remains, of course.
  8. Samesies. When we visited last September I understood why Universal Studios closed early, it was an HHN night, but IOA was only open until 8pm that night, as well. Like, holy hell, if you're gonna boot everyone out of one park, at least keep the other park open to a decent time. We only had one day to do both parks. Thankfully since it was such a slow week we were able to bang out every single attraction, even the horrible ones (F&F&F: Fast & Furious & Fallon), but it would have been lovely to have the extra evening time to enjoy IOA's atmosphere and a few more rides rather than going back to our hotel and being bored. Dinner at Antojito's was friggin great, though. They put us right next to the stage and the evening guitarist was wonderful. Edit - Just for comparison's sake, the next day we were at EPCOT by 9:30am and didn't get back to our hotel until nearly midnight. Park closed at 10, we took our time after the fireworks to walk from the Japan pavilion, browsed the gift shop, and were among the last few groups walking out of the park, never once feeling pressured to GTFO. Universal felt like they were actively pushing us out of the park the instant the HHN corrals began around 3pm and IOA had a ton of disinterested employees that were happier to talk amongst themselves than engage with the park guests. It felt very Six Flags in terms of service.
  9. Alright, so we'll split down the middle. Rebuild it but give it a brand new launch system that pays homage to the ancient technology. Trebuchet launch.
  10. ^ You joke but if RMC built a bench I'd ride it and expect airtime. Plot twist - there's actually airtime.
  11. I'm not an engineer and I have questionable intelligence at the best of times, but wouldn't building a new, exact clone from scratch be fairly simple? It's not like it was a difficult ride system.
  12. If I were to speculate, I'd say they replaced all the water with gasoline. There's video going around of the big explody and hot damn, it looks like a Michael Bay movie.
  13. Knoebel's has a way of saving historic rides. Just putting that out there.
  14. It's gutter trash. You're given a gun that's way too bulky and told to stand on a dot while the moving sidewalk drags you through the seven circles of hell. We only went into the building because it started raining. Funnily enough, that's the same reason we ended up on Jimmy Fallon's Dumpster Fire. Why couldn't the rain show up outside of a decent attraction? Christ on a cracker, I can't imagine what this place is going to cost per night.
  15. Soooooo exactly like Kingda Ka, I see. That ride is goddamn mean these days and has been rough since season 2.
  16. I'm very surprised they're closing it so early with a 3-year gap between iterations. Since the new version is completely detached from the existing building I don't know why they couldn't leave the original running longer. Maybe it's just a money pit, maintenance-wise, so they're cutting their losses, but what do I know? Edit - About two seconds after hitting submit I had a thought. Maybe they're actually going for a Guardians-style system and even using the original building with a launch, just like UoE became the station and queue in Epcot while the actual ride is in a separate building. That could be fun...
  17. Seeing the train get higher than Power Tower on the spike got me all kinds of giddy. That long floater plus the long, high-speed race to the top hat with a potential headchopper through the old station is going to be pretty dang awesome. The rest of the ride remains mediocre, IMO*, but the swing launch should be wacky at those heights. *Kingda Ka would put me to sleep if it didn't feel like a 9-pointer earthquake.
  18. The one at Tivoli is a lot of fun, especially the outward-facing seat option.
  19. I went my entire day at SFGAm recently without food because even with the 20% pass discount it's not worth the absurd prices. I went to a taco joint a mile from the entrance instead when I left.
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