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  1. Wait til you see how tall Elitch Gardens' Boomerang is!
  2. I gotta say, I think the absolute lack of discussion about anything Nintendo-world related, rides or otherwise, in the weeks since it has opened says much more than any forum ever could. Overall it seems to be going over like a big, wet fart. Then again, us westerners are much more vocal in our opinions than the local Japanese population, so it could be amazing and we're just not hearing it because of Covid preventing worthwhile travel. Judging by what I've seen, though, I'm leaning hard into the big, wet fart option. Edit - So I've been away from everything for over a month due to
  3. This might be the most accurate post in TPR's history. I'm glad they're completely rebuilding from the ground up. They've needed to for years now and they won't get a better opportunity than this to just wipe everything and start fresh. There's no need to integrate or grandfather-in older rules or make exceptions for people. Everyone is back at square one and I'm excited to see the new structure.
  4. The PR announcement idea is pretty stupid, but at the same time I'm kinda half-expecting to hear about the train dangling upside-down in the twist-and-dive in a few months.
  5. The Tropicana entrance to the 15 is never just "a quick hop" unless it's 3am on a weeknight. Stop talking crazy, man.
  6. Wait this thing is still in the cards? I figured it went the way of the Orlando Skyplex.
  7. Indoors with a police chase theme? I get the feeling this will be a trackless ride similar to RotR or Runaway Railway, which is awesome!
  8. I was thinking back to my Halloween-less Halloween this year and how much it sucked, but it reminded me of the brilliance of The Hanging at Knott's and Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Spectacular when Universal still gave a shit. Unfortunately Bill & Ted are, AFAIK, dead and gone in the parks and The Hanging has fallen off a cliff, quality-wise, for 2018 and 2019. Damn shame.
  9. No, dude, they're adding OmniMAX screens to be more like Horizons.
  10. Do go on... Seriously, though, does anyone think Alan Schilke hasn't looked into this element as a real thing?
  11. Does Nemo make you think? Soarin'? Frozen? Your argument has been invalid for well over a decade. EDIT - After seeing your other responses I honestly don't know if you truly believe what you're saying and are therefore silly beyond reality, or you're just trolling.
  12. Guardians and Horizons don't have anything to do with each other, though. Do you mean tear down Mission Space?
  13. Pretty sure you just wasted a whole bunch of money, bud.
  14. The High School Musical Parade and show at Hollywood Studios would park directly in front of The Great Movie Ride. Parade down the main street, park, few songs, parade out.
  15. Blizzard Beach is excellent, I'm glad they're giving it the TLC it needs. Everyone talks about Summit Plummet but IMO Slush Gusher is the scariest slide. Summit Plummet just gave me a mean wedgie and beat up by back. Slush Gusher had me going so fast before the final dip that I launched into the air and landed back on the slide. It was probably only like 3 inches but in the moment I swore I was flying into the stratosphere.
  16. Remind me why Tron is going to the Magic Kingdom and not Epcot? Aesthetically it seems like one hell of an oversight.
  17. I just started watching the actual presentation, I'll update this post with my observations below - Oh look, Universal once again created a ridiculously small bottleneck right at the entrance again! Great thinking! The bottleneck somehow gets even smaller, we're talking like 1/3rd the size of the initial bottleneck. Why? Hell if I know. The first look at the entire world upon entering the land is impressive as hell! I'm realizing they should have named this land Super Mario World because there are zero other Nintendo IPs at work. These wristbands are a great
  18. I didn't think they'd be able to top Sephiroth in Smash. I was wrong.
  19. Seize the day and immediately scream at them (once they grab you) like you're one of the actors. 60% of the time they'll hit the deck.
  20. Ideal - International trip to Europe to visit extended family and introduce the wife to Europa and Phantasialand, among others. Realistic - With a little bit of luck I'll be able to enjoy Halloween again. This year the only options were pretty godawful drive-through attractions. I ended up getting way too into Ghost Adventures and other ghost-y TV shows to scratch the itch of missing haunted houses.
  21. ICU beds are at capacity in Orange County, LA County isn't far behind. Wear your damn masks, people Also, stop coming to Vegas. We may technically be open but there's nothing to do but gamble and ride the stupid ferris wheel. Shows are all closed and that includes the ones that just reopened with limited seating a month ago. Spiegelworld (Absinthe, Atomic Saloon, etc) just fired nearly everyone on Monday and they're packing up to move to Australia. Things are rough.
  22. I thought Roar ran Millennium Flyers. Then again I've not been to SFA since Joker's Jinx was brand new so...
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