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  1. Please delete. I completely apologize didn’t know we can’t post leaks.
  2. I like your thinking! I don’t think it’ll be a coaster cause they just got Wonder Woman, but they got IRAT in 2013, Batman in 2015, and Wonder Woman of course in 2018, so I wouldn’t rule out a coaster because Fiesta gets a coaster frequently. They haven’t had any major family friendly ride installed lately, so I feel like this would be a great addition.
  3. I’m just super confused lol. It was San Antonio Sam again talking about the joker, but during the call he used “saddle” and. ”giddy up” so I wonder if that’s hinting at that last clue about transportation. Idk though
  4. This clue was posted, and also JS confirmed there’s not one one in New Jersey and Massachusetts.
  5. Yeah JS has definitely threw red herrings out there in the past. I wonder when we’ll find out which attraction is leaving, because there have been times in the past when attractions are announced to close earlier than the new ride is announced (like power surge was announced to be closing a month before WW was announced). That could’ve been just because WW started construction sooner though because it was a coaster.
  6. The phone number that Fiesta Texas usually uses to tease their new rides has been updated. The new message is almost a minute long. After listening, I think that Crackaxle Canyon will be getting the new ride (whatever that ride may be, I have no clue). Anyways, give yourself a listen. I’m curious to see what y’all think. The number is (210) 697-5478.
  7. More clues. Notice the capitalized words such as POWER. During Wonder Woman teasing he used WONDERful and he used this tactic last year to so I think it’s somehow connected.
  8. Park President Jeffery Siebert posted on a Facebook group that wonder woman is awaiting a part.
  9. Clues that have been posted so far: Jefferey Siebert posted this about a week ago. (Note the background.)
  10. All Six Flags Parks are going to the iPad deal I believe. Also, they were waiting for a part for Superman yesterday that they did not have on property.
  11. Iowa state band was there so that was the main reason it was packed. It emptied out quit a bit after they performed.
  12. Tonight Jeffery Siebert released 5 clues/teasers about #SFFT2019. Here are all 5 below. Clue 1: Rockville Remains. Clue 2: Hustler stays and gets a renovation. Clue 3: Welp that was a total troll... Clue 4: Umm ok... Clue 5: Last clue. Year round operations? Bonus Clue:
  13. Also I would like to add to my comment above that he has been using SHOCKING to describe stuff this year. Last year he used WONDERful.
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