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  1. Haven't had much time to explore the new format, but I can see ALL THE EFFORT THAT WENT INTO IT! Thanks a million, Robb, (and to any 'elves' that may have assisted you). I hope to get started ASAP to begin my explorations of 'TPR 101.'
  2. Those pix of Angry Corn will forever give me nightmares. (But enjoyed your Nostalgia Trip, Chuck! Thanks.) Alice
  3. Agreed. "Floating; ejector spots; suitable tempo punctuated by brief periods of intensity." Definitely sounds like fun. (Or, at least "my" speed!) AND...it makes me hungry for a Hershey bar. So I'd say that this coaster is a Mission Accomplished for Hersheypark. Alice
  4. YES!...that SURE looks like a FUN, exhilarating coaster to ME (in my humble..well maybe not so humble...opinion)! Those dynamic drops 'n dips 'n curves look enticing, & I can see so many park goers having a helluva good time on Orion. (I simply do not get why every new coaster built must be designed with the aim of "gray-outs" and wishing that you hadn't eaten anything in the last 24 hours! ) Thanks Kings Island for pleasing ALL of your patrons. Alice
  5. This is EXACTLY what Elissa and I were discussing the other day. How the f is it that the "mask" became such a hot topic??? I thought for sure it would be a "no-brainer" that people would wear it and we would have to put up with Instagrammers showing off their "new cool mask" and it becoming yet another accessory that people would brag about. The reality couldn't be further than that! People literally are FIGHTING about this. ACTUALLY FIGHTING!!! And it disgusts me so much. Maybe it's because I've been going to Japan regularly for 20 years and I've seen people wearing them on ever single visit I've ever had there so it doesn't seem as foreign to me? I don't know. But the mask is just so non-invasive. You're right, it's not like we are being asked to wear some hazmat suit, or just giant super uncomfortable piece of clothing, or even go get a weekly blood test, or many of the other things that COULD have become a reality in this. It's a small piece of fabric across your nose & mouth. It literally is nothing. Yet we've had to ban so many people from our forums, socials, and other TPR outlets because of their just BATSHIT CRAZY PSYCHOTIC INSANE attitude against it. I was at the point where I thought nothing shocked me about humanity, and then this happened, and now my feeling about humanity has sunk a whole other level that I didn't think was possible. Masks have sadly become a 'political' issue. Surprise, surprise! I read an incident reported by Rosanne Cash (Johnny Cash's daughter). She wrote: "My daughter lives in Nashville & wore her mask to buy groceries. Guy yells at her: 'Liberal p---y!'" Yup...'humanity' keeps lowering the bar for behavior that makes us human.
  6. 'And the Award goes to.... 'TO BE CONTINUED...' Applause to each & every cast member of this past year's shows. Your time will come, and your audience and your supporters will not forget! Alice PS Thanks Bill for the heads up.
  7. So much fun! Thanks for the heads-up. (And speaking of fun, it's kind of interesting to check out people's homes. I'd recognize a NYC kitchen in a heartbeat. Bwahahahaha!) I hope they raise some funds; they deserve it. It's pretty scary right now. Even for the 'big-name' performers. Thank goodness for NY's current non-eviction policy...hope the Gov/Mayor extends it... Alice
  8. GREAT trip report, Andy. Thanks!! But let's talk about: NeuroGen !! The PERFECT antidote to weeks of quarantine! (Thanks Larrygator for ur personal tour of NeuroGen. I wanna be there SO BAD right now! I can't believe that you couldn't get fellow trippers --- er I mean travelers -- to check it out! I'd be thru those doors in a 'New York Minute.') Alice "Turn on, tune in, drop out."
  9. Thanks, Bert. I love how creativity continues to flourish. You just can't keep good Talent down! (And that includes families from the 4 corners of our country who are saying, "Hey kids! Let's put on a show!") Alice
  10. " Well "Yarrr!" I learned something new...thanks! I always thought pirates said "arrgh." But Google agrees with you. They say "arr." Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum! Puleeeze KEEP him there! "Shelter-in-Place" DJT! (Sorry Liseberg, you don't deserve that. Maybe just an itty bitty quarantine?) Thanks Chuck for your 'nostalgia reports.' Even tho I wasn't on the trip, I feel nostalgic. (Denmark is beautiful. Was there ages ago & I'd love to go back.) Alice
  11. Thanks! I'd read about it but I can always count on YOU to keep us updated! ALICE
  12. 'A stranger in a strange land.' That's ME! It's kinda what I felt like reading your cool account of your birthday weekend in NYC & following you & your wife from show to show, store to store, eatery to eatery. Tho I live 'bout 2 miles from Times Square, I haven't been there in a few years (except theater related)...and you reminded me how much I've been missing. Now, I feel like I've lost so much time and need to revisit the good stuff I loved and all the NEW 'odds 'n bits' that I wasn't aware had sprung up! One thing I TOTALLY identified with is your love affair with Luke's Lobster. Altho it's a 'chain' - (there are a few in the city) - the lobster is flown in daily from its 'flagship' location in Maine. I often complain that the Upper West Side is lacking in cool places to eat, BUT -- I am blessed to have a Luke's Lobster Shack just a very few blocks from my home. Luke's gets the highest ratings and deserves it! It's literally "shack-sized," -- so people often 'take-out' or get delivery. (A GREAT little feast to enjoy in nearby Central or Riverside Park!) They fill up their buttery rolls with such generous pieces of lobster...dang they're way too close to me for my budget! (& now, oi, I'm getting emails from Luke's about its special 'stay-home' shipping offers!! ) Oh! One last "To-Do" at Luke's is its once-a-year Petrossian Caviar Lobster Roll. Check this out: https://www.lukeslobster.com/caviar-lobster-roll-is-back/ (Alas, I've never been fast enuf to snare one of em!) Thanks for your pro photos and your food tips. & Happy BELATED Birthday. Alice P.S. When I saw ur pic of the Hard Rock, at first I thought the BUS ad for Mt Sinai was part of its sign! 'Rock on and enjoy our fave hospital!' (That was NOT by the way, a NYC bus -- the MTA does NOT advertise "Gentlemen's Clubs!)
  13. Thanks Y! Nice to see performers addressing the issue of kids with not a heck of a lot to do! Thanks for your video. P.S. Now tell me what to do with a bored Shih Tzu in an apt!! (I'm trying to teach her the alphabet, but, dang, it's a slow process. Plus...she tells me that the ole "Sit, Stay, Down" et al is stale & totally lame!) Alice
  14. Bill, thanks for this bit of levity in these taxing times! As the "old sayin'" goes: Dark humor is like food; not everyone gets it Hope Canada is hanging in there (and you, too!) Alice
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