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  1. The last coaster I rode was Boulder Dash at Lake Compounce. I actually went up there increase my track record by riding Phobia Phear Coaster. Had I not done this, I would have failed to ride a new coaster each year since 1987. Boulder Dash
  2. I do not like any picture taken with a fish-eye lens or the equivalent thereof. They distort reality so much that I cannot discern anything useful regarding the subject.
  3. Based on the results shown, I have ridden 93 of the 126 North American woodies. Not too shabby for a geezer who is getting near the end of one of his favorite pastimes.
  4. In my humble opinion it's the Lakeside Cyclone. It was my most ridden coaster until I moved back to Pennsylvania. My friend Bill and I rode it ten more times on September 11, 2015 during my visit to Albuquerque, NM. This woodie has a great first drop and never fails to thrill without beating the crap out of you. We both agreed that the New Mexico Rattler was an entirely different story when we called it quits after two trips just two days later.
  5. I do indeed read the Monday Emails. However, only about half of the trip reports listed are of interest to me. It's still worth doing because everyone has different interests.
  6. Cousin Tony liked the Phoenix enough to have a second trip. He hasn't done much coasting over the years so we took it easy that day. We also had one ride each on Twister and Flying Turns, but didn't care to wait 45 minutes for Impulse. That can wait until next year.
  7. This would be the Phoenix with cousin Tony who had never been to Knoebels before. It was the first time we had ridden a coaster together since the summer of 1970.
  8. Hey Larry. I'm in the process of creating a text file of a trip my friend and I did back in 2001. I was wondering if there is a limit on the number of characters you can enter in this box. The reason is simply that this trip is a MONSTER (44 parks in almost 7 weeks) and will require a lot of text to do it justice. In any case, it won't be ready for another week or two.
  9. For sure it will be Knoebels because they have a new coaster and I live only 75 miles away.
  10. 1) Blu-ray and DVD 2) None 3) 3-4 (was a lot more years ago --- I'm old!) 4) No 5) About 5-10% and only if a link is supplied.
  11. For me it works better in the park index because it eliminates my confusion between the report and its responses.
  12. It was the Phoenix for me. It is one of the few woodies that I can ride all day long without any ill effects.
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