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Three closest parks near you

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I was wondering when the Central FL people would post.


I live over near the beach, so it's a bit more of a drive, but still not to shabby:


SeaWorld Orlando: 1.25 Hours

Universal Florida: 1.5 Hours

WDW: 1.5 Hours

Fun Spot: 1.5 Hours


All just guesstimates, but Orlando Locals know that these can change when idiots decide to drive on I-4...

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Technically the closest park to me is Boomers (about 20 minutes away), but as that is a FEC with a few amusement rides I don't count it. Therefore, the closest parks to me are (times represent no traffic transit times):


Disneyland Resort: 30 minutes

Knott's Berry Farm: 35 minutes

LEGOLAND California: 40 minutes


Scandia Amusement Park and Castle Amusement Park are within an hour as well. I also have Universal Studios Hollywood, SeaWorld San Diego, and Six Flags Magic Mountain within 2 hours of where I live, in addition to Mundo Divertido in Tijuana (which I've never been to and don't plan to visit).

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Major Theme/Amusement Parks:



-Six Flags over Georgia


Parks in general (including water parks)


-Wet 'n' Wild Emerald Pointe

-Great Wolf Lodge (Charlotte)


Sadly never visited Dollywood or Emerald Pointe.

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You might want to also check out the home park thread and closest coaster thread.


I'm going with the driving distances and lowest time estimates from Google Maps.


Oaks Amusement Park in Portland, Oregon: 12.9 miles/31 minutes

Enchanted Forest in Turner, Oregon: 54 miles/1 hour

Washington State Fair in Puyallup, Washington (only operates during 2 yearly fairs): 156 miles/2 hours, 34 minutes

Wild Waves in Federal Way, Washington: 159 miles/2 hours, 41 minutes

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1. Six Flags Over Georgia - About 2 hours

2. Dollywood - just over 4 hours

3. Carowinds - about 6 hours


This was tough to get used to after 20+ years of being 25 minutes from Knott's and about 2 hours from SFMM when I lived In California...but I have to say, Dollywood is now my #1 park, and SFOG is a great park to be close to as well.

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My current work building where I'm sitting right now is on the site of a former amusement park that even had a rollercoaster (Sega Mega World).


Luna Park 2 miles / 3.2 kilometres North

Merimbula's Magic Mountain 285 miles / 549 kilometres South

Sea World 536 miles / 836 kilometeres North

Luna Park Melbourne 545 miles / 877 kilometres South

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