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Three closest parks near you

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I got it easy.


Dorney: 10 minutes

Hershey: 1 hour

Six Flags Great Adventure/Knoebels (tie): 1 hour 15 minutes


Dutch Wonderland is in there somewhere in the 45 minute range, but that park doesn't really have anything there for me so I haven't been yet. Might head out next season with the new family coaster.

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Interesting topic. The three closest parks to me are:


1. Silver Dollar City, Branson, MO - 45 minutes

2. Route 66 Carousel Park, Joplin, MO - 75 minutes

3. Miner Mike's, Osage Beach, MO - 90 minutes

With the closure of Route 66 Carousel Park, my list has changed:


1. Silver Dollar City, Branson, MO - 45 minutes

2. Miner Mike's, Osage Beach, MO - 90 minutes

3. Worlds of Fun, Kansas City, MO - 2 hrs. 45 minutes

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1. SFFT (about 20 minutes without traffic, 30 with)

2. SWSA (about 25 minutes without traffic, 35 with)

3. ZDT's (about 45 minutes and there's never traffic)


I really really need to get to SWSA, if money weren't an issue I'd be all over that place.

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I'm kind of jealous of many of peoples closest parks here...lol. The only major park i live a decent amount away from is Great America(still an awesome park though by the way). The other two i mentioned are just ok. but also i noticed people counted parks that were like 3 hours away from them too. So im just glad i have Great America as close as it is.

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I was just wondering what are the three closest parks near you? You can put by how many miles or how long it usually takes to get there or both.


Sadly Magic Springs and Crystal Falls is the closest theme park to me. 125 miles, 2 hours 30 minutes.


Silver Dollar City: 163 miles 3 hours. (However, this is the park we visit the most)


Frontier City: 195 miles 3 hours (However we usually go to SFOT instead which is 4 hours away.)

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- Santa's Village


- Michigan's Adventure


I have no idea why we're counting video arcades around Chicago as amusement parks now. The enthusiast community always amazes me....

Yea I dont get that either....When you look up amusement park on google imagines you dont get pics of off-brand Chuck E Cheeses with putt putt golf.....you get pics of tons of coasters flat rides and waterparks....FECs are fun in their own way but to me they arnt considered amusement parks...the only FECs i consider an amusement park would be the ones that have full sized rides in the back. Of course those places are a thin line in between FECs and real amusement parks. However normal FECs to me arnt amusement parks...I have this old book from 2003 that mentioned all the amusement parks in America and Canada and for some reason the author included many FECs that only had kiddie rides. One place only focused around horse back riding go-carts and trains....It was like some road side attraction in Kentucky... My mom mentioned any place that offers some sort of "amusement" is considered an amusement park....In that case likes consider all places that offer fun and entertainment an amusement park. Movie theaters are amusement parks. Zoos are amusement parks. Concerts are amusement parks. You local playground is an amusement park. The adult clubs downtown are amusement parks. See how silly that sounds?

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