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Three closest parks near you

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Six Flags St Louis- Only 40 minutes from where I live. I try to go here weekly with friends.

Holiday World- Holiday World is about 3 hours from my house. I tend to go here every season, but usually only once or twice.

SDC/WOF- Both of these parks are about four and a half hours from me.

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I don't have my passport, so I'll need to eliminate American parks for now. Right now, if you discount Water parks (Calypso, Canada's biggest waterpark, is only a 25 minute drive from me), the closest parks to me are Six Flags La Ronde (~1.75 hours), Canada's Wonderland (5 hours) and Marineland (6 hours).


If you were to include American parks, I think the one at Lake George and Seabreeze in Rochester are technically closer than Marineland (they might be as close as Wonderland too, but the travel isn't as fast).

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Just a little further is Walibi Holland...


I like this arrangement! And I like all four parks, with their own individual

"personality". I wish there was something like all of this, near where I live.

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