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Three closest parks near you

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Mine are about the same.

1. Santa Monica Pier - via Hwy 1, 45.4 miles, 1 hour 2 minutes: A beautiful drive down the Pacific Coast Hwy. Traffic is usually fairly light. Unfortunately, I haven't had a reason to visit since I got my credit a long time ago, but I still do the drive all the time.


2. SFMM - via Hwy 126, 50.5 Miles, 1 hour 6 minutes: Another great drive, this one through scenic farmland. Rarely any traffic. Really doesn't help to prepare you for SFMM.


3. USH - via Hwy 101, 54.9 Miles, 1 hour 6 minutes (no traffic), 2+ hours (with traffic): A quick drive if there's no traffic, but it can suck otherwise.

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Enchanted Forest in Turner, Oregon: 54 miles/1 hour

Wild Waves in Federal Way, Washington: 159 miles/2 hours, 41 minutes


I totally forgot about these parks being so close to me, and I have been to both of them.

Forgive me Coaster Park Gawds for such an error in judgement.

(But those aren't my times = + 2-1/2 hours from Vancouver)

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Kings Dominion is 20 minutes away

Busch Gardens is 45-50 minutes away

Six Flags America is just under 2 hours


I might be moving to Colorado later this year so I guess this would change to Elitch Gardens, Lakeside, a bunch of FEC's, and Cliff's

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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (83 miles) is closest at 1 hour and 15 minutes.

California's Great America (143 miles) is a little over 2 hours away.

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (175 miles) and Gilroy Gardens (176 miles) are just about a tie at slightly under 3 hours.


All those times listed do depend on the traffic. We typically leave fairly early for park visits, so traffic usually isn't too much of an issue on a weekend.

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