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  1. I was actually wondering the same thing. Other than my visit to KD during spring break, the park has been pretty dead every other time I've gone so far this season. I went yesterday and the park was only somewhat crowded in the waterpark. I ended up waiting 1 train for I-305 at around 4:00, and not 20 minutes later, I practically walked onto Dominator.
  2. Alpengeist at BGW was a pretty big letdown. For an invert so huge it didn't provide as many forces as you'd think. The final part of the ride after the MCBR is really slow and boring also.
  3. I've always thought that Ricochet at Kings Dominion had some extremely abrupt brakes.
  4. The teaser definitely points to the name Centurion, which is the commander of a century in the ancient roman army, I should add.
  5. To add on about Rebel Yell, my ride on it last month was simply amazing. The amount of airtime in the front row was fantastic! Extremely smooth for a 40 year old coaster as well.
  6. Interesting... Drop Tower's catch car has been stuck in the same spot since my visit last Sunday...hope nothing too major is wrong with it. Thanks for the report. Looks like it was a lot of fun.
  7. The track configurations weren't meant to make black/gray-outs less frequent, but to keep the wheels on the trains from practically melting, rather. I've ridden I-305 with trims and with the track configurations MANY times and I've never grayed or blacked out. I get scared that it will happen to me every time I go down the first drop though
  8. Dominator is FAR better than some of the other B&Ms that I've been on. With that being said, I really hope the next big coaster ends up being a GCI since KD lacks a good modern day wooden coaster.
  9. Intimidator 305 - The turn at the bottom of the first drop where you can blackout very easily due to the intense forces. El Toro - The final "big drop" of the ride where it used to cross over Rolling Thunder. The extremely intense ejector airtime is insane! Hypersonic XLC (Demolished) - The launch was insanely intense. Going 0-80 MPH in under 2 seconds was an extreme experience.
  10. I'm going to have to say Intamin here. I have never walked off of any of their rides thinking that it was lame or boring, and their rides age extremely well compared to B&Ms (from my experiences), which is always a plus. Volcano at Kings Dominion is a perfect example. The ride is 16 years old and it is still the smoothest coaster I have ridden!
  11. I'm pretty sure it will stay as a rendering on the map throughout the year. (KD did it with I-305 for the 2010 map cover, and then they used a real picture of the ride the following year, for example.)
  12. Two coasters with red and yellow in their color schemes don't look that great next to each other...but Anaconda still looks great nonetheless. Glad KD is giving it a little bit of TLC.
  13. Things are looking fantastic. I'm really looking forward to Volcano's station upgrade. Hopefully the new queue section won't make the station feel so terribly cramped.
  14. Kings Dominion (15 minutes away) Busch Gardens Williamsburg (45 minutes away) Six Flags America (Somewhere around 2 hours away)
  15. I'm the same way. I'm 6 feet tall and I don't experience headbanging on Arrow coasters since my head is above the restraints. Anaconda is a fun ride in my opinion, and it could definitely use some TLC.
  16. ^^Runaway Mine Train is still an excellent "starter" coaster for kids. As for an RMC being added in Rolling Thunder's old spot, I highly doubt it...it would be nice though
  17. Ugh. My birthday is on Saturday and I'm gonna be spending my day alone..
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