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  1. Sorry if this has been posted but it looks like it could potentially have 4 train op. The rendering POV (I always take with a grain of salt) shows the transfer shed with 4 tracks. Taken from
  2. The one in KC from my understanding didn't even open last season. If they do buy it I could see them develop it into a sports park like in Sandusky.
  3. Side point/rant from the discussion... but why do these little park enthusiasts fb pages insist on plastering their photos with more then one watermark. It just screams I posted it first!! Sorry just had to vent for a second.
  4. That video reminds me of the fly cam on No limits but without clipping the supports.
  5. I know I'm like 4 months from the last post but I found this as to why they removed those track sections. https://www.parkz.com.au/article/2018/08/24/620-Track_comes_down_from_DC_Rivals_HyperCoaster_during_annual_maintenance.html
  6. This might be a stupid question but is Primers track (Sky Rocket) manufactured by the same place that's doing this track for S&S?
  7. Nah we wouldn’t talk about you, we’ve had far more interesting things happen than someone walking across the causeway. By the way walking on the causeway is prohibited due to the fact there is no sidewalk and that people speed over the high bridge and is such a major blind spot that it is very dangerous for anyone to walk across. We get calls almost every day to go pick someone up off the causeway that is walking, jogging, bike riding, and fishing. My suggestion is to get a cab and or Uber/lyft.
  8. That’s because they get a gimmick out of floorless trains. AKA: They can market more features to try and draw people to the park.
  9. It's Cedar Point... They need high capacity rides. They already have high capacity rides. But this ride is quite different than the high capacity coasters that have 3 or more train operations at the park. 1) This is the first modern roller coaster they have refurbished that's old, and wasn't started from scratch. RMC and the park had to work with what they had. This is quite a bit different than B&M or Intamin flattening an entire area of the park and starting with a clean slate. 2) There was no room for an unload/transfer-to-loading and/or doubleloading station like Millenniu
  10. if the brakes are magnetic the lighter the trains the faster the train will slow down... I first noticed this when I worked Maverick as when the train (empty) would enter the tunnel during our testing every morning the train would come to a crawl in the permanent fixed magnetic fins and we had to wait to send the next train up the lift or the train on the lift would rollback if the train in the tunnel hadn't moved into the launch section of the tunnel. but as soon as we start loading the trains with guest the trains would coast into the launch section with more speed than with the train being
  11. That model was made with Coasterdynamix (they don't sell the system anymore) which was developed long after Top Gun was put into the park
  12. For the sake of humanity if you're going to complain, can you at least use the correct grammar? Like use the proper there/ their/ they're, It really isn't that hard.
  13. I don't see how this any different from Coasterdynamix other than it looking like Arrow track and you have to buy the supports separately from a hardware store.
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