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  1. I saw Jurassic World at the weekend, I thought it looked really good with very impressive CGI. Shame about the storyline, but fro the box office figures I'm not sure too many people care! Inside out is next on my list, from what I've heard I can't wait to see it!
  2. Brakes are for wimps So jealous, it looks like you all had a great day!!
  3. Wow, theming of that scale and detail is rare, it's great seeing the whole area come together!
  4. No bad words about Muse please I'm liking what I've heard so far, bring on June!
  5. Blizzard beach for me, Typhoon Lagoon is great and all that but I just like a straightforward waterpark
  6. ^ I've seen what I assume is lazy mechanics leaving parts of trains off for better access etc. Things like wheels covers and other aesthetic pieces.
  7. I was jealous by the time I got to the A380 It looks like you had a great start (minus spiders!) I can't wait to see the rest!
  8. Well I survived Snowboarding in Utah last month with no broken bones so that's a bonus! I'm definitely not a die hard addict, I think a few days every couple of years is more than enough for me
  9. 2014 was the first year I haven't seen them at least once since '06, I'm a but of a Muse nut Yeah some of the stuff sounds really heavy and there's been some orchestral stuff too so hopefully we're in for another prog masterpiece!
  10. Ha! That's awesome It looks like a great family area, it's great to see them adding things for all age groups to the park.
  11. Coke Zero (standard!). We're seeing more freestyle machines in the UK now so I can make frankenstein sodas more often
  12. True, but at least our prices have gone down. Trust me I'd love the prices they're getting over the pond but i'll take £1.05/L in the mean time
  13. ^ I hope I could take you up on that offer but I doubt i'll make it work this year! And with the tunnel it should give a nice oblivion-like effect
  14. Mine's probably between Steel Dragon and the Ultimate, I'm not enough of a geek to know which one is longer though (honest!!)
  15. Wow, that's some serious construction going on there! It's good to see one of the best parks in Europe continuing to improve
  16. The more open trains on Steel Dragon were a cool touch so hopefully these continue the trend of random older Japanese coasters getting some love!
  17. Nice! Does the Honey Pot ride tie into any character or is it just a generic "spinning honey pot ride"?
  18. It's really interesting to see which characters are more popular over there and get tie-ins, is the current dining place a quick serve? I don't remember it at all!
  19. I just love the look of the theming this one, the track really suits the style they're going for. I'm not convinced that the ride will be that thrilling but it'll certainly look the part!!
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