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  1. You operate under the allusion that I care if you like me or not. I don't know you, don't care to know you, and you not liking me doesn't effect me one iota. Also we WERE discussing SDC and then for some reason it became a big deal about who I may or may not be - as if for some reason that was a huge deal and needed to be discussed in length. As far as the "current 'backstage, word on the street'" - you DO realize that is what this entire site is right? Anything that has not been specifically confirmed by the park in a press release has to come from somewhere and most of the time it is from people who either (1) work at the park that have seen or heard something OR (2) a member of the general public who has seen or heard something. Stop being so holier than thou with your stupid witch hunt or whatever the heck you think you're doing. Build a fucking bridge and get over it and get back to discussing this ride or the park or whatever is actually on topic. /rant Now if you give a damn about discussing this ride - the station has gone vertical and is now visible from outside the park. Most of the footers are now in place for the ride. Some supports and what I am guessing are parts for the station have arrived backstage. There is currently no track on site or at least none that is currently visible.
  2. Controlled as in the amount of friction applied to allow more or less spinning. Can't believe you were unable to figure that out yourself. Oh damn, and I would have gotten away with it if it hadn't been for you meddling kids.
  3. Well if you go off the spinning seat they added to Bluefire for testing, it was a free spin and would spin crazy at times and barely spin at others going through the course. I imagine the spinning with coincide with the storytelling of the ride especially if they are doing mega thematic elements along the course like the concept art depicts.
  4. The only issue with the Shot Rod comment is the theme stayed the same, just the name changed. They changed names on Outlaw Run too. It was originally just The Outlaw.
  5. I don't think it will be steam punk. If I remember correctly, the pitch was a scam artist selling rides back in time and as you go past the props he set up you realize you've been juked.
  6. So this happened... not sure how I feel about that theme. In other news, the station has gone vertical and is very visible from Indian Point road. New Trademark Filing
  7. Whatever it's called, you know what I mean and it's a shithole. Your entitled to your opinion and we're entitled to think your opinion sucks. They could say Coasters is in "South Africa" and it could work. They have Boomerangs in Africa
  8. Or at least downsize it a bit. I feel like it takes up most of the park lol! The Americana section is much bigger than the Africa section. It stretches from Coasters Cafe to Rip Cord.
  9. Fixed that for you! Dumb. It's one of the nicer parks in the chain. And it's the Africa section not Kongo (whatever the heck that is).
  10. Look closer young padwan, there's vertical construction in the gate/ticketing area
  11. Just the weekend through Monday. Wednesday shouldn't be an overly busy day. Correct Wednesday is usually the best day to go regardless of the time of year (if the park is open)
  12. You can tell it is the off season. How about some progress photos to break up the current trend of the thread? No more asphalt in Scandinavia Front Gate / Ticketing Catering Pavilion
  13. 1. What is the name of your home park? SDC, WOF, SFSTL 2. Do you own a coaster related T-shirt? Yes. Swag given out at media events 3. Do you enjoy Vekoma SLCs? No. 4. Name the first 3 coasters that come to mind. Millennium Force, Outlaw Run, Mamba 5. One park you would definitely never go back to is... Alabama Adventures 6. Have you ever ridden a drop tower taller than 200 feet? Yes. Both Zoomanjaro and Lex Luthor 7. What is your favorite roller coaster? Millennium Force 8. When you go to a park three things you must have with you are... Passport, Camera, Phone 9. How many times did you visit your home park last season? I lost track 10. The first Intamin coaster you rode is... I've ridden too many coasters to remember. 11. Have you ever spent an entire day at a park alone? Yes. 12. The independent park you go to the most is... SDC? If that doesn't count than HW or Adventureland 13. Does B&M or Intamin make better hyper coasters? Depends on the installation. Both companies have good and bad 14. If it was free, what upcharge ride what you jump on right now? The Skycoaster at Fun Spot 15. What is the best food at your home park? SDC only has good food 16. The name of the worst GCI you've ridden is... Gwazi or Wildcat 17. When you're not riding something at your home park where are you? People watching 18. Favorite water ride in a dry park (flume, rapids, etc) Jurassic Park 19. Do you get your photo taken with park mascots? Not usually 20. Name one personal item you've lost at a park. Wallet 21. Name of the worst B&M invert you're ridden is... Flight Deck 22. Name your favorite steel coaster under 125 feet tall. Cheetah Hunt 23. Name your favorite coaster/ride manufacturer? B&M 24. What waterpark have you visited most often? Oceans of Fun 25. The name of the fastest wooden coaster you have ridden is... Son of Beast 26. What is the name of the flat ride you've ridden the most? Flying Dutchman (just because of the # of years I've ridden it) 27. Name a ride-related injury you have suffered. Thigh bruise from the Boss 28. Favorite Halloween event at a park? HAUNT at WOF 29. Name the most recent Arrow ride or coaster you've been on... No idea 30. Name of your favorite ride that never leaves the ground (safari, train, bumper cars, etc) Frisco Silver Dollar Line 31. What ride makes you laugh the most? PowderKeg 32. How many RMC's have you ridden? All but 2 in the USA (Wicked Cyclone and Twisted Colossus) 33. Best flat that goes over 100 feet is... Windseeker 34. When you are on your way to your home park what is one worry that you might have? Will the park be overrun with kU fans today 35. Favorite park that is NOT your home park is ___________. BGW 36. How many different parks did you go to last season? A lot 37. The indoor coaster/dark ride you ride most often is... Fire in the Hole 38. When you spend the day at the park what do you drink all day? Water and Soda 39. The name of the best B&M you've ridden is? Fury, Krypton Coaster, Leviathan 40. Name three other forum members that will fill this out... Don't care
  14. Based on the land size cleared in the old boneyard for the new pavilions, I imagine it will probably look a lot like the one going in at Dorney. The spokesperson for DP said that their project was a multi-million dollar investment. So that throws your numbers off a tad (like I suspected). I'm attaching artwork for Dorney's Pavilion. I assume WOF's Pavilion will look similar.
  15. No, we are just going off of their past installments. The park hasn't gotten a "large" coaster since 2009. . . If you can even count Prowler as a "large" coaster. WOF seems to be the black sheep of the Cedar Fair chain. They haven't spent a lot on a large coaster in 8 years now, and what's to make us think they are going to change that?? Hope? No thanks. Till they prove us wrong, and plop down a massive GOOD coaster, it's not even worth speculating. And we both know why that's the case. CF bought the Paramount Parks and took on a butt load of debt. The Paramount Parks were not really up to the levels they should have been. WOF really has no major competitor and for the market-size it really did not need a huge new coaster at the time. Again, it's only the enthusi-asses who make up crap that says WOF will never get a large GOOD coaster again. They're usually the same ones who think CF will never work with Intamin again too.
  16. The park could quite literally get any type of coaster. It's really only the enthusi-asses that are convinced WOF will never get a large coaster again. However I honestly think 2018 will probably bring a used Tornado slide to OOF and maybe another flat to WOF. I doubt that anything major would be added due to the 50th but hopefully they can do some nostalgia additions like they've done for KD.
  17. Let's be honest, the ride portion is not really worth waiting for if you've already done it once.
  18. I included that in my estimate. WinterFest is probably the biggest investment of 2017 at WOF. It will be a big investment but I'm not sold it will cost more than the new front gate area or the new catering village. They're doing a bunch of infrastructure work this year which makes me wonder what they're gearing up for here at the park.
  19. Superman Krypton Coaster at Fiesta Texas is by far the best floorless
  20. If it's like Cobras Curse then I don't mind. But if it's nothing but vomit inducing spinning, then please god, no!! I can't see it being allowed to spin on the launch.
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