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  1. Yeah, if season long flash pass gold was for all SF parks .... my reaction would be ... SCHWING!
  2. I'll admit that the Reaper Railways is cool (especially when pitch dark, seeing the rarely used picnic grounds and going behind Hall Manor); but I do miss the walkthrough mazes
  3. Roar at Six Flags America at Hallowfest (In my opinion, it does run better in the colder weather)
  4. Damn, I wouldn't mind riding Toro, Nitro, Superman: Ultimate Flight, Bizarro, etc in a rainstorm!
  5. Dick Rock Falls being removed .... guess it wasn't hard enough to stand up And what ... Kentucky not enforcing mask regulations? I'm shocked I tell you!
  6. They need to Riddler Revenge with new Vest restraint trains to this and Kong at SFDK. Then send the the old trains to DL which could really use the old parts I say give Mind Eraser the full on treatment (new trains & re-tracking) that Great Nor'Easter got. And as far as SLC's go, some have said that Kong is even worse than ME.
  7. I'm not too upset about the other ME train being out of service But I wonder why the blue S:ROS train was disassembled?
  8. What the frick, I'll end up doing this. I wonder why SFA isn't doing September weekends for Hallowfest like Great Adventure is?
  9. I put mask compliance at over. I think people are smarter than they let on .....
  10. It depends on the ride but every ride except Wonder Woman should have a very short wait. When I went back on the 5th, later in the day; Batman & Nitro even had 20 minute waits. At one point, I wasn't even able to make a reservation for Nitro.
  11. I was there yesterday as well. Figuring "well with reduced capacity, might as well use my brain and get a (Gold) Flash Pass". Really didn't have that long a wait for the most part; except for Wonder Woman. Later in the day, even Batman and Nitro (one point, the FP did say line full) had 20 minute waits.
  12. Hmm ... surprised to hear Nitro is closed. Hopefully it's not a bad thing ....
  13. Well looks like I'll be (hopefully) able to marathon Batman: The Ride, Nitro, El Toro and Bizarro.
  14. Well when I went twice last year (opening weekend which turned out to be a 4pm rainout and once last September); those were days when I was able to get the ride all day passes/bands. I was able to do Phoenix a dozen times, Twister 7 times, Impulse 4 times. Plus a bunch of the flats which I didn't keep count of.
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