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  1. Ah, Stricker's Grove is the Diamond trophy among coaster enthusiasts
  2. What's the most times in a row any of you have ridden Phoenix?
  3. So what do you think King's Dominion will receive (if anything) from California's Great America when it closes?
  4. So I went yesterday and of course Batwing was closed most of the day. I'm not even going to bother with speculating on it's future because the park will keep it running until it done dies.
  5. I'm guessing CGA wasn't a big maker for Cedar Fair. They'll probably send Grizzly to Michigan's Adventure as a middle finger Rail blazer may go to King's Dominion or Dorney Park, Patriot may go to .... Valleyfair, Flight Deck may go to Canada's Wonderland. Now what rides go where, or do they pull an Elitch Gardens and move somewhere else?
  6. When I went back on April 12th, I noticed some retracking/fresh wood on Roar. Good progress, I'd prefer Titan Tracking and MF trains though. And I wonder how much longer Batwing stays around. It usually opens an hour later than the other rides, and maintenance dreads working on it. I know the second train was repurposed for a parts donor, but with no fresh parts being made for Flying Dutchmans anymore you got to wonder ...
  7. Do you think that Hurler will eventually get some kind of conversion (be it Titan Tracking from GCI, or some kind of RMC conversion) or will it be scrapped entirely? And is it as rough as SFoG's GASM?
  8. Without going into too much detail, I made a post that was political in nature (about the Russian invasion of Ukraine about a prominent media figure) and said post was flagged as inflammatory/threatening. As it was my third such infraction, I had a weeklong posting ban overall from FB as well as a month long ban from posting in groups and my posts would be moved lower in feed.
  9. (Haven't posted in a few hot minutes here because I've been to busy with work, and because of a Facebook jail sentence, I still have 11 more days until I can post in groups again) Yeah with Flash Pass going mobile only, not only will it chew up battery life (I remedied that by turning on my phone's battery saver mode) and data use as the park's WiFi is spotty as frick; but what about rides where no phones are allowed (El Toro, The Joker, Kingda Ka)?
  10. According to the calendar on their site, opening weekend for the 2022 season is April 2-3.
  11. So I'll be heading up there next Wednesday. The vibe I'm getting is that splurging for a Flash Pass in unnecessary?
  12. Don't know how exciting HITP will be here; considering Gotham City is closed off. May as well check it out one day.
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