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  1. So I'll definitely be there opening weekend. Operating schedule is up, and obviously I know hours are subject to change.
  2. Easy choice there .... taking out a ride that can't operate in colder weather and putting in a Raptor :)
  3. I literally to do a double take to make sure what I saw was real ..... March 6-7 opening weekend! At the very least, Roar will be good in cold weather and I'll make sure to give Mind Eraser another #1 salute! And why has Cedar Fair dropped the ball on opening dates this year?
  4. If there are no further COVID 19 restrictions, I would assume the park's 2021 Opening Weekend will be its usual last weekend of March or first weekend of April?
  5. Roar is the only GCI Coaster that runs with PTC trains (if I'm wrong, my fault). And well another SFA season comes to a close; I didn't even go yesterday because it was raining. I am looking forward to Harley Quinn Spinsanity for the 2021 season; as well as more rides on Superman: Ride of Steel (and hopefully the blue train will be back). I also hope that next season will be it for Batwing/Blizzard River or both of them! And of course I must give an appropriate salute to Mind Eraser .....
  6. I'm glad I got to make my trips to Great Adventure in the fustercluck COVID season. Hopefully in 2021, Houdini's Great Escape will be able to reopen.
  7. 1. I busted out laughing at that! 2. Truly a sign hell is freezing over .... And let me add 3. Going by what Magic Mountain is doing, the speed limit is 5 mph; which is higher than Lightning Rod on most days!
  8. 1. I also know that the Log Flume was down all season (unlike Cyborg; I would have liked to have done Log Flume this year). Bunch of retracking? 2. I completely understand why Kingda Ka can't operate for HITP; but just imagine how nucking futs it would be in this colder weather! 3. That being said, I'm just grateful that they're doing HITP during a pandemic!
  9. I was glad to see that the park was doing the "bonus weekends in November before Holiday in the Park" bit that Great Adventure does. Of course, I went today because I had to get in my last laps of Superman: Ride of Steel before in closes for the season. Cool overcast day with not much in the way of crowds (and no stunt show today). And they also had the HITP decorations set up. I'll give it a try, I mean it's unfortunate they can't run S:ROS, WW:LOT, BW and JJ for HITHP. And of course I had to give ME a proper salute
  10. According to RCDB, in addition to Predator; Dinn has 3 remaining coasters left that THEY built (for the sake of clarity, I'm not counting their reconstructions/relocations of Wildcat, Phoenix and Giant Coaster/Wild One): Thunder Run (Kentucky Kingdom); Timber Wolf (Worlds of Fun) and Wolverine Wildcat (Michigan's Adventure). I'm assuming Titan Track will be less expensive that Iron Horse/Topper Track?
  11. Are the other Tourbillon installations maintenance headaches like Cyborg is? At any ride, I rode in a couple of times and was like "Meh, WW:LOT is more intense" And if Cyborg got removed, not sure what else they could put there (only thing I could think of would be a decent flat or a Sky Rocket II).
  12. So I went this weekend (Saturday & Sunday) to Hallowfest and while Saturday was nice; Sunday was pouring rain for about an hour (Nitro & Batman: The Ride in rain is awesome!) then actually pleasant and cool the rest of the day. Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth is AMAZING at night/colder weather. And has Cyborg been down all season long?
  13. I find stand up coasters awkward to ride because of getting my ears/shoulders banged on the OTSR's and my balls getting bounced on the bicycle seat! :D
  14. I can understand the signs warning about rowdy behavior, but .... why the addition about marijuana smoking? Never smoked it in my life, but I'd like to thing riding coasters while high as a kite would be fun
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