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  1. Any idea on what the park might get for 2022? I realize that none of these ideas will likely happen; but stranger shit has happened before! 1. Roar finally gets the Iron Horse treatment 2. Shipwreck Falls gets dismantled (seems to be a trend lately of Shoot the Chutes rides going away) 3. Penguin's Blizzard River gets taken out in favor of an RMC Raptor
  2. My visit was this past Sunday, but didn't get around to posting until last night. Well I saw the Blue train for Superman was on the transfer track (they usually don't put the second train on Superman until Memorial Day weekend; though Wild One and Roar were both running two trains) and the Red train was stuck in the station all day. I think the ride op side some kind of power issue or chain issue let to them not be able to do any test runs so the ride didn't open.
  3. Yup, glad to see this opening up. Of course it did have good lines throughout the day (May 16th); and it did have a few minor technical issues. Got 5 rides on this, took the sting out of Superman: Ride of Steel being down all day (while Batwing was open all day; which is something I thought I'd never see!) And already there is a broken phone beneath one portion of the sliding platform!
  4. And to think I nearly decided to change my park loyalty from Six Flags to Cedar Fair!
  5. Well I'm looking forward to Harley Quinn Spinsanity opening this weekend!
  6. Has Goliath always been a rough ride; even with the original Vekoma train?
  7. I never thought I'd see the day where they have quick dispatches on Batwing! Wonder if they'll ever put the 2nd train for it back on the track (unless it's being used as a parts donor). As much as I've wondered if it'll ever be gone; I give the park credit for keeping it going!
  8. The other thing about Bizarro is some riders clicking their seatbelt release latches while waiting on the break run.
  9. Glad they're doing El Toro maintenance now rather than during peak summer season. As usual, Nitro dispatches are quick; when they use all 3 trains, that's .... how many riders per hour? Also, is the 3rd train for Bizarro only used during peak summer season?
  10. Bert, I feel bad that you have a Pucking Frick for a governor.
  11. 1. Maybe they're waiting until spring/summer to put the second train on JJ's track. 2. I didn't see ME's second train in use at all last year. 3. Only once have I seen two train operations on Batwing 3a. Perhaps at this point the other train is being used as a parts donor?
  12. I just checked out the Six Flags America thread here and noticed that Zoomazon Falls is the ride that is being cut (so far, the confirmed subtractions we have are this, Sky Buckets at SFOG, and La Ronde isn't bothering to construct Vipre this year, and the aforementioned Tower of Power at SFSTL). This one took me as a bit of a surprise: Zoomazon Falls seemed to get decent crowds in the water park. I would have thought Penguin's Blizzard River or Shipwreck Falls would have been axed.
  13. Well I was there this past Sunday; temperatures were about 45 degrees which kept the crowds minimal. Everything (except for Ragin Cajun) was one train operations. Early in the season, I was surprised at how quick they was moving, though Superman: Ride of Steel did get stuck on the brake run a couple of times! (it's currently running the Red train, the blue one is on the transfer track). The Macho Nacho place does have the shrimp quesadillas/shrimp tacos, but oddly enough I was NOT able to use my dining pass on either of those; specifically I was told that those items weren't even on the meal plan! I was thinking internally to myself "Look numb-nuts, those items are listed on your board as being able to use the dining pass on!". But I just walked away .... thinking "maybe early in the season, their systems aren't updated yet". Yeah it's the 2nd GCI ever built (and the ONLY one that runs with PTC trains as far as I'm aware) which means it's bumpy as frick; but in colder weather, I can tolerate this coaster. And I'm also aware that said trains are shipped up to PTC in the off-season for refurbishment. I'm hoping for a future makeover (whether it's Millennium Flyer trains and Titan Track by GCI, Iron Horsed by RMC or even retracked and Timberliner trains by Gravity Group). Thumbs up to the Wild One; first roller coaster I ever did solo at the age of 7 (back in the Wild World era and way before I learned to sit in the middle rows of 2 x 3 x 4 PTC trains!).
  14. As for SFA ride removals, I've always speculated that one of these three could be taken out: 1. Shipwreck Falls - well it seems to be a trend lately of these 'Shoot the Chutes' rides being taken out. That and said rides; while they don't take up large plots of land; do not operate early/late in the season because of colder weather. 2. Penguin's Blizzard River - same reasons as #1. And the water in PBR seems to smell really bad. 3. Batwing - lot of downtime. I remember in 2019, it barely operated at all.
  15. I just regret spending years (late 90's-2016) not going to amusement parks in general
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