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  1. From the Six Flags America FB page: Six Flags America in celebration of its 25th Anniversary year, will get a newly-themed SteamTown – where the past meets the future. This redeveloped steampunk realm coming in 2024 will include: A whole new storyline The all-new SteamWhirler family thrill ride Three re-imagined attractions Return of the award-winning stunt show New food and retail offers Plus, more surprises to be announced Okay I was not expecting this. Perhaps Mind Eraser is getting re-tracked. And it was strange not having a stunt show this year.
  2. 1. Wasn't Best of the West an original food place? 2. VIP Garden? And had Houdini been closed all season? 3 and 4. Wouldn't surprise me if Six Flags did that. But hey, at least El Toro is testing.
  3. Those are all interesting points. Now which do you think would be the best makeover for Roar: RMC Iron Horse or GCI Titan Tracking/MF trains?
  4. The map of Six Flags America as of today: Yeah, they chopped off the whole Coyote Creek area so no Mind Eraser, Rodeo or Rapids Ride; and no Whistlestop Park kids area. I'm assuming those will open up in the summer when staffing is better, etc. Then again, if Mind Eraser goes away .... let's celebrate! edit: Also looked on their site and saw about Superman "Soaring again later this spring" And I think they're making Hurricane Harbor a separate gate.
  5. I don't remember that but it sure done sound amusing! And long time no see. And as for your signature, at this point I don't see Roar getting RMC'd or Mind Eraser getting new trains. More likely Roar gets Titan Tracked and Mind Eraser ... exists.
  6. Is this one of those Selim ideas or just GADv management ideas? Meanwhile, I'm just sitting (not so) pretty with my legacy Diamond Elite membership I bought in 2018
  7. On a related note, what ever happened to Mitch Hawker? All I know is that the last year he actually did his coaster polls was 2013 (for the best of 2012, if I'm wrong; please correct me) after running them since 1998 or 1999.
  8. So for those that went to opening weekend of Fright Fest this year .... how were the crowds?
  9. Didn't Medusa/Bizzaro used to run 3 trains? Me personally, I found it unnecessary because with good operations, you won't have stacking. Methinks train 3 became a parts donor.
  10. In case anyone cares (or not) ... an image with the special events at Six Flags America for the 2023 season: (source https://www.sixflags.com/america/events) Interesting that Holiday in The Park is not listed. No great shakes there .... with Gotham City closed (no Superman: Ride of Steel, Joker's Jinx, WW:LOT, Harley Quinn Spinsanity) .... not much to do at SFA for HITP anyway.
  11. No they don't. When I went to Great Adventure this summer, I used the Flash Pass on mobile. It's a pain the ass because 1. You have to make sure your battery doesn't go all the way dead (which can be mitigated by changing battery settings and keeping the screen off when not in use) 2. You will have to put your phone in a locked on rides with strict no loose article policies.
  12. How many LSM's/how much power would been needed for TTD to make it over the top hat? And yeah .... no wonder Cedar Fair don't like Intamin!
  13. I've read rumors that the Northern Star Arena might be on the chopping block in the future. If it does get removed .... well, new coaster?
  14. I'm assuming because of lower attendance/budgetary reasons the 3D goggle for JL:BFM have been removed? And as for the coasters, you think The Boss will ever get Titan Tracked?
  15. Weren't the original Premier Rides trains used for Son of Beast very bulky as well? Actually, didn't all of the RCCA Wooden Coasters use Premier trains? (I know Bandit used to use Intamin trains)
  16. So I did go up yesterday .... damn it was dead. Coaster count: Kingda Ka 5 Batman: The Ride 3 Nitro 5 Log Flume 1 Medusa 2 Joker 1 Justice League 1 (no 3d glasses) Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth 1 Skull Mountain 1 Zumanjaro 1 Houdini's Great Escape 1 Green Lantern 1 Jersey Devil 5 Only real wait was Superman: Ultimate Flight because of one train operations. Never thought I'd see the day where I'd just walk on to Jersey Devil. Of course, Kingda Ka had a 10 minute breakdown when I was in the station; but I toughed it out dammit. The ride ops were actually making people fill in all rows. Of course I like to scream random nonsense while waiting to launch (Arms up or you're a chode smoker!) and the brake run (Titty sprinkles for everyone! I got a coaster boner!)
  17. Well I'll be taking a trip up there tomorrow (last visit of the summer season). Though El Toro is down; at least with lower crowds (as per what I've been reading in this thread the last few pages) I won't need to spend on a Flash Pass
  18. Hope none of the injuries are bad. And what of the future of El Toro? Maybe it's time to Titan Track the bull? Won't stop me from taking a trip next Tuesday, at least with dead crowds I won't need to buy a Flash Pass
  19. So the point of them putting those boneyard items up out in the open is ....?
  20. Fair enough. If I make it up for HITP .... looking forward to marathoning Nitro in cold weather (I recall from past posts temperatures have been in the teens and Nitro still runs)
  21. If Mind Eraser is on fire .... let us all dance a jig of glee and have plenty of alcohol to celebrate!
  22. Do you think crowds will pick up any bit for Fright Fest and/or Holiday in the Park? I don't do Flash Pass for HITP; but I've done so for FF. With lower crowds this year, maybe FP isn't worth it (rides or mazes) for FF.
  23. Sometimes I wonder if the future for Six Flags America is bleak. I mean I like Wild One, Superman: Ride of Steel, Joker's Jinx, Harley Quinn Crazy Spin .... but they have protentional, just .... there's a je ne sais quoi about it all? But hey, no Mind Eraser to torment people
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