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  1. So I went yesterday and of course Batwing was closed most of the day. I'm not even going to bother with speculating on it's future because the park will keep it running until it done dies.
  2. I'm guessing CGA wasn't a big maker for Cedar Fair. They'll probably send Grizzly to Michigan's Adventure as a middle finger Rail blazer may go to King's Dominion or Dorney Park, Patriot may go to .... Valleyfair, Flight Deck may go to Canada's Wonderland. Now what rides go where, or do they pull an Elitch Gardens and move somewhere else?
  3. When I went back on April 12th, I noticed some retracking/fresh wood on Roar. Good progress, I'd prefer Titan Tracking and MF trains though. And I wonder how much longer Batwing stays around. It usually opens an hour later than the other rides, and maintenance dreads working on it. I know the second train was repurposed for a parts donor, but with no fresh parts being made for Flying Dutchmans anymore you got to wonder ...
  4. Do you think that Hurler will eventually get some kind of conversion (be it Titan Tracking from GCI, or some kind of RMC conversion) or will it be scrapped entirely? And is it as rough as SFoG's GASM?
  5. Without going into too much detail, I made a post that was political in nature (about the Russian invasion of Ukraine about a prominent media figure) and said post was flagged as inflammatory/threatening. As it was my third such infraction, I had a weeklong posting ban overall from FB as well as a month long ban from posting in groups and my posts would be moved lower in feed.
  6. (Haven't posted in a few hot minutes here because I've been to busy with work, and because of a Facebook jail sentence, I still have 11 more days until I can post in groups again) Yeah with Flash Pass going mobile only, not only will it chew up battery life (I remedied that by turning on my phone's battery saver mode) and data use as the park's WiFi is spotty as frick; but what about rides where no phones are allowed (El Toro, The Joker, Kingda Ka)?
  7. According to the calendar on their site, opening weekend for the 2022 season is April 2-3.
  8. So I'll be heading up there next Wednesday. The vibe I'm getting is that splurging for a Flash Pass in unnecessary?
  9. Don't know how exciting HITP will be here; considering Gotham City is closed off. May as well check it out one day.
  10. I've gone up there a couple of times for "bonus" days. The crowds there were decent size but not the fustercluck of Fright Fest. Of course, said bonus days are the last days everything beyond the Boardwalk (Kingda Ka, Zumanjaro, Bizarro, etc) is in operation.
  11. Anyone here have any sort of idea which coaster in the KI lineup has had the most number of riders for the '21 season so far? My raw guess would be The Beast or Orion?
  12. Finally at a decent weight; 193. At the start of park season I was 254. I don't eat out anymore; including parks. I just keep my minimal food in an insulated bag in my car for when I leave. I do drink a lot of water though.
  13. The usual opening weekend for the park in either the last weekend of March or the first weekend of April.
  14. MisterBrow, As far as I'm aware, Vekoma doesn't even provide spare parts for Flying Dutchmans anymore (I think the second BW train is a parts donor now) and it's up to maintenance at the park to keep the ride going. But I like your idea of bulldozing it and making it a parking lot; it certainly has more uptime than Batwing! Yeah, I haven't seen any cheap HP sales like the SF flash sale; but maybe a change for a year will do me good. And of course, DC traffic is a ballbreaker!
  15. So I actually managed to do Fright Fest last night. Weather was very unseasonable for early October (high of about 80 and only dipped to 72 at night); whereas with past Fright Fests I've had to wear long shirts/pants and one time in 2016; the day was actually halted early because of heavy rain. But anyhow, it just felt weird this year. Maybe it was the aftermath of the early closure after the fights on September 25th? Also interesting with two of the mazes (Twisted Fairy Tales & Total Damnation) opening at 4pm. As usual, the longest line was of course The Haunting of Hall Manor; this year the path went a way where you could actually see part of the Manor house itself (past years have seen the path take routes where you could see the crumbling interior). Dead Man's Party in the stunt arena was just .... meh. Another show in the BBQ saloon was ok; but there was actually a magic show (Aaron Radatz) in the Grand Theater. Overall, even though Fright Fest this year at SFA seemed dull to me (post COVID hangover); it was glad to see a Grand Theater show for the first time since 2019!
  16. True, they've always sold the regular/express line passes for the mazes. I'm also mixed about renewing my membership for 2022. If I do change, I may do Hershey Park
  17. So after closing early on Saturday night because of fights, this: Six Flags America Fright Fest to close early after fights. Yeah, next year I could totally see them doing some kind of age restriction thing.
  18. 1. Isn't that the same policy that Kennywood has? 2. Yeah a 21+ restriction would really cut down attendance!
  19. So I made it up there yesterday (my pattern since I resumed going to Knoebel's in 2019 is going opening weekend and one of the September weekends). Yeah several rides were not in operation; which I do understand because of post-peak season staffing and such. And the Crystal Ballroom Arcade/XD motion theater has apparently been SBNO this year? Very good crowds, even had both trains running for Phoenix and Twister!
  20. Damn, I've always read that a night ride on Beast is a must for coaster enthusiasts!
  21. Which is more likely for the future of The Boss (and is it a better ride since the 2018 reprofile?) RMC Iron Horse Makeover RMC Topper Track Makeover GCI Titan Tracking The pre-cut tracking under development by Gravity Group None of these!
  22. More random thoughts here: Me personally dropping weight made me have more fun at the park this year because a. I wasn't being stapled into restraints and b. I could actually be shirtless at Hurricane Harbor! (I don't care about being fit/toned; just happy the pounds are down) Assuming at some point Shipwreck Falls and/or Renegade Rapids get scrapped (seems to be the trend for those types of attractions being removed); what if anything replaces them? My opinion is that the RR plot could be used for an RMC Raptor and the SF plot could be used for a Sky Rocket 2. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I know those two ideas have no chance of ever happening (and I should stop using that DC area crack!)
  23. So I've seen that on some of the Fright Fest nights, they're open until Midnight What's been the latest at night you've ever ridden on a coaster?
  24. So now that Kingda Ka & Zumanjaro can run at the same time; have the operations for both gotten any quicker?
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