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  1. I have to giggle at how it's been suggested elsewhere (non-theme park people) that Disney can just up and find another location and establish what they have in Orlando as a result of this political mess. That being said, could this result in Disney at least floating the idea of spending cash/improving their other properties and trying to deflect guests into going to their other parks if things continue to be problematic in Florida? Obviously Disney alone is probably 1/3 of central Florida's economy, so they hold many of the cards here. It seems like Disney has the power to do this subtly over time, and could result in a "death by one thousand cuts" scenario for Orlando if things play out long enough.
  2. Do you honestly think that you will be skipping every other year on a SF pass? Cause that is what you are paying. Even if you run a month or two extra before cancelling, you are only $50 or less over the yearly membership cost instead of double. Over 5 years, you are paying an extra $500-1000. That's an entire theme park vacation in many cases. It's your money, you can spend how you want. But this is NOT solid financial advice for anyone who actually has to watch their income/spending, and can't just throw money away without thinking...
  3. The issue is going to be finding a ride back to Cleveland. Sandusky isn't that big and the pool for Uber/Lift is fairly small. Finding a driver who wants to do the 2.5 hour round trip could be difficult, especially if you need to travel at an off time.
  4. The weekend of Sept. 25 should be the first weekend of Freight Fest assuming that we are back on the "traditional" schedule. Fright Fest is just a single admission for the day, open to close. All major rides should normally operate except for water rides. Flash Pass would need to be either Gold or Platinum. FF is the one time where having a Platinum can be a bit more efficient than a Gold. You also will have Maxx Force on Platinum.
  5. SFGAm and yes, it held true. Because of the slow ops you were 20-40 minutes till you were exiting and yes, you were able to just walk right to your next ride and get through.
  6. Fair enough. My reference is Great America, Great Adventure, and New England. Platinum was absolutely a waste of money (save for PLATINUM ONLY rides) because of what I described. We gained zero extra time on our days using the pass. I will admit that I am crowd savvy however and actively avoid obvious busy days (Holidays, Saturdays, etc).
  7. The TX parks must be different then. Almost none of the rides that I have come across put you directly in the station and outside in less than 15 minutes. Also I've never had it to where the person scanning/clearing your flash pass isn't well outside the station. Unless you are stuck going on July 3rd or a Fright Fest Saturday, I have NEVER seen a gold wait time over 40 minutes. That certainly ISN'T the norm by far. Like I said, 90% of the time your next ride is ready by the time you are walking out the exit turnstile and another 7% of the time your ride is ready by the time you lazily walk to the next location. If it's stupid busy, then yea, take a break. But that is by far the minority exception to the FP use pattern that most of us will experience.
  8. Also point of note for those new to the system used by Six Flags: Realize that "Platinum" level is basically buying you access to an additional ride or two and not necessarily saving you time, per se, despite what the marketing material may say. In many cases after you go through the FP entrance, it will take you 15-30 minutes to complete your ride and reach the exit. If you have "Platinum" FP, your next ride selection will start buzzing shortly after you select it. With Gold, you may have to wait 20 minutes before the FP is buzzing saying it's ready. Well, since it takes 20 minutes to complete your current ride, and another 10 minutes to walk to the next ride, both the "gold" and "platinum" FP people will have the exact same wait in reality.
  9. God Dammit. I picked up the Sapphire in the beginning of May since I was going to purchase new furniture and had the cash on hand to cover it along with some other upcoming travel expenses that would easily cover the $4,000. I got 80K points. >=(
  10. At $20/hour, you are probably looking at $1100-1300 for 80 hours per paycheck since there are no benefits taken out. It's not bad. But at the same time, turnover will still happen. People won't want to be talked down to. People will be sick of dealing with other people. It's also a job that has "full time" pay for only 3 months. The other 4-5 months of employment are significantly less than that. It's a band-aid on a knife wound.
  11. Mostly clones? V2, Joker, and Superman, sure. But everything else is unique. Batman is the ORIGINAL B&M Invert, so sure, that coaster is in 10 other parks, but this was the start of that. That alone has to be worth something.
  12. Yes... I posted about it in the SF Corporate thread... It was company wide as I am a member at SFGAm...
  13. What exactly is a "Golden Friend Ticket"? That along with two additional skip the line passes are the incentive for me to keep paying into my Diamond Elite membership that has been unused since Dec. 2019. As I stated in this thread earlier, I kept paying during 2020 as I viewed it as an advanced payment for 2021.... At this point I really don't see the benefit for me to pay an additional $100 to keep my membership active until March 2021. As is, I am already getting 2021 free since SF owes me March-Sept. + 3 months "free" at the end of my membership.
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