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  1. Mostly clones? V2, Joker, and Superman, sure. But everything else is unique. Batman is the ORIGINAL B&M Invert, so sure, that coaster is in 10 other parks, but this was the start of that. That alone has to be worth something.
  2. Yes... I posted about it in the SF Corporate thread... It was company wide as I am a member at SFGAm...
  3. What exactly is a "Golden Friend Ticket"? That along with two additional skip the line passes are the incentive for me to keep paying into my Diamond Elite membership that has been unused since Dec. 2019. As I stated in this thread earlier, I kept paying during 2020 as I viewed it as an advanced payment for 2021.... At this point I really don't see the benefit for me to pay an additional $100 to keep my membership active until March 2021. As is, I am already getting 2021 free since SF owes me March-Sept. + 3 months "free" at the end of my membership.
  4. Well, here we are in Aug. and I've been paying into my Diamond Elite membership for a full season now without any use. I think it's time to pull the plug since I can essentially get 2021 for free now since SF has said that I will be comped for any months that I paid in, but was not able to use my pass at my home park (SFGAm)... This really kind of sucks and I really hope that they will stand by their offer, given that the overall picture looks bleak heading into 2021, 2022 and beyond.... I'm curious how many people they were able to convince to keep paying in....
  5. Like I said, Illinois has been one of the most cautious states in opening. Because of that, Amusement Parks are going to be one of the last things to open. It sucks, but that is how IL is handling this.
  6. In Illinois, theme parks would fall under Phase 5, which is the final phase in reopening. At this point I wouldn't expect there to be a 2020 season. Illinois has been one of the most cautious states in reopening and given the results that FL and TX are seeing with their reopening, I firmly believe that large scale gatherings won't happen here for the foreseeable future...
  7. I'd wager to say that although it's unlikely, damage seems plausible with this. This isn't something new however. It went so far as to become a sitcom gag (Simpsons Season 2 ---> Discount Lion Safari). I dunno how prevalent drive thru safari types of places were, but the concept was out there enough to establish itself in pop culture.
  8. I wonder what the penalty will be for this. I'd like to see it carry some weight, like a $50 no-show fee, but I'm not holding my breath
  9. Many of the jobs that are still working are jobs that most people wouldn't have given a glance at six months ago if they were offered the job. It's not as cut and dry as people want to make it seem.
  10. At this point it's quite clear that COVID isn't going away anytime soon.
  11. I don't think you can conceive how much most of the populace still has. Unemployment in the US is hovering around 13%, which yes sucks, but that still means there's 87% of the working population that is still working. Many industries haven't felt any hurt from this (and may actually be benefiting financially) and most major corporations are keeping their employees on the payroll. Yes, entertainment, food sector, and small business employees are hurting, but many, many are not. Let's not also discount the fact that people that are working (or otherwise being paid) are basically forced to ha
  12. Either scenario is a clusterfuck. How would the park (and quite frankly, any other park in the SF chain) recover from this? SF probably has insurance policies in place. It's not going to be pleasant, but this could be manageable. There are a number of factors that will play into this so it's hard to predict.
  13. You're probably looking at 8-10 weeks from now at a minimum. Best case scenario will be June 1. Worst case, the season is a total loss.
  14. I wonder if any of these chains will suspend monthly payments on their passes. That seems logical, so I'm sure it won't happen....
  15. From this point forward, Fast Lane will be what it is. Don't expect any discounts.
  16. I wonder when these will got on the permanent discount plan, ala a SF Pass/Membership. Sure, $99 is the rack rate, but when they are selling them for $45 it's 55% off!
  17. Money, sure, but not time. Think about how long it takes to get all the way to the entrance, hop on the tram, go to your car, drive all the way out, go to your local McDonald's, drive all the way back in, re-park your car, etc etc... At SFGAm, you are looking at 50-60 minutes one way or another. Granted I'll plan my day and work my way back towards the front of the park at some point in the middle of the day. I'll concede the fact that this park may be one of the most convenient to go off property for food (you have 6-7 chain restaurants and a few local places within 1/4 mile of the
  18. With a majority of guests being pass holders, I wonder if in-park spending is down then. Since people are "regulars" now, they don't spend on food and merchandise. For most people, they learn after a few visits how the parks work and that it's usually better to go to a fast food joint 10 minutes down the road because you save both time and money. People that are willing to spend on a day pass haven't figured that out yet.
  19. is it just me or do the prices for Big Snow seem very reasonable? The package that includes all the rentals, training, and a 2 hour slope pass as low as $49.99 online seems like a good deal. I'd gladly make a full day doing Big Snow and the theme park once all 5 coasters are running. Plus Lombardi's over in NYC... It is relatively reasonably priced for a snow sports venue just outside NYC proper. There are many things going on in the snow sports world right now in regards to pricing and affordability, but this seems like the correct moves for a place like this. It'll actually be
  20. Your welcome. I really believed this project would be a no brainer, slam dunk success but after today I'm not sure anymore. I really hope they can succeed but hiking up the price by 30 dollars, for weekends, immediately after opening seems insane My guess is that this will be like Six Flags passes: Original Price of $80 but constant online "sales" for $39.00 (Save 50%) and $19.99 (OMG! Save 75%!!!!!!) for off-peak pricing. After the short introductory period, you will never see the original price, just like there are like 3 days/year where you actually need to pay $229 for a Six Flag
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