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  1. I finally finished 100%(106% is Max) Crash Bandicoot 4 It’s About Time and that’s as far as I am going for now. Spider-Man Miles Morales is up next for me.
  2. Shaq Fu and Wizard of Oz Both SNES games.
  3. I’ll honest but I wouldn’t of have been so disappointed had Rockstar announced RDR2 PS5 instead. Heck I’d even take a remastered version of one of their older PS2 games over this supposed enhance and extended version of GTA V. Speaking of that we all know this has nothing to do with enhancing/extending the actual game but online only. Otherwise I think the only way this announcement wouldn’t of disappointed me is if the release year for GTA VI had been revealed as well. ^ So will you be buying the game again then? I knon I won’t be unless they allow us to transfer our PS4 story mode data to the PS5.
  4. I’m currently replaying the GTA PS2 games on the PS4. Also just when I thought I Rockstar couldn’t disappoint me more they announce GTA V for the PS5.
  5. ^^ I tried to reserve as well and I’m not able to at this moment. It just keeps telling me reservations are not available for this group yet please try again later latter. I have a good season pass. Edit: It works for me now.
  6. I’ve been playing RCT3 lately mostly trying to build real coasters.
  7. The NBA has suspended the rest of season following tonight’s games. http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/28887560/nba-suspends-season-further-notice-player-tests-positive-coronavirus
  8. So I just finished my first ever visit to the park and it was great. Everything was just about a station wait so I was able to ride just about everything I wanted to.
  9. I’m finally getting around to play Spider-Man on PS4. ^ Have you tried playing in Director Mode yet?
  10. Rockman & Forte(Mega Man & Bass): Super Famicom/GBA I’ve now played all 12 games in the original series. Here’s my ranking of each game from best to worst 1. Mega Man II 2. Mega Man 11 3. Mega Man 7 4. Mega Man V 5. Mega Man VI 6. Mega Man IV 7. Mega Man 10 8. Mega Man 9 9. Mega Man 10. Mega Man III 11. Mega Man 8 12. Mega Man & Bass
  11. GTA V PS4 again This time I was messing around with some glitches I discovered. One of glitches was a teleport that allowed qme to obtain a specific vehicle that is only appears in a single mission.
  12. So it looks like the HITP ride lineup willl be the same as last year minus Superman, Joker and HTFM. Hangover will be open though along with Big Easy Ballons.
  13. So there a rumor going around that KD might be getting a wing coaster in 2021. If this is true then its going to be the replacement for Volcano. Take this with a grain of salt though.
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