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  1. Why not just pack some food in a cooler to eliminate the hassle? Two reasons: 1. The restaurant advertises dishes that would be ok for her to eat. We went in expecting to be patient, but we didn't expect how horrendous it was going to be. 2. This allergy has developed over the past 8 or 9 months, which was a fair bit after we purchased our all-season dining plan. We did take a couple protein bars in, but we at least wanted our 2 meals.
  2. We made our first trip to CW this past week and here are a few scattered thoughts: This park is pretty nice, and it was certainly packed. Lines were spilling out into the midways. Granted, we were there on a weekend, but dang. Leviathan is phenomenal. Really confirms that the butthurt for KI-2020 is much ado about nothing as far as I'm concerned. Yukon Striker really seems to have some shake to it. I really can't help but think that the new B&M trains have something to do with this. Yukon Striker and Valravn both have a "vibration" that isn't present on the older models, and th
  3. You shouldn't have any issues with the crowd. As far as a plan of attack, you can mostly be flexible, honestly. They open the park in stages. If you knock out InvadR and Tempesto first thing, you can pretty much do the rest in any order. The B&M's should pretty much never have more than a one to two train wait so hitting them isn't really "priority." If you see Mach Tower running, ride it, or else you might miss it. Ride Apollo in the back left, Griffon in the back left, and Alpengeist in the front at least once. Usually when we go here, we knock out some riding early and then just
  4. Get on Yukon Striker first. Stand in the single rider line and you might even be able to get on 2 or 3 times while other people are still lined up for Thunder Run and Guardian. Guardian is one of those 'garbage rides' that take forever to get on for a very lame ride. Guardian is one that we are interested in doing. I was assuming that rope-dropping it would be a priority?
  5. No plans for getting Fastlane. I would like to hit most of the coasters and the unique flats. However, I'm not going wait forever for a garbage ride if that's what it comes down to.
  6. My wife has prescription sunglasses and without them she can't see crap. In order to ride with them she has to have straps on them at most parks nowadays. The thing is, she hates nerd straps so she "hides" them by tying them into her pony tail. She always explains to the ride attendants if necessary and it's never been a problem. However, on Pony Express we dispatched and rolled out into the Giddy-Up area and the ride op announced over the speakers that he will not launch the train until the girl in the pink shirt takes off her sunglasses and secures them. So while sitting there on the train s
  7. We're trying to plan our first trip to Canada's Wonderland. It seems that we may be at the park Sunday and Monday, June 9-10. Couple of questions: Any ideas on crowd outlook for that time of the year? Any standard plan of attack for this park? Any must do food items here? Thanks in advance everyone!
  8. First off, depending on weather/what day of the week you go, you may not need quick queue. BGW, IMO, is a wait and see decision for QQ. Apollo is still great, and it's still one of my favorites. Where else can you ride a hypercoaster over a river and through the woods? The brewhaus in the Festhaus has a ton of variety, including lots of microbrews. However, for some more "thematic" beers, the German food side of the festhaus has a Hofbrau from Germany that is fantastic. Also, the pub in Ireland has a good selection as well. As for Tempesto and InvadR, they are really the only ones you nee
  9. Once upon a time, yes. That's why you see most of the classic coasters as well as old picket fences, etc. painted white. The paint provided a layer of protection to the wood. However, these days we have treated lumber so the paint is no longer necessary for the durability of the wood. And as far as the land clearing goes; with it being this early, it really does make one believe this could be quite the sizable project.
  10. The only sometimes "rough" patch on Dominator is the corkscrews after the MCBR, and it isn't all that bad. At least that's been my experience. This is exactly my experience. A little bit of "vibration or rattle" or whatever word you wanna use in the corkscrews. The rest of the ride runs great. Dominator is a great ride, even if it does live in the shadows of the park's other rides.
  11. I have never purchased a skip the line pass. I don't have anything against it, though I do not understand when enthusiasts say that if you don't purchase a fast lane you are "doing it wrong." I considered it when we went out on our California trip last year, though we were able to hit everything at Knott's that we wanted. SFMM was a little crowded and I would have considered it, but we were just making a quick stop to ride a couple rides that were new to us. Also, I've seen lots of complaining about the price for CP's season long plan. I actually think that it is at a pretty good price poi
  12. I see my joke fell a little flat. The headache was because of the extremely loud volume of the TV's in the queue line, like seriously... ridiculously loud. Afterburn was running great and I don't have issues with the inverts. Before any of the snappy transitions I actually push my head back against the headrest. I haven't gotten an earslap on an invert in years. B&M stand-ups on the other hand... those restraints were made to box some ears.
  13. The wife and I took a trip to Carowinds on Sunday and we had a really good day. Here's a brief report of what we did: It was a rather overcast morning and the forecast was not promising, though not really threatening either. It's honestly a good type of day to visit a park so it really worked out for us. We arrived around 10:15, got in with no problems, and headed toward Copperhead Strike. They still have all of the temporary ques set up, though the real queue itself is pretty lengthy. I found it odd that in all of the switchbacks, they do not have a way to cut them off to allow for a
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