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  1. 1. Balder - Liseberg 2. Phoenix - Knoebels 3. Twisted Colossus - SFMM 4. Maverick - Cedar Point 5. Millennium Force - Cedar Point 6. New Texas Giant - SFOT 7. Helix - Liseberg 8. Bizarro - SFNE 9. El Toro - SFGA 10. Skyrush - Hershey Park
  2. "By far the best B&M invert I've ridden" but "sort of a let down"? How would being better than Raptor by far be a let down?
  3. For new coasters, I was able to get on Helix, Goliath and... Cocoa Cruiser! Helix got better each time I rode it and it definitely lived up to the hype for me. The back seat was my favorite for the thrilling drop out of the station. Goliath was pretty good as well but a little too short for my liking. I think it would be a great ride to marathon though.
  4. Great pictures, Chuck, definitely brought back some great memories of that day! And yeah, I agree with everyone else here, this park is fantastic. I was more excited for Hershey and SFGAd before the trip had begun but visiting Knoebels easily ended up being my favorite day of the East coast tour.
  5. California Screamin' when I was 9 years old and I absolutely loved it
  6. Steel: 1. Millennium Force - Cedar Point 2. Maverick - Cedar Point 3. Helix - Liseberg 4. Bizarro - SFNE 5. Top Thrill Dragster - Cedar Point 6. X2 - SFMM 7. Skyrush - Hershey Park 8. Storm Runner - Hershey Park 9. Xcelerator - Knott's Berry Farm 10. Farenheit - Hershey Park Wood: 1. Balder - Liseberg (#1 overall) 2. Phoenix - Knoebels 3. El Toro - SFGAd 4. Goliath - SFGAm 5. Apocalypse - SFMM 6. Twister - Grona Lund 7. Ghost Rider - Knott's Berry Farm 8. Viper - SFGAm 9. Flying Turns - Knoebels 10. Comet - Hershey Park
  7. Both obviously look really good but I'll go with Twisted Colossus due to all of it's uniqueness. The high-five element, almost 4 minute ride, 18 airtime moments and dueling aspect of it all seem pretty amazing. Regardless, I'm looking forward to getting on both of them next year!
  8. Wow, this definitely surpassed my expectations! Nice to see that SFMM will finally get some much needed airtime. Also, that blue and green track looks amazing.
  9. El Toro, 13 times in a row during ERT on the TPR East Coast trip and it was incredible.
  10. I've gotten around 70 so far this year, easily the biggest year I've had regarding visiting theme parks, it's been amazing.
  11. This ^ That was probably the best single day I've ever had at a park and Phoenix totally blew away my expectations. I'd put it tied for my number one with Balder. (Yes, I even liked it more than El Toro)
  12. Rutschebanen at Tivoli Gardens (1914), rode it this year (it turned 100 years old!)
  13. My first coaster was Dragon at LegoLand CA when I was like 6 years old and #100 for me was Helix at Liseberg just a couple weeks ago
  14. I don't think some of the locals appreciate Bizarro enough but that's probably because they've ridden it when it was SROS with the better trains. I never got to ride it in that form but I rode it as Bizarro a few months ago for the first time and thought it was a fantastic ride, definitely better than every other ride in the park by quite a bit.
  15. Had an amazing day at Liseberg today' and got my 100th credit on Helix! I was there with my family from 11-5pm and then it started to rain so they wanted to leave. If it was up to me, we would've stayed till it closed! Anyway, here's a breakdown of the day and the rides I went on: Helix x3 Balder x3 Lisebergbanan x2 Kanonen x1 Rabalder x1 Stampbanan x1 Atmosphere x1 Log flume x1 Uppswinget x1 Helix got better every time I rode it. I ended up liking the back the most especially for that initial drop out of the station, you just fly out of it! I'd put it in my top5 steel coasters I've been on, definitely met expectations. I didn't really know what to expect for Balder but wow was it good. I think it's my favorite roller coaster I've ever been on. I would just laugh the whole time, it was so much fun and smooth as glass. If I got to stay till the park closed, I probably would've tried to get like 10 rides on it. My favorite seat was also the very back on this one too. But yea, overall, awesome day and Liseberg is a wonderful park. I'll definitely go here again some day.
  16. I'm gonna do my best to get a back and front seat ride on both of them. Balder in the back = massive I bet which is always great. Oh, nice! Is the express pass a skip the line pass pretty much?
  17. @_koppen I have no doubt that it's an awesome coaster and am totally looking forward to riding it but for my 100th coaster, I have my mind set on Helix or Balder. @Barge84 A 20 minute wait all day for Balder sounds fantastic, I hope I'm that lucky when I go there this Sunday. And yea, I'm leaning more towards Helix now since beating the lines for an insta-ride in the morning sounds really tempting. Thanks!
  18. Been touring Scandinavia with my parents for the last week and a half and in 2 days, I'll be lucky enough to spend a day at Liseberg which I'm super excited for! I visited Grona Lund today and was planning on having Insane be my 100th coaster credit but as we all know, that coaster isn't running right now after the unfortunate accident on the other zacspin. With that being said, I get to have my 100th coaster credit be either Balder or Helix which is pretty amazing but right now I can't decide. I'm gonna be getting to the park on Sunday right when it opens so which one would make sense to go to first? I have a feeling everyone will say Helix since it's brand new and will have longer lines during the day but I just want to ask out of curiosity.
  19. Yeah, thanks to getting there an hour early, we got to be at the front of security and were on the ride 10 minutes after the park opened! We are currently going around and riding all the other rides since the waits are small. Goliath is definitely the best ride in the park. Even though it's short, all the elements are unique and thrilling. It's one of those rides that would be amazing to marathon over and over again. It's extremely smooth, sounds like a wood coaster but feels like a steel coaster I'd say. On my way out, I saw Alan Schilke which was really surreal. I shook his hand and told him the ride was awesome but I didn't have time to get a picture or anything with him since we were in the exiting path way and there were people behind us. It's been an awesome day to say the least!
  20. Oh wow, it works like that! Thanks for the response, I think I'll definitely wanna get there early then.
  21. Going tomorrow for opening day since my flight leaves back to California in the evening tomorrow so it's my only chance. I've never been to an opening day for a ride before so I'm not really sure what to expect. Would arriving 1hr 30mins before park opening to get in line be a good idea or just unnecessary?
  22. Oh my.. that's the day I leave back from Chicago to California. Luckily my flight is at 5pm. I might actually get to ride this thing after all... I had already accepted the fact that I wasn't gonna get the chance to ride it this time around.
  23. Spent an awesome day at the park today and plan on doing so again tomorrow. Magnum - 10min wait Maverick - 5min wait Everything else including millennium force, walk on. (Excluding the front of the park coasters cuz we didn't go on those yet, will do so tomorrow) Never thought I'd be lucky enough to visit the park on a day like this where the lines were non-existent! Also, rode sky hawk for the first time and enjoyed the jumbo screamin' swing quite a bit. Looking forward to riding pipe scream tomorrow!
  24. Looks like a simpler version of Superman at SFDK or the new Sky Scream at Holiday Park, good stuff.
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