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  1. 1. Helix (Liseberg) 2. Goliath (SFGA) 3. Medusa Steel Coaster (SFM) 4. Banshee (KI) 5. Wingrider at Heide Park
  2. Yeah, if we get a replacement ERT, that would definitely be my first choice, and after that would be a night time Full Throttle ERT or backwards Colossus. It's unfortunate for the people who are making big trips to WCB and haven't ridden X2 yet. It's my favorite ride in the park, but at least Xcelerator's back open, and I'd say Xcelerator > X2 in terms of importance especially since there are plenty of thrilling coasters at SFMM anyway.
  3. Not too thrilled about the name but everything else sounds amazing! I'm lucky to have relatives to visit in Illinois so I'll definitely be there next year to ride this!
  4. This is so ironic because I was thinking just yesterday that Southern Pennsylvania would be the best place for a coaster enthusiast to live... and then I see this thread... and then your post! Perfect haha I live in SoCal which is pretty good for being a coaster enthusiast. I just really wish Knotts/SFMM would put in a good Hyper/Giga coaster because Goliath isn't that good in my opinion and that's the only one we have. I have been on Raging Bull, Millennium Force, Magnum, Thunder Dolphin and I'd take all of them over Goliath. The only hyper I thought was worse that I've been on is Desperado... Oh, Look! That's the second closest hyper to me! Oh well, you can't have everything. x)
  5. I don't think that has anything to do with it. The name change makes sense because it won't be across from Gemini anymore and that is practically the only reason why it had the name Jr Gemini considering its nothing like Gemini at all (wooden supports, racing coaster). I definitely hope what you're thinking isn't right, I love Gemini! xD
  6. Top Thrill Dragster S:EFK (if that counts) Millennium Force Thunder Dolphin Goliath (SFMM)
  7. Best Steel: X2 Worst Steel: Revolution Best Wooden: Apocalypse Worst Wooden: Giant Dipper at Belmont Park (my least favorite roller coaster of the 70-80 I've been on) I haven't been to CGA or SFDK yet.
  8. I really enjoy Ghostrider; however, I can see why people complain about it since from what I hear, it used to be a lot better. I first rode it in 2008. On the contrary, everyone seems to enjoy Blue Streak (CP) and I had terrible rides on that thing both times I went on it.
  9. When I went to Knotts two months back, an employee we were talking to about Windseeker told my friends and me that it was originally supposed to go in Sky Cabins spot but Buena Park claimed it was a "national landmark" so they had to locate it in Fiesta Village instead. I thought it was kinda silly but if he's right, Sky Cabin won't be going anywhere.
  10. What.... I had plans to go to knotts tomorrow, already have our tickets. My friend is down till next Thursday. Is there practically no chance that the ride will be open by then? Last time the cable snapped, it took them a very long time get it running again. Ugh.. This sucks... That's the best ride there by far too. -_-
  11. I luckily had a walk-on both times. x) Um, I sat in the very middle the second time and almost very back the second time. The second time through was a better ride (mainly because my dad was in front and we were watching him rattling/shaking like crazy in his seat). haha
  12. Haha yeah, I definitely agree. But regarding Blue Streak, I was expecting a lot better from what I'd heard on the forum. I wasn't the only one who had bad rides on it. My dad said it was the worst coaster he'd ever been on. Now, I didn't think it was THAT bad but like I said, was pretty rough and gave me little air. That was the only disappointment I had though. The top rides at the park pretty much all exceeded my expectations (I haven't been on many good coasters haha).
  13. I finally got the chance to visit this amazing park with my dad and friend from 7/16 - 7/18 (wanted the STR discussion to die down a bit before posting initially) and it completely met the high expectations I had for it. I live in Southern California so I visit SFMM and Knott's as my main two parks a few times a year and I try to fit a few roller coasters into family vacations if possible. However, this trip to Ohio was strictly for Cedar Point and I had to leave the beautiful 75-degree weather to some absolutely horrific 97-degree, extremely humid weather. People kept telling us it usually isn't this hot but on the upside, the park was much less crowded (most likely because of the weather). Everything was 15mins or less for majority of the 3 days aside from their main star attractions. The biggest lines I saw in the 3 days were MF at 1 hour and Maverick at 1hr 15mins. Anyway, I have been a roller coaster fan for 4-5 years now and have lurked this website and been subscribed to the YouTube channel for over 2 years. I really enjoy the trip reports and the hilarious live commentaries Robb gives while riding the coasters. Now, the park I've always wanted to go to most was Cedar Point. The beautiful location, the crazy coasters, the high reputation... it all just looks so amazing. It sure wasn't easy to get friends/family to venture across the country to ride roller coasters though, which is why it took me 5 years to finally go... but I did! And I have no regrets on how much it costed! (I think that's enough background info for now) But yeah, I often see this park compared to SFMM by the GP and Cedar Point is much, much, much better. It doesn't help the fact that I've been to SFMM a dozen times but for starters: the people working there are friendlier and more enthusiastic, the ride operations are crazy quick in comparison, and the place feels like a resort especially since we stayed in the on-island Hotel Breakers. I especially loved the first glance I got at the park when driving up the peninsula and seeing these massive structures floating upon Lake Erie. It's truly remarkable! I got on a total of 41 rides in my 3 days there. The first day we only had 6 hours at the park since that was the traveling day so we got on 9 rides, the second day we got on 15, and last day we got on 17 (we got the Fast Pass Plus on day 3). The list includes: Maverick x6 Millennium Force x5 Top Thrill Dragster x5 Magnum XL x4 GateKeeper x3 Gemini x3 Wicked Twister x2 Raptor x2 Blue Streak x2 Power Tower x2 (launch and drop) MaXair x1 Mean Streak x1 Mantis x1 Iron Dragon x1 Cedar Creek Mine Ride x1 Shoot the Rapids x1 Woodstock Express x1 We skipped Windseeker because it's at Knott's Berry Farm and missed SkyHawk when it was down on day 3 all day. Other than that, we got on everything we wanted and the best ones multiple times! Below are my rankings and opinions for all of the roller coasters: 1. Millennium Force - This is practically tied with Maverick for me but I give MF the tiebreaker because my first ride on it, I got off thinking it was the best ride ever. It truly blew me away. The first drop is incredible and the ride goes so fast the entire time. However, after 4 more times, I started to get "used to it" and it didn't have quite the same impact. I enjoyed the floater airtime over the 3 other hills a lot. I wish there were 1 or 2 more of those placed throughout the ride. 2. Maverick - I got off it the first time with a couple of head-bangs and wasn't that crazy about it. However, after I got the layout memorized on the second run-through, I absolutely loved it. I had never experienced anything like that with those banked turns switching directions at such high speeds. We ended up riding this one the most and it became practically tied for #1 with MF. I was never able to get used to it, which is a good thing! Amazing ride, really grew on me. 3. Top Thrill Dragster - After 4 times riding it, we decided to wait a little longer since it was almost 10:00pm anyway to try the front and it was totally worth it. The front is absolutely exhilarating and a bit terrifying! However, there were around 15 dead bugs on my shirt when the ride finished! The launch doesn't give quite the jolt that Xcelerator does but it sure lasts longer and I overall liked it more. 4. Magnum XL 200 - I was worried with this one since I hated Desperado. But to my pleasant surprise, the ride was much better than Goliath at SFMM! The first half is great but the ending is what truly makes the ride. Getting ejected out of your seat and slamming against your lap bar on every single one of those bunny hills at the end is so thrilling. I especially loved the ones in the tunnels! 5. GateKeeper - The restraint vests are awful and squeeze you to death when the ride ends. However, I'm basing it on the ride itself and with that being said, it's a very fun ride. I liked it more than X-Flight at SFGA but wasn't too crazy about the ending half. The key-holing was cool and the drop was better than I expected. 6. Gemini - The gem of the park (no pun intended). I loved the "racing" aspect of it. People trying to high-five each other on the chain lift and people pretending like they're rowing is hilarious. There are plenty of good drops and it is so much fun in the back. It definitely exceeded my expectations. 7. Wicked Twister - Super fun, better than V2, the back is the best 8. Raptor - Better than the Batman clones and Silver Bullet, very intense throughout *From this point, the coasters get much worse in my opinion. There are 8 really awesome coasters at Cedar Point but the rest don't do much for me. (I know some are kid rides and there's nothing wrong with those. I mean mainly Mean Streak, Mantis, and Corkscrew) 9. Corkscrew - A little better than I expected, there's a nice hill after the first drop. It's less painful than Revolution and Viper so that made me happy. 10. Iron Dragon - I like Ninja at SFMM a little more but this was still a decent ride. The ending half has a few cool parts while over the water. 11. Mean Streak - It looks so awesome and then you ride it... and it is not thrilling whatsoever. GhostRider and Apocalypse are much better. The ride didn't hurt as much as people say it does but it was a pretty uneventful, long ride. 12. Blue Streak - Definitely a disappointment, I got hardly any airtime and it rattled my brains out! I rode it again and the second time it was a little better but yeah, glad I didn't have to wait for it. 13. Cedar Creek MineRide - It is what it is, a little better than GoldRusher at SFMM 14. Mantis - Much worse than Riddler's Revenge and not enjoyable in any way. This ride's space and Mean Streak's could be used for much better things... I would be happy if Cedar Point's 2014 announcement was just them telling us they would tear it down! haha 15. Woodstock Express - Once again, it is what it is, a little better than Road Runner Express because of its length ----- And wow, that was a lot of writing. Overall, this is definitely my favorite park that I've been to and I had an amazing time! Thanks for reading the entire thing if you did, it ended up being much longer than I expected! I attached a cool picture my dad took of Maverick with his Nikon D40. beautiful
  14. Top Thrill Dragster in the front row at night on the 18th. Had the on ride photo emailed to me for $5.
  15. At SFMM and in line for Apocalypse (formerly known as Terminator: Salvation)... I overheard this group of teenagers and one of them was like, "What happened to that Terminator ride?" (Face palm). And then his friend was like, "dude, that ride's at Knotts Berry Farm." (Face palm again)!
  16. I've been to the park many times but just got on Full Throttle for the first time yesterday. My rankings: 1. X2 - Unlike any other roller coaster I've ever been on and I love bringing friends who have never been on it before and seeing their reactions during and after the ride. I've never had a bad ride on it and the whole ride is thrilling from beginning to end. 2. Full Throttle - A very pleasant surprise. Even though it was short, the entire ride was thrilling and unique! I especially loved the hang time on the loop. 3. Goliath - I enjoy the first half of the ride, but once it hits the breaks midway through, the fun is over. It needs more airtime hills and I wish the initial drop was a little steeper. 4. Tatsu - Not a huge fan of flying coasters as I don't find them very comfortable nor do I get the "flying" feeling. However, I do like the layout of the ride and the pretzel loop's intensity is pretty crazy. 5. Apocalypse - It's a pretty good wooden coaster, and the first drop is great in the back. However, the lap bars annoy me really badly, because it constantly is trying to push down on you so you can't really have it a bit loose, and by the end of the ride, it's always painfully tighter on me. 6. Superman - I think this ride was a big improvement having it run backwards but still not very thrilling for 100mph and over 300ft tall. Also, the sound it makes is atrocious. I have to plug my ears every time it goes by while underneath it. xD 7. Green Lantern - This ride is different every time. Sometimes it's tons of fun and others it's just plain awful. It makes it a bit scary because you never know what you're gonna get. 8. Batman - A very intense inverted coaster but I only like riding it in the very front so I can actually see what's happening. --- Everything else is either boring or painful to me.
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