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  1. That looked absolutely dreadful! No wonder why it got demolished. I haven't been on Hades 360 but, out of coasters I've been on, it definitely looks worse than Ghostrider.
  2. The theming looks great in the picture! Next time I'm at Knott's over the summer, I'll definitely have to stop by Adventure City to ride this.
  3. Cannot wait to play the early release in 3 days, I played RCT growing up quite a bit but stopped a few years ago due to its limitations. I've waited for a game like this for a while now and this looks beyond fantastic.
  4. I was wondering this too, interested to see where coasters like Iron Rattler and Full Throttle are gonna rank.
  5. Just now noticed the coaster has an in-line twist, nice! Should be a great addition to the park, I really like how compact it is.
  6. There is no stopping the power of the GP! I've seen so many Facebook comments on coasters like Goliath where people say adding loops would make it a better ride.
  7. Sad but true^ Hopefully the rumored Iron Colossus gets built into an airtime machine. I'd rather it not have any added inversions since SFMM has more than enough coasters that go upside down..
  8. Of course it doesn't.. I meant it goes faster than Rock 'n' Roller Coaster which is why I added that on top of that, there is a ride that goes faster than 90mph at the park being Superman EFK.
  9. I definitely agree with this. The single airtime hill just gives a tiny bit of floater air at best and then once it it's the brakes, the rest of it is meh. I'd take an airtime filled hyper coaster from B&M or Intamin over it any day.
  10. While in line for X2 last year, the lady next to me was telling her friends that she has been on the fastest roller coaster in the world, "Rock 'n' Roller Coaster" at Disney's Hollywood Studios. She said it went "90mph". Ironic that the ride we were in line for goes faster than that and on top of that, there's a ride at the same park we were at that goes over 90mph anyway (Superman EFK).
  11. Apparently Eejanaika at Fuji-Q is 249ft tall according to rcdb and if that's true then the first raven turn inversion would have be over 200ft tall in comparison to the first drop (which would be a taller inversion that GateKeeper..?). I was always confused by this. It says X2 is 175ft tall with a 215ft drop so I'm not sure if you count that or not. But yeah nothing else over 200ft that I can think of... unless you wanna go wayyyy back when Son of Beast had the loop!
  12. I'm in the middle on them. After riding X-Flight, I knew what to expect for GateKeeper pretty much and neither one of them gave me a "must ride this again right this second" experience like Maverick did. They're good but nothing amazing. It's pretty much the same feeling I get with all the B&M coasters I've been on so far.
  13. That's crazy how close Outlaw Run was to debuting at number 1, glad to see it do so well. I haven't been on any of the top 20.. By the end of this year, I'll have been on Phoenix, El Toro, Balder and the new Goliath if all goes as planned so that's a start.
  14. Nice video. Does this coaster make it near the top of the list for most sketchy roller coaster experiences?
  15. Yeah, SFMM definitely doesn't need any more inversions in the park... and needs a lot more airtime. That's for sure.
  16. Wow, February 10th! I backed 60 bucks way back when I first heard about it. It looks a million times better than RCT3, can't wait for this.
  17. This is my first time ever looking at this thread and I'm amazed at the amount of things you give in each Bag of Crap! WOW! It's like the perfect gift for a theme park enthusiast since it comes with maps/souvenirs from parks all over the world. I think it's awesome how you guys do this, keep up to good work on putting smiles on peoples faces.
  18. Already visited this year: - Disney's California Adventure - Disneyland Revisiting: - Six Flags Great America - Six Flags Magic Mountain - Knott's berry Farm and maybe Cedar Point again New ones: - Six Flags New England - Tivoli Gardens - Liseberg - Dorney Park - Hershey Park - Six Flags Great Adventure - Knoebels ^My updated list thanks to the mini East Coast tour being added. This is looking to be my biggest coaster/theme park year yet... easily.
  19. Deposited! This is the perfect trip for me. It's in my price range and I haven't been to any of these parks plus it includes some coasters that are definitely high on my Bucket List! (El Toro, Phoenix, Skyrush for starters)
  20. Best ride in the park? It's always been my favorite. I've never had a painful ride on it yet. Most of my friends love it too though my girlfriend thinks it's awful. xD
  21. I always plug my ears when walking under Superman: EFK at SFMM; it's significantly louder than every other roller coaster I've been on.
  22. Ones I've already been to: - Six Flags Great America (Goliath ) - Six Flags Magic Mountain - Knott's berry Farm and maybe Cedar Point again New ones: Six Flags New England Tivoli Gardens Liseberg I'm actually going to Scandinavia this summer (ironically like TPR) on a cruise but it isn't by any means a theme park trip. My parents just said that Tivoli Gardens and Liseberg are both convenient and we can spend a half day at each one. I wanted to go Djurs Sommerland but I don't think I'll get that chance unfortunately.
  23. ^ I think that's a really good idea Also, I prefer option 1 for the Twitter feed which is a nice addition.
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