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  1. The worst gray out by far was when it was about 100 degrees at Cedar Point, we were pretty dehydrated but wanted to do one more ride on Millennium Force before heading back to the hotel for a nap. We decided to take the front row and honestly, after the first drop I was literally grayed out the entire ride. The only times I could see properly were when going over the two bigger hills and then right when it gained its speed back again, I'd gray out. (For the record, I'd only grayed out on the first drop on MF on all the other times I'd ridden it) My friend and I got grayed out on multiple rides that morning but that one was by far the worst. The funniest thing was when we rode Woodstock Express and afterward, he said he grayed out on that...! That's when you know it's bad!
  2. 1. Legoland CA - 25 mins 2. Sea World San Diego - 50mins 3. Disneyland/California Adventure - 1hr, 10mins
  3. One that comes to mind that hasn't been mentioned yet is California Screamin', always have loved the way it looks
  4. California Screamin' for me on January 2nd! Forgot how great the ride was, it had been 8 years since I last rode it
  5. 3. Magnum XL 200 2. Maverick 1. Millennium Force As for rides that actually were new in 2013, I only got on 3 and they would rank: 3. Coast Rider 2. Gatekeeper 1. Full Throttle
  6. Great trip report, it's kinda sad how easy it is to make fun of this park
  7. For the record, I've never been on an SLC so I'll say Vekoma boomerangs, unfortunate for me since there are so many of them.
  8. I'll probably say the Timber Mountain log ride as well ever since its renovation. My only complaint with it would be that it moves very quickly through the scenic sections so you don't get to look at all the detail very closely. You gotta ride it twice to see everything and appreciate all the work they put into the renovation. haha
  9. They're both just alright for me. I got to visit Cedar Point this summer for the first time, and since GK had been up and running for less than 2 months, I expected it to have one of the largest lines. However, out of the 3 times I rode it, the most I waited was 10 minutes! On the days I went, Maverick always had the largest lines with around 1hr to 1hr 30mins for comparison. So despite its gorgeous looks... it seems even the general public isn't that impressed with it. I really wish CP would have went with Intamin again instead of spending $25mil on something rather forceless. Oh well. As for X-Flight, it's a shorter ride, not as fast or tall, but I prefer the keyholes and the ending section over GK's ending section. They're pretty even for me overall, I suppose.
  10. California Screamin' and I thought that loop was so awesome back then! Now, loops don't do much for me. (unless it's Full Throttle's that is)
  11. Went to Knott's Scary Farm for the first time ever yesterday night and I was truly blown away by the entire thing. I haven't been to any big Halloween events before so it made it all the more exciting. My friends and I went through all the mazes except for 2 I think (1 of them you had to pay for) and it was awesome to see how much effort was put into all of them. I think my favorite was the Black Magic one, which was also the first one we went to. There was also practically no line on any of the coasters so we managed to get on: Xcelerator x5 Silver Bullet x2 Ghost Rider x2 Coast Rider x1 Sierra Sidewinder x2 (was spinning like crazy yesterday) Supreme Scream x1 Pony Express x1 It had been well over a year since I'd been on Xcelerator (last two times I went to Knott's it was closed) and I ended up liking it more than Full Throttle. I totally forgot how much air you get over the Top-hat.
  12. I have a few recent opinion changes after WCB. Pleasant- Riddler's Revenge; stand up coasters always make me feel very uncomfortable and I never enjoy them much but after not riding this for 2 years, I decided to give it another shot and to my surprise, it was actually pretty fun! I ended up enjoying in more than Batman and almost went for another ride with our group later in the day but the line got pretty long. Unpleasant- Viper; I remember this ride not being too bad (actually better than Revolution) but I had skipped riding it the past 5 or so times because my friends never want to ride it. This time, since we had a full 14 hours at SFMM, our group eventually got around to it, and wow, this probably ranks in my bottom 3 coasters. The loops were extremely painful, and the other inversions weren't much better. Another mention would be Scream, I've been skipping this ride all summer because of how long the line has been getting (one train operation...). But this time, I rode it right when the park opened before there was a line... and it wasn't as enjoyable as I remember. The terribly faded paint adding to the fact that it's a parking lot coaster didn't help things either.
  13. Agreed, I had an awesome ride on it at WCB. When I rode it two months ago, I had a much rougher ride and was considering skipping it this time around. I'm glad I didn't! However, I only rode it once on Saturday because of 1 train operation.
  14. Riding Thunder Dolphin at sunset and getting a beautiful view of Tokyo was incredible but unfortunately it's a fast cable lift so it didn't last for long.
  15. I like GhostRider, but the first time I rode it was in 2008. I never got to ride it in its glory days so I can't compare. Hopefully it'll be restored sometime soon.
  16. Why is Whizzer at SFGA #40? Also, interesting to see Boulder Dash take the #1 spot.
  17. Based on the ones I've been on, I'd say Maverick. It's got a nice launch, an awesome 95-degree drop, a couple inversions, some wicked banked turns, and some great ejector air time. It has a little bit of everything.
  18. Ironically, both are wing riders. SFGA: X-Flight 2012 Cedar Point: GateKeeper 2013 ---- Home parks included would add: LegoLand CA: Dragon 1999 (My first roller coaster I think) LegoLand CA: Technic Coaster 2001 KBF: Pony Express 2008 SFMM: Terminator Salvation 2009 SFMM: Green Lantern 2011 Sea World SD: Manta 2012 SFMM: Full Throttle 2013 KBF: Coast Rider 2013 As for non-coasters, I'm not really sure besides Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom and the two family rides at Knott's. Definitely going to be adding Goliath at SFGA next year... and hopefully more like Banshee if I go on a TPR trip!
  19. I have been to: Universal Studios Hollywood x1 Knott's Berry Farm x2 (both times Xcelerator was closed -_- ) Six Flags Magic Mountain x3 (4 after West Coast Bash ) Six Flags Great America x2 Cedar Point x3 (3 days straight, stayed at Hotel Breakers) Cedar Point was definitely the highlight of the year for me. I had wanted to go for 5 years and I finally was able to find people to go with. It was an amazing park and surpassed my expectations. Hopefully I'll get on a TPR trip in the future. I don't know any other people that like roller coasters as much as I do but I would definitely meet some if I went on a trip!
  20. Wow, it's coming up so soon! I've never experienced an ERT session before so I'm very excited for this. Also, awesome to see S:EFK and extra Full Throttle night time ERT, looking forward to all of it!
  21. Yeah, my two dreams for Knott's have been for them to get an airtime machine and fix up Ghost Rider. Heck, if they added these 2 things, I'd definitely visit the park more than I visit SFMM. It's a much more pleasant park to go to, but there isn't enough there thrill-wise for me to keep coming back as of now. Though, I always make sure to go at least once a year for Xcelerator.
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