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  1. Then Six Flags Mexico would be asking this question. "Why So Serious?" What if TOGO made SLC's?
  2. An Arrow looper getting Metal OTSR's then getting removed for a TOGO. What's worse than this picture? Robb! WE NEED YOU!
  3. Then Lake Monster @ Darien Lake would open for 2014 What if Vekoma stopped making SLC's?
  4. A TOGO strata coaster with 57 barrel rolls! What's worse than using the bathroom but then a fire drill begins?
  5. Does a G-Forcified Jet Star answer your question? Tig'rr! America's only Jet Star 1
  6. Will this have to do with Thunder Run? And will it have cars like Den of Lost Thieves @ IB?
  7. Knock-off companies will unite and destroy the coaster world and have Vekoma as their sidekick! What if B&M went out of business?
  8. I am loving the progress! It looks like there will be a near miss moment in the zero g roll and the lift hill.
  9. RMC woodie, they have inversions and Intamin is to lazy to go in competition. Georgia Scorcher, or Apocalypse? (SFA)
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