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  1. Then Six Flags Mexico would be asking this question. "Why So Serious?" What if TOGO made SLC's?
  2. An Arrow looper getting Metal OTSR's then getting removed for a TOGO. What's worse than this picture? Robb! WE NEED YOU!
  3. Then Lake Monster @ Darien Lake would open for 2014 What if Vekoma stopped making SLC's?
  4. A TOGO strata coaster with 57 barrel rolls! What's worse than using the bathroom but then a fire drill begins?
  5. Does a G-Forcified Jet Star answer your question? Tig'rr! America's only Jet Star 1
  6. Will this have to do with Thunder Run? And will it have cars like Den of Lost Thieves @ IB?
  7. Knock-off companies will unite and destroy the coaster world and have Vekoma as their sidekick! What if B&M went out of business?
  8. I am loving the progress! It looks like there will be a near miss moment in the zero g roll and the lift hill.
  9. RMC woodie, they have inversions and Intamin is to lazy to go in competition. Georgia Scorcher, or Apocalypse? (SFA)
  10. I also must add Den of Lost Thieves. It is a short queue but it is popular, and it also broke down once, so I had to wait 20 minutes or so.
  11. I have only been on 1, but I love GateKeeper's 1st drop on the left side. You feel like you are going to fall to your death.
  12. Haven't been on alot of woodies but..... Cornball Express in the back.
  13. Cedar Fair putting Ad Wraps on rides. What's worse than a woodie turning into an SLC?
  14. Hello, I made this thread for you to discuss your opinions on the results of the golden ticket awards. (I don't know if something like this was even made) Here are some results. Best New Rides: Outlaw Run Silver Dollar City 45% Iron Rattler Six Flags Fiesta Texas 19% GateKeeper Cedar Point 15% Gold Striker California’s Great America 6% Tranformers the Ride Universal Studios Orlando 5% Best New Waterpark Additions: River Rush Dollywood’s Splash Country 53% Bonzai Pipelines Six Flags New England 23% Constrictor Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas 7% Bonzai Pipelines Six Flags America 6% Bootlegger’s Run Splish Splash 5% Best Park: Cedar Point Sandusky, Ohio 23% Europa-Park Rust, Germany 22% Knoebels Amusement Resort Elysburg, Pa. 9% Dollywood Pigeon Forge, Tenn. 8% Disneyland Anaheim, Calif. 7% Tokyo DisneySea Tokyo, Japan 6% Busch Gardens Williamsburg Williamsburg, Va. (tie) 5% Universal’s Islands of Adventure Orlando, Fla. (tie) 5% Magic Kingdom Orlando, Fla. 4.50% Silver Dollar City Branson, Mo. 4% Best Waterpark: Schlitterbahn New Braunfels, Texas 45% Splashin’ Safari Santa Claus, Ind. 17% Aquatica Orlando, Fla. 6% Dollywood’s Splash Country Pigeon Forge, Tenn. (tie) 5% Noah’s Ark Wisconsin Dells, Wis. (tie) 5%
  15. No, I have never been to Six Flags. Super smooth SLC?
  16. @Ultimate Who knows, we can't predict the future. If I were an amusement park owner with so room that I needed to expand on, I would request Six Flags to sell this to me, only because it is a William Cob built coaster and it can be a little unique. Really, I don't see any point of Rolling Thunder being demolished. The entrance and queue of Zumanjaro could be in the middle of Kingda Ka.
  17. Looks amazing. I think it could open at the end of September or the end of October.
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