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  1. I too, am unfamiliar with a number system...but here are my one-twos! Six Flags Chain: SFOT: New Texas Giant + Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast SFFT: Iron Rattler + Superman Krypton Coaster SFOG: Goliath + Superman Ultimate Flight SFGAm: Goliath + XFlight/ Raging Bull (Tied) SFGAd: Kingda Ka + Nitro SFMM: Twisted Colossus + Scream SFDK: Joker + Joker + Joker! SFStL: Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast + Screamin’ Eagle Disney: WDW Magic Kingdom: Seven Dwarves Mine Train + Space Mountain Disneyland Magic Kingdom/ DCA: Thunder Mountain + California Screamin’ Sea World Parks BG Tampa: Shei
  2. No news here. But how was your visit? Was Superman open? My visit was great! Superman was unfortunately closed for annual maintenance. My rides were as follows... The Joker - x2 Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth v2: Vertical Velocity Kong Medusa Daredevil Chaos Coaster Boomerang I entered the park at opening...memo to members: all the lines at the entrance take memberships. I walked straight over to The Joker and basically walked on (two train wait). Operations were good, although the ride operator seemed slightly less than excited that we were all there. Nevertheless, I got seat
  3. I’m visiting the park for the first time tomorrow, and noticed that Superman is closed today. Anyone have any information regarding the closure?
  4. What about a Mack power splash like Pulsar at Walibi Belgium? That would be a spectacular look on the entry lake.
  5. I have a quick question...my wife and I visited SFGADV on October 30 and rode just about everything. We found however, that Green Lantern was nearly unbearable as a ride. Does anyone know if this is an issue with B&M stand ups or is this ride just aging badly?
  6. ^Runaway Mountain is indeed a great ride, but it lacks ridership over the other coasters in the park, especially with the new revolution being implemented on Shockwave this season.
  7. I know that I'm going to catch hell for this since its June, but with my visit to the park last week, I have started wondering what the future holds for SFOT. It seems to me that while the old shopping area behind Gotham City may be easiest to construct a new ride (specifically if SFOT is slated to be the next 4D FreeFly, as the theming would flow right into it), however, Runaway Mountain and the area adjacent would be prime real estate for a new ride. It also occurs to me that the last 100% new coaster construction in the park occurred nearly 10 years ago (Tony Hawks Big Spin/ Pandemoniu
  8. I can't say enough about how great Celebrity is! My fiancé and I started our cruising on Carnival, upgraded to Royal, and finally landed on Celebrity at the advice of a friend. It only took one sailing with them for us to realize Celebrity would always be our preferred cruise line. The service is top notch and the attention to detail is down right scary when it comes to making sure everything is right with your trip. As was pointed out the average age of cruisers is older than most other lines but I think this is a huge plus! My fiancé and I are 30 and 32 so we stick out like a sore thumb
  9. This would be in the next three weeks. We are currently waiting to hear back from our talent agency.
  10. Hi Robb, I am a member of a performing group that may be garnering a contract to perform on Quantum of the Seas. Beside your beautifully documented trip report, are there any suggestions or tips you could offer? We (the group) have not performed on a ship this large. Thanks!!!
  11. Does anyone know what the ride operations are like during Christmas Time at Dollywood? I'll be working in Pigeon Forge for a couple of weeks in December and want to try and visit the park while I'm there.
  12. My wife and I returned to visit SFGAm today with family. We used the coke promo to get ERT access on Goliath. We waited about 45 minutes to ride and were exceedingly impressed with the park officials and ride operators making sure that only members of the GP who qualified for ERT were allowed to wait in line. Goliath is a fantastic coaster, as well as a magnificent addition to the park. As an experience, Goliath does a fantastic job of hitting you with a 1-2 punch with its elements and pacing. As a comparison to Outlaw Run, Goliath has a much smoother performance with the polyurethane whe
  13. The camera is back online...looks like they're grouting the drop.
  14. ^^ Powder Keg is actually one of the most reliable rides in the park. In the more than 20 times I've visited in the last year, I have only seen the ride down for extremely cold temperatures. As a regular of the park, and a Bransonite to boot, I would say your best option is to arrive early to the park (SDC has a fabulous breakfast buffet if you're interested), and head directly down into Wilson's Farm and Outlaw Run. The chances of getting in a re-ride are higher if you are among the first guests to ride. OUTLAW RUN experiences some downtime, mostly related to issues with new technologies th
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