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  1. Booth 1912 if anyone wants to stop by and say hello.
  2. Holy balls! This thread is still going! This is awesome!
  3. And that's all it is... "A SHOW"' Beyond that, the rest of it is "A JOKE" I completely respect your opinion and I completely agree. But it is a great way to get a lot of important people in the industry together, and business gets done at the event every year between the attending parks and suppliers, so it is a great thing in that sense.
  4. This was my 5th year in a row attending the event. There may be complaints about the rankings and the winners every year, but I have to say, Gary Slade and Amusement Today, as well as the host park(s) always put on one hell of a show for everyone. It is a tremendous event and I look forward to it every year.
  5. This actually makes me really sad. That was one of my favorite areas of the park, and my absolute favorite to get away from people and have some peace and quiet. However, this will be a great way to move crowds to a different section of the park, which is badly needed.
  6. You?!?! NEVER! Ive ridden one or 2 Wacky Worms.... yes, you can go to Orlando, New York, or Nashville to have dinner with your friends, but it also is the culture. I am planning a trip next year to a country that has 3-4 nice parks, the rest is crap. However it is a beautiful country and i am excited to see some of the culture with friends while riding 1 or 10 Wacky Worms! Celebrate pathetic. You do you kid.
  7. Yeah I certainly think this will fit in nicely. I don't see a problem with a steel coaster at all taking away from the park. It's a small looper. It's like 98 feet tall. If it were towering over the trees like an Intamin hyper or something, and like over 4,000 feet of track length, then it certainly would not fit in, but this looks like it will be a very nice edition to the park and the locals will be sure to love it.
  8. One ride has the potential to completely change the park for the worse?
  9. Interesting. Very interesting. This is definitely a shock. A good shock. But definitely something out of the blue for me.
  10. I'm not overly sure about "Death's Plan" but it is interesting to see how so many things have to break badly for a situation to develop in some cases.
  11. Might wanna double check that, chief. SLS bought the site a while ago and are reopening by Labor Day. Nothing of substance here. I just love it when people call other people chief.
  12. Great showing by the Jamaican two-man bobsled team. They came in last, and the driver almost flipped them on their second run, but they were a classy couple of guys. I can't wait to see them in the four-man.
  13. And it also BETTER have fans on the back of the seats because I hate being uncomfortable in the humidity in the summer up there. And it also BETTER have a vegan taco stand at the exit. All of this, because, you know, I HATE it when people spend money at their parks the way I don't want them to spend it.
  14. Dell Inspiron 6400 with missing T, G, K, O and Page Up keys iPhone 5 iPad 2 No iPod 55" VIZIO LCD TV in living room and 42" VIZIO LED 3D TV in bedroom
  15. Looks like a Russian is taking their shirt off..... and it isn't Putin!!!!!
  16. Unfortunately this is just a slow, sad death for this park. There is nothing around it to pull people in, and the park itself is so dumpy these days.
  17. List your Joey Fatone sightings from TV and movies here. This is mainly for Elissa to be able to Netflix or Hulu the hell out of them. Last night on the newest episode of Impractical Jokers on TruTV. You are welcome.
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